In-Depth Window To The Mind Review – Does it Work?

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This is a review on window to the mind course. You must be in search for a solution that can liberate you from your present place to where youve always dreamt of.
There are many reviews on window to the mind book which have been written, however most of these reviews do have details enough information to guide you on whether to buy the product. I can guarantee that after you read this review you going to discover everything you need to know before considering paying for window to the mind.

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About The Window To The Mind

The window to the mind is a step by step instructional clear blueprint manual that can change someone’s life using the laws of attractions enabling them to achieve all your goals and ambitions. There are proven techniques and guidelines which enable you to be able to work with same resonance or vibration frequency as the universe.

Window to the Mind is a program that will reveal a very powerful secret which can force out the world to give you all what you need. This program acts more like a magnet, forcing and attracting the world to you and as well as giving you easy access to everything meaning all the good things embedded in the world with all of it at your feet. As human, we all have our different needs that are important while others are just wants to make our lives great and comfortable. Individual difference will have to be there, since human are created with individual and different mentality. This means our needs are different as we all place value on things in our lives.

This product is similar to programs which talks about someone been able to use their subconscious mind to unlock the secrets to achieve greatness. By using these secrets effectively you will achieve all you have always desired. This is referred to as unlocking the secrets of set points. There are several triggers that can be used to stop self sabotage.

It is important to note that all the content on window to the mind in this review is intended for people who are keen and willing to learning the secrets so as to make use of them to improve their live for the better. This is also to those who have tried other program before are in search of a program or strategy that can change their lives for the better.

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The Window to the Mind Mainly consists of :

  1. An introduction
  2. Five modules.

Most of the content that is represented in the form of audio files, with the various files ranging from 5-8 minutes and 10-15 minutes files on every module. There are additional files that are shorter called the Fast Blast audios that are around 3 minutes and they also have the 5 keys to subconscious success.

The 5 modules are based on building positive SET points, the 5 keys to subconscious success are more about dealing with old negative SET points. The members area is well designed and organized. It is very easy to follow and understand what you are supposed to do in this program however Dr. Morter says you should listen to the audio files over 20 times before they will truly enter your subconscious. There are also 2 workbooks and a few webinars as an added bonus on paying for the product.


Why pay for this product :

The major question you should ask is? do you want to take your dreams to whole new level? If you want you to know what is the secret to unlocking and freeing your subconscious? His product is just perfect to help you to trigger your emotions and also enable you to act in a specific way.

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The nature of wind to the mind will clearly show you an easy way that you can apply the laws of attraction to actualize and understanding your dreams. When you are able to make this happen, you must discover how you will possibly force the universe to give you everything you want. To do all these you will have to use of positive energy, you have to transmit signals and works within the same vibration frequency with that of the universe.


  • Do you want to have more than enough in your life?
  • Do you want to find happiness and fulfillment in your relationship?
  • Your dealings with people around you?

If you really long for these things, the secrets are found inside this manual in this product that will enable you to be able to achieve all this and more.

Cons Of this product

  1. This especially affects people who are always fond of buying or paying for digital programs and they forget or just leave the program to sit there without using the program or even going through the instructions.
  2. This way you end up losing money and gaining nothing. The only problem once you have purchased the program you realize that there are no content in the FAQ section.



Window to the mind course will offers you a dynamic and diverse way that you can use to change your life for the better. You can do this by simply using the laws of attractions to work on making your dreams a reality.

There is a refund policy that is in place on Window to the Mind product; this shows that if for any reason the product dont meet your expectation. You may ask for a complete refund of your money by sending an email direct to the vendor explaining your requesting for a refund. You receive fully money back without any questions asked and Without any delay.

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– Unleash the hidden thinking capabilities of your mind so that you can take the great step towards achieving your dream.

– 5 modules which include step by step procedures which can solve any existing problem in your life associated with your career or relationship.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not satisfied by the performance of the system, your investment will be returned immediately.

– Understand the basic principals of Law of Attraction and implement them into your daily life to achieve successful in each phase of life.


Once you have registered for the program, you must follow the instructions as advised to achieve best results otherwise you will end up losing your hard earned money.

Summary: Window To The Mind has the best techniques based on the law of attraction by which you can get complete control over your subconscious mind. So if you are struggling to convert your dreams into reality, Window To The Mind will certainly help you achieve your life goals.

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