Yoga Burn Review – Who Should (& Should Not) Buy It?

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Yoga is a simple act that can relieve people of anxiety, stress and helps in weight management. It helps in forming a connection between the mind and the body. It is a combination of balancing, flexibility, and required muscle strength building. To understand the concept, you need to enroll yourself in one of the classes after seeing positive yoga burn reviews by different people.

Zoe Bray-Cotton is behind the concept of Yoga burn. It is a type of Yoga challenge which is time-bound, has a specific purpose and features, and gives excellent weight loss results along with mental respite. You can also check for review before signing for any program.

About Yoga Burn Challenge:

The challenge by Zoe Bray-Cotton comprises 12 weeks long tenure. The challenge has specifically been designed to suit any body type so you could not only enjoy yoga but also get the extra fat off your body (which I know is a huge task for everyone these days).

When you check the challenge, it is fast-paced and allows one to stay well while performing the task. It is a set of movements that are focused on entire body functions and movements. In case you plan to follow some online programs, you have to be careful of online scams.

Working of Yoga Burn Challenge:

The start of the yoga challenge has been formulated based on different sequences. This dynamic sequencing is comparatively new for yoga learners. You can easily select the movement accordingly, so the physical changes are brought in the body.

Normally, you will have three phases of the challenge, which is spread over simple to slight hard moves. This way, it is easy for the user to select what suits them.

Step 1: Learn the basics- The Fundamental Flow

This is probably the easiest step, which I even found attractive. This is called a fundamental flow because it includes the basics of the yoga classes. If you are new and never have had yoga ever, then I would recommend starting from the fundamental step. You will see a sharp and drastic change in your body mass.

Your muscles and structure will get lean at the end of the first month. In the case of the advanced level of yoga, then you can also take this step to make a strong connection between your body and brain through reinforcement.

Step 2: Transition Flow:

Whatever you learn in the first, fundamental phase, the second tends to soothe that out for you. When I started the second flow of yoga, I still lacked some flexibility in some parts of my body. But after getting in the second transition phase, my muscles went very smooth, and I started to actually enjoy it.

Another good part is the start of losing weight because calories start to burn during this phase. The heart rate also goes up, and sometimes you will be able to hear the thumping and rising pulse rate. The second phase is comprised of four-weeks, which I think are sufficient for anyone to tone up.

Normally, for ease, sometimes instructors share some set of videos, mainly three videos in this phase, so the upper, as well as the lower body, gets much muscle flexibility at the end of the day.

Phase 3- Learn to adapt- Mastery Flow:

It again consists of a 4-week plan and is the last phase of the yoga burn challenge. This is the extension of phase 2, in which the body re-adjusts to the changing sequence. The metabolic rate is much improved, and the heartbeat regulates.

Through reinforcement, your muscles will be tired now and soften as well. At this time, you will be able to make a connection between the body and the mind, and true enjoyment begins. It takes a nick of time to make the connection, and the relaxation is overwhelmed. You, however, need to focus. Trust me, the entire game is of focus towards the cause behind.

What is so special about the Yoga Burn Challenge:

Yoga burn challenge is though a challenge but is very different from other challenges. The best thing for anyone is comfort because it can be done and managed within the vicinity of one’s home as well.

Thus, if you are a staying-at-home person or find it hard to go out leaving kids behind then, you have landed the right place. You need not have a car. Rather you can do it within your home, inside your bedroom. Second, the yoga classes are progressive, and one step reinforces the proceeding step.

As discussed earlier, the challenge consists of three phases, one after the other. Thus, you start slow and then move steadily towards the harder side without exerting yourself.

Benefits of Yoga Burn:

You can very well improve your overall health conditions because it reduces cortisol secretion, which is responsible for stress amongst people. Most recommended is the 15-minute yoga with which you can get long-term benefits, which are worth mentioning.

You can improve mobility and flexibility in your body:

Yes, it is true you need not be flexible to start yoga. I remember before the yoga program, my muscles were tough and hard. I used to think I might never be able to bend my limbs and thigh muscles. But believe me, in just a few sessions, I was able to maneuver like anything.

This is the beauty of yoga. You can practice it at any level. In the 15 minutes’ time, when you will be posing like a warrior or bend your back, your entire body will become flexible, smooth, and mobile all of a sudden.

It helps to build strength:

We all have been linking fitness with a gym and think only by lifting a certain weight, and one is able to stay fit. The reality is another way round because lifting weight is not the only means for work out.

It will not only help in the reduction of weight, but it also strengthens muscles and helps in body stretching. The most significant aspect of yoga is posing, specially plank, which gives strength to shoulders, arms, abs, and legs.

Only the correct posture can help:

We all have realized that yoga is all about posing and correct posture. If you are working, then this posture will help you stay taller and move straight out of your seat/desk. Sometimes when we sit in the wrong posture on chairs, yoga tends to correct that as well as keeping back pain at bay.

Yoga is an all-round fitness:

You would think, what is the difference between gym and yoga? Let me tell you, yoga is a combination of functions, including cardio and strength and muscle training, as a gym, but it occurs in a peaceful and homely environment.

Unlike a gym, you need not lift the weight. Go to the gym at some specific time and workout. Yoga can be done in the comfort of your own home, as per your timings, with no weight lifting. Thus, yoga burn is a complete gym at home.

How effective is Yoga burn towards weight loss?

The end question which everyone asks is how much weight loss is possible from the challenge? As per reviews collected from a number of people, it can help losing calories from 180 to 460. However, the calorie loss depends upon the following factors, like

  • What type of yoga are you doing?
  • The intensity level as well as the length of the yoga plan
  • It also depends upon your gender.

So, if your weight is 160 pounds, then in a 60-minute you can manage to burn at least 183 calories as per the statistics shared by Mayo clinic.

It is better to mention that the ultimate objective of the challenge is not to lose calories. Losing it is an added advantage one gets. Again the calorie loss depends mostly upon:

  • the level of the  class
  • the style of yoga which you are attending
  • intensity as well as the pace of the class
  • finally, for how long the yoga class is

About types of Yoga Burn:

For instance, one type of yoga is “the Hatha”. It is the basic type of yoga, which tends to work slowly towards weight loss and calorie loss. In comparison, the other type is advanced, i.e., Bikram yoga, which works comparatively faster.

The ambiance for the Bikram Yoga is carefully designed by keeping the humidity of 40 percent and temperature to 105 F. The session is 90-minute-long, which consists of 26 postures, including 2 separate breathing classes. As per the study conducted in 2014 from the Bikram session, women tend to burn 330 calories, whereas men get to burn 460 calories.


When you start yoga classes, you are pushing away any signs of stress, anxiety, and depression from your life. The process is all about combined forms, postures, poses, and different techniques related to breathing management. The body does not feel any heart issue, inflammation, and any sort of chronic pain as yoga restores the entire system of the body.


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– It improves flexibility, gives strength to muscles, and corrects bad posture.
– It can easily be performed in the comfort of one’s home.
– By making the connection between mind and body helps towards relieving stress and anxiety.
– By regular practice, it also helps in weight loss


– The program can be expensive
– For beginners, body stretching can lead to muscle injury
– Opting for the program for the very first time can be scary and fearful

Summary: When you think of yoga, stretching, posture, and different pose come into one’s mind. Yoga is a recommended form of exercise which is done by making the connection between the mind and the body. It also helps in losing weight and keeps the body mobile and flexible. It has also believed to bring positive change in personality by managing stress and anxiety from one’s life. It’s time you start yoga burn and see the benefits yourself.

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