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We are under the threat of shrinking freshwater resources that we take for granted as a fundamental right and basic necessity of life. The groundwater is depleting quickly, and levels have reached meager proportions in many places. How can you create an automatic supply of fresh and clean water at home without spending a fortune?

I hope this Water Freedom System Review will help you unravel a secret that no big water corporation is willing to tell you. However, if you know it, you can make fresh H2O out of thin air…

While air is the primary source of life, water comes as a not-so-distant second. Do you know that an average person needs to drink at least eight glasses of the elixir every day? Mother Earth is steadily losing its freshwater stores due to climate changes and exploding population. Regions that once held abundant water are now facing water shortages. How do you get adequate freshwater without spending thousands of dollars in bills and experts to install the systems?

Here is a simple solution for you…the Water Freedom System.

What is the Water Freedom System?

The Water Freedom System helps you build a device that produces up to 60 gallons of water every day…sufficient for an average household’s needs. The device consists of several things that you use every day in your garage. However, you need to buy a few parts that are reasonable in cost. Here is what the list of features looks like:

  • De-humidifier is the part that extracts water from air through condensation. Hence, it is the heart of the structure.
  • Cabin air filter
  • Water filter dispenser
  • Submersible water pump – Pumps water from the dehumidifier to the collecting barrel.
  • Metal corner brackets of L-shape
  • Cable, Duct tape, insulating tape, measuring tape
  • Pliers, wrenches, drill bits
  • A lighter
  • Water filter tap
  • On and off switch
  • Handsaw, plywood
  • A 55-gallon plastic drum with a lid
  • Gloves

Meet the creator

Chris Burns, a 57-year-old simple farmer from Fresco City, has developed a water system with his expert technician uncle’s help. He spent months together with uncle Philip to review a technique and create a design that works for you, even if you are not an expert in do-it-yourself things.

Chris has helped more than 11,000 people like you solve their water scarcity problems with his go-to solution. He had no technical knowledge but the desire to provide for his family…a wish that transformed his daily struggle for the basic need of water into a product for the benefit of society.

…And what process does he employ to build this simple yet revolutionary product?

The science that goes behind the technology

You may be aware that air consists of water vapor…the same element which brings us rain that fills our lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. If you are an early riser, you know that water vapor condenses to take the form of dew drops on leaves. Similarly, this device uses the condensation process to suck moisture from the atmosphere and cools it down through a simple process that results in potable water. A subsequent filtration process ensures you get fresh, clean water.

The program teaches the procedure through step-by-step instructions. You even get a list of required materials to put up the assembly. Above all, you can build the entire structure at home without the need of an expert…and guess what? You will require hardly 3 hours to do the job.

Has anybody used this process anywhere before? 

Troops in India, Israel, the U.S., and the U.K. regularly employ the condensation technique in desert and semi-desert regions of water scarcity. These guys train in necessary survival skills that include obtaining water and food from the surrounding habitat. If you wonder how they create the life-sustaining liquid from thin air – condensation is the secret technique they use to extract water from the atmosphere.

What does the program include?

You will get a comprehensive guide in the form of an e-Book that gives step-by-step instructions to build the Water Freedom System. The e-Book is easy to understand, and you can read the PDF version of the book on any of your smart devices or a desktop computer. So, here’s what you get:

  • A detailed guide
  • Blueprint of the system
  • Step-by-step directions with pictures
  • Full material list with indicative prices

Detailed instructions

You will find that the step-by-step instructions are simple…easy for even your wife and kids to understand. So, even if you are out of action for some reason, your family will not face a shortage of water. Here’s what some of the step-by-step instructions look like:

  • How to assemble the water filter dispenser?
  • Attaching the dispenser to the water filter
  • Measuring the water filter
  • Removing the tray in the dehumidifier
  • How to replace the dehumidifier filter with the cabin air filter?

You will find that all you need to do is unscrew, cut, and attach the parts in most steps. If you follow the exact word process, you will get the result you seek – a complete Water Freedom System that will give you pure, chemical-free water.

Where does it work best?

The system works upon the moisture in the air. Although it works universally, it works best in areas of high humidity. You will get adequate water in a reasonable time where the atmosphere’s moisture level is average to high.

Here’s the deal: the device works in even the driest regions – however, if you have any problem, you can contact the creator, and he will help you resolve any issue with it.

Who can benefit from the device?

The device benefits anybody who needs water…but, you will consider it a boon if you live in a drought-prone area. If you live in a region of low groundwater level, this device will be beneficial to harvest water from the atmosphere. Even if you have adequate water now, there is no guarantee that those levels will persist forever.

The other important reason is that the device removes your dependence on the government or corporations for water. For instance, it can cut your water bills massively and allow you to save that money for other important life goals. You will do a favor to your family if you get them on-board while assembling the structure. Above all, it solves a critical problem in your life by going through the do-it-yourself method.

My experience with the Water Freedom System

I live in rural Texas and have tried this method out of sheer desperation in a drought situation. Earlier, I was fed up with the inconsistent water supply and dependence on the government and water corporations. I even thought of digging a well, even though it meant to dry up all my savings. Diggers are in high-demand here, and you may sometimes need to wait for at least a year to get their time…well, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

My neighbors dug up to 1000 feet to reach groundwater, which eventually started receding by the next year. Exasperated, I considered the advice of my friend. He urged me to try the Water Freedom System that worked so well for him in Colorado…and since then, water is not a problem for my family. The process is super easy, and I needed less than 3 hours to build the structure – I am sure many of you can do it within an hour.

Final words on pros and cons

Honestly, I have not come across a single red flag that can wave this as a scam…and I am pretty good at smelling scams and reviews. There are several pros of the device and hardly any significant cons:

  1. The portable nature of the device means you can move it quickly when you shift places.
  2. A lot of the materials are already in your daily usage.
  3. The process is super easy.

The creator has shown outstanding dedication in making this program available for the benefit of society. He has taken the help of an expert in military research to develop the program. All this effort so that you are free from corporations’ yoke and obtain something that is not optional? What have you got to lose?

Chris also offers lifetime support through email to solve any problems with the device. If it does not help you, and I am sure it will – you are eligible for a 100% refund during the first 60 days. You might be spending on things that your family may live without…but, why not try something that can fulfill a basic need of your family forever?


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• The instructions are crystal clear, and the pictures will remove any remaining doubts from your mind.
• You only need 1-3 hours to build the structure from start to end.
• You will like the portability of the device.
• Cuts your water bills significantly.
• If you can use a wrench, pliers, scissors, and tape, then you can build it.
• You will find no dissolved impurities as groundwater.
• You can adjust the purity level of the water.
• Most of the material needed is readily available around you – and what you need to buy is highly affordable.


• The product delivery is only in a digital mode.
• You need a little help, such as moisture from the atmosphere, to obtain water.

Summary: Water is a basic need of living beings.
You may be living in a region with scarcity or sufficient water…
Wherever your live, there is no easy way to obtain water than this system…
And it requires only a fraction of your money and time…check this – it takes hardly 3 hours to develop a system that will solve a major problem in your life.
This Water Freedom System review shows you a time-tested method to build a system that teaches you to be self-reliant in meeting a fundamental need of life.

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