Wealth Trigger 360 Review – Legit or Scam?

Wealth Trigger 360
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Unsuccessful people always blame external, environmental factors when they are evaluating their own lack of success. They were born into an unprivileged environment or an oppressed group, they were unlucky, and they didn’t meet the right people or many other excuses that are designed to put the blame and responsibility on everyone else but on themselves. But if their lack of success is not of their making, would their success be their own? Or would they say that it is a mere accident of birth that they became rich and successful?

And on the other hand, you see the mindset of the successful people – the mindset you master by usingDr. Joe Vitale’s Wealth Trigger 360 program. They attribute their success – and their flaws – to themselves. They own their mistakes and their victories. They know that success and wealth comes not from accident, but from deliberate and persistent action, constant working and a not a mindset of victimhood, of blaming others, but a mindset of victory and success.

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Thinking Is Not an Automatic Function

To use a personal example that clearly illustrates the effectiveness of the principles underlyingDr. Joe Vitale’s Wealth Trigger 360, let me tell you how to beat procrastination and become productive. Your actions and inactions are defined by whatever you expect from life. If you expect leisure, stillness, an abundance of free time and convenience, you will inevitably end up procrastinating since that is the prime value that drives your deeds. If, on the other hand, you expect to be constantly challenged by life, overcome tough situations and become more powerful as a result, procrastination will be completely irrational, illogical, and you will never again do it.

Your lifestyle depends on your mindset. And by acquiring the right mindset, you will live the right kind of life. After studying and observing the mindset of the most successful people,Dr. Joe Vitale offers a guide that helps you transform your thinking into that of amillionaire.Wealth Trigger 360 is a tool with which you are able to reprogram your neural pathways to leave your unsuccessfulself behind that produced only inertia, looking at itself as a victim of the environment, and forge your soul anew into someone with self-agency, with unbreakable will who is able to overcome any obstacle and achieve the greatest success.

Wealth Trigger 360

His method is based on scientific research,universally acceptedphilosophical principles, and his own personal experience. The author himself has mastered Wealth Trigger 360 by ascending into a world-famous millionaire from a fate of broken homelessness.

The mindset that his program teaches to the customer consists of four fundamental elements. It gives you mental or cognitive power, which is the ability to be able to recognize opportunities of wealth creation in every environment. The second is the power of intuition, which is the ability to act on the opportunity with the greatest possibleefficiency.

The third aspect of the millionaire mindset is the emotional power, which is one of the most valuable teachings of the guide. Even if you do not actually want to invest the time and energy into becoming a millionaire, this part will change your life. It teaches you to end the destructive habits that are deeply embedded into your subconscious mind and effect your everyday existence. It shows how to end self-attacks, habits that decrease your productivity and chance for success, and how to disperse paralyzing emotions such as fear and doubt.

The fourth is whatWealth Trigger 360 refers to as soulful power, which is the ability to maintain the Flow – as they refer to it in psychological terms – of a given act, the momentum of a project that is essential for success. It shows how to keep the momentum by keeping the fire of passion you felt when you started alive until the final step of a project.


Scientific Engine

The source of Wealth Trigger 360’ssuccess is the contribution ofDr. Steve G. Jones, one of the greatest experts inHypnotherapy with almost three decades of experience and professional respect. Instead of working on theoretical subject, he is devoted to change the brain patternsof his patients andtransform their mindset that brought only misery, victimhood and the lack of achievement into a machine of creative ideas that converts everything it touches into success.

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His method of achieving rapid and sustained change in the mindset of his patient is based on our primal survival instincts – in the only true part of human nature, which is the ability ofadaptation to a new and strange environment. By fully immersing the mind into an environment where the only choice is the constant victory and the usage of the principles of a millionaire mindset – or the inevitable demise – we see the swift change of the personality from the old, destructive and unproductive habits to the one that is constantly fixated on success and accumulates wealth and achievement.

The method of change is build on 7 fundamental protocols:

1. Affirmative Repetitionthat inures your mind to success

2. Focal Meditationsthat highly enhance the effectiveness of immersion

3. Hypnotic Reprogrammingthat purges and reforms the patterns of your subconscious mind

4. Neurolinguistic Programmingthat opens up the pathway to your unconscious

5. Brain Entertainmentthat increases your ability to absorb new thoughts and concepts

6. Solfeggio Tuningthat helps to regenerate your brain

7. The Four Pillars of the Millionaire Mind which are the end result of your transformation

As a bonus content, you will receive an e-book interview about the person who himself inspired the author, gave him power and purpose. The philosophical interview gives a profound metaphysical insight into the laws of the universe, about the place of Man in it, about the philosophy of money and honesty.

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Mastering the mindset of success is going to fundamentally transform every aspect of your life. Your reputation is going to increase tenfold, you will never feel insecure or afraid of what the future holds, your decisions will be finite and you will completely trust that you made the right choice, you will be surrounded with winners, with people who pursue the same values as you do, your self-esteem and self-respect is going to be at an all-time high, being fully aware that you are not the victim of the environment, but everything that happens to you is your own making.

You will have ultimate power over your fate. For $37, you are to acquire the mindset of millionaires. It is an investment that is going to return the very first time you implement it into your everyday life, both financially and spiritually, and one that is going to make you into a person of the highest achievements.

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– Transform every aspect of your life by following the meditation and self development methods through the program.

– Gain control over your subconscious mind and become a millionaire by completely changing your mental and physical characteristics.

– The program only costs $37 and you will be learning lessons which will provide life long benefits.

– Increase your learning capabilities by focusing on the 7 fundamental protocols as explained by the author.


The program does not guarantees to make you a millionaire but only focuses on getting control over your subconscious mind.

Summary: Wealth Trigger 360 program is designed by Dr. Joe Vitale for people who are tired of their hard times and want to earn the wealth of their dreams. Now by following the 7 fundamental protocols as explained by the author, you can achieve guaranteed success and become a millionaire within no time.

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