Workouts For Judo Review – Another Scam?

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Judo is a modern martial art sport that has evolved to a more combat sport and is an Olympic sport. A judoka is judo practitioner. It is not about kicks and punches,instead it require a judoka to have a competitive element to either takedown or throw the opponent to the ground and subdue or immobilize their opponent forcing them to submit using choke or joint lock.

A well trained Judoka will use minimal effort to subdue their opponent who could even be twice their size. Learning this skills and techniques can sound easy but to master how to execute all of them can take years training to perfect.
A while back I was looking to learn some basic self-defensive skills and I had identified Judo to be my preferred martial to learn. My busy work schedule virtually didnt leave any time for me to enroll to a class so I decided to research helpful content on the internet and there was a lot of content but I had trouble finding any content that merged well with me.

A friend recommended WORKOUTS FOR JUDO, which is a well designed body fitness and conditioning program that guarantee you acquire the proper skills and technique. This program is designed in sequential way from the basic skills and technique for beginners to the more experienced complicated and complex skills and technique.



This product is written and compiled by Matt D’Aquino, who was an international Judo player and he even competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Matt made the product to share his experiences, skills and techniques in judo that he says can make anyone a successful Judoka. It is a program that will ensure you increase your efficiency with minimal effort.

Most people training in Judo concentrate more on strength training while others believe that concentrating more on cardio-vascular training is key to succeeding in Judo. Workouts For Judo will provide you with a training program that will combine all the necessary and important elements of cardio-vascular training and strength training that will make your body physically ready for Judo competition.

What is it then?

Workouts For Judo is an eBook that has been written in simple English and it is solely based on a philosophy for Judo training off the mat. The eBook explains all the required physical training to give you strength and technique to dominate opponents.

The eBook guidelines and instructions are easy to understand and practices. You won’t have to pay for a professional trainer. The comprehensive list of exercise in the eBook is the best I have ever seen because it has step by step multimedia visual aid like pictures and diagram to help you understand.

The eBook also has an entire section on how to avoid injury with a list of effective warm- up exercises that will prevent any muscle injury.


Features of Workouts For Judo

The entire Workouts For Judo eBook contains more than 35 workouts and fitness exercises that are tailored to make you a successful Judoka. The workout will guarantee you gain strength, agility and the needed judo fitness.

The features in the Workouts For Judo are :

  1. It contains a detailed list of all the exercises required when training for Judo. They are listed in a systematic way that will help you develop your skills and techniques with the help of diagrams.
  2. It contains a comprehensive list of warm up exercise that will reduce your chances of you getting any muscle injury when training.
  3. It will help you develop a routine that will ensure you are able to get into the right mental state to make enable to focus and execute all your training when fighting in a competition.
  4. The advance exercise will ensure you are able learn a wide array of movements, followed by perfecting how to execute them fast using minimal energy hence you will have enough stamina to see off your opponent.
  5. It contains techniques and exercises that will provide you with a systematic training approach that will re-structures your body muscles. This will increase your body’s strengthen and power thus making you a competitive Judoka.
  6. It contains information on how to avoid injury. This section also explain on the various exercise and diet that will help you recover quick especially after a fight or intense training.
  7. Workouts For Judo come with a journal that help you track of your judo training program.
  8. When you purchase the Workouts For Judo, you get the following special bonus content:
  • Instructional videos This is a complete series of videos of Matt illustrating every exercise in the eBook.
  • Advance Workouts For Judo contains advanced workouts for people you only have complete the Workouts For Judo.
  • Maximum grip training for Judo contains over 30 grip training exercises.
  • Competition preparation This module Matt shows some of the tips he used to when preparing for a competition.

Get Instant Access!

9. This is a risk free product which means that there is a 60 days, money back guarantee on the product. If for any reason the Workouts For Judo is not right for you, you can claim for a refund through the same payment method you used to pay for the product.


Pros of Workouts For Judo:

  • It ensures you increase your overall body fitness levels.
  • It increase your strength that improves your body power while increasing endurance abilities in a fight.
  • It greatly increases grip fighting skills through increasing your hand and foot speed.
  • The workout make you a world class Judoka without wasting money paying for expensive equipment or pay for private lessons.
  • It is convenient, in that you can exercise whenever you want with no resistance of place or time.
  • The product is great value for money.
  • It is risk free product(60 day money back guarantee)

Cons of Workouts For Judo:

  • Requires a lot of commitment to the prescribe Judo workouts.
  • The rate of success with the workout vary from how much effort and time different individuals invest.


Who is Workouts For Judo best suited for ?

  • It is for anyone who wants to improve their Judo fitness and conditioning.
  • Wants to acquire or increase their judo agility, strength or endurance.
  • People looking to improve their body balance and co-ordination.
  • Anyone who want to learn the secrets of what it takes to be a world class Judoka.
  • People who want to be mentally and physically tough to as to be tough opponents in a fight.

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– This training program will help you become one of the best Judo practitioner since it has been made out of experience.

– Workouts For Judo is a training program that will help you develop physical strength, endurance and dexterity.

– Workouts for Judo has been designed to help you develop or improve your body balance and is risk free.

– It is a product that has been made to help you improve your overall body fitness.

– It contains a detailed list of the workouts you are supposed to engage in and therefore, before you begin, you already know what to expect.


– The program requires somebody who is much willing to learn. If you just want to try your luck on judo, then this training program is not meant for you.

– This training program requires a lot of commitment. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who is always busy, then this is not your product.

Summary: The Workouts For Judo is a training program that has been designed for every person who wishes to become a expert in martial art skills and also develop a complex and fit system of muscles. It has been made out of experience and therefore, using it assures you of the best results you could ever wish for. This training program has been designed with in a very special format which is not only easy to follow, but also easy to understand. Make sure that your judoka spirit is upheld using this special guide.

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