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We humans are creatures of habits and this follows on to our love lives as well. We are seekers of love and however we may try denying this, the fact remains the same.Even though we have coveted ourselves as the interim species of the planet, yet our search for finding love is quintessential to our very existence. Men and women indulge in relationships, a relation ensues, sometimes hearts are broken, sometimes its not meant to be and you move on. The search continues and with it the endless cycle.

This holds particularly true among women. An independent, self reliant woman indulges in dating someone and before the relation can even hit the mark, you see the guy running away or disappearing in the thin mist and you are just left to wonder as to what was it that made him run away from the relationship in the first place.

If just you knew how to keep your man happy and content, if just you knew the secrets to an everlasting relationship, how would it really turn out then?

This article will tell you a real solution to the problems faced by every woman today irrespective of her age or social stature in the society. The problems faced by women around the world are very real but the solutions to these problems are as equally understandable and easy to connect to but have been hidden away in the depths of the human minds which now finally have been revealed with the release of the revolutionary program Why He Disappeared.

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What is Why He disappeared all about?

Why He Disappeared is a dating and relationship guide written by dating and relationship coach Evan Marc Katz. The book explains relationships from a mans point of view and how women can make use of that to their advantage and go on to have healthy relationships. Its a tell all one of its kind guide to tackling the problem of dating and relationships nowadays and understanding why a relationship isnt able to last and the most essential question a woman asks as to why he disappeared.

The program puts in perspective all aspects of a relationship between two people and helps making the woman understand as to what exactly might be going wrong in your relationship. The emphasis being on making the woman understand since the book has been written from a mans perspective and point of view to decode the mysteries of why a relationship actually fails and what steps can be taken to improve the same.

About the author of the program – Evan Marc Katz

The author of the program Evan Marc Katz is a dating and relationship coach. He boasts over an estimated 9 million blog readers, more than 50K newsletter subscribers to his posts and impressive 60K facebook followers. Quite the number you would say. But wait, theres more. Marc is also the author of several popular dating books and guides including I cant believe I am buying this book: A common sense guide to successful internet dating and why youre still single?.

Marcalso has his own dating profile website and has been a feature as keynote speaker in media channels like CNN, Times magazine and New York Times. He also provides active one on one and personal coaching through his website.

As can be seen from Marcs profile, the man knows what he is doing when we talk of the book in context.


Contents of the book

As the title of the book goes the book isnt about trying to get your ex back or anything but rather it is a thorough dating guide for women providing a sneak peek of a mans psyche and how is it really a man thinks and wants in a relationship. The whole book has been designed to give dating advice to women from a male point of view.

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The book is a tell all content and the author has not shied himself of holding back on his opinions on how a man really perceives a relationship. The book places the responsibility on a womans shoulder in explaining the intricacies of getting in a relationship with men and how is that women can help control the outcome of a relationship without ever being on the back foot again. The main things that you will find whilst reading the book include:

  • The simple truth of why a man has left you in the first place. The book starts with making a woman realize of what was it that really went wrong in the relationship.
  • The things that can be done by a woman to make a relation long lasting.
  • What is it that men find interesting in a woman and how can you turn that to your advantage
  • Teaching on finding the right fit for you in a guy
  • It will teach you the emotional quotient of a man and how a man thinks and behaves in a relationship
  • The program teaches on how to understand the signs if your man is looking for a long term commitment or a short term commitment and then staying a notch ahead of him in that regard
  • Teaching you on how changing perspective can bring about a significant change in ones love life
  • The program will teach you to understand the signs in your man and how does he really feel from the inside out and what exactly are his emotional needs. These small pointers will give you better understand your man.

And many more of such pointers explained in detail.


Cost of the program

The cost of the program falls at a low price of $37. Considering the invaluable experience of the author reflected in the book, this price is quite a steal for any user of the program. The program along with the main e-book will also come with the following bonuses:

  • Why he disappeared audio aid
  • Why he disappeared online e-book
  • Why he disappeared online audio aid

All this at a mere $37. Quite a steal wouldnt you agree?
All that said, the program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee should you during the course of the program dont find the techniques and methods to your liking.
A return can be ordered guaranteeing you a full refund of your money.



The program has enjoyed quite a success and has been an instant hit with success stories and personal testimonials spreading from social media, personal blogs to the authors owned website all in praise of the book and its useful techniques mentioned that have managed to change and bring a positive outcome to many womens life across the globe.

The program surely feels like a winner and reposing a faith in it would surely lead to a change in your life as well. Get going then and order the copy of the Why He Disappeared today and see yourself transitioning your love life to new heights.

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– The guide will outline the simple reason why the man left you. What the guide does is that it explores all the possibilities why a man would want to leave and helps you understand why he left you.

– It will also put some details across for you that you can use to make your relationship last longer.

– The guide has put together some of the things that men find interesting and therefore, this means that you can use this information to your advantage.

– If you want to know the kind of relationship your man is looking for, then this is the guide tat you will have to use. The guide helps you know the kind of relationship your man is looking for.

– It is a very comprehensive guide that deals with everything that you need to know about about how to handle men in any relationship and make them love you even more.

– The guide is cheap, considering all the benefits that you are getting, this guide is very cheap.


– The guide can only be accessed through the internet and that way, this means that with a poor internet connectivity, it might be hard for you to get the guide.

Summary: Relationship needs to be cultivated for, it needs to have substance in it and that is why the Why He Disappeared guide was created. The guide is written form a mans point of view and will put everything clear for you as a woman to save your relationship. Therefore, go ahead and get this guide, you will not regret.

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