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Ive struggled so much with women that my tales could fill a book. Today, after many years of experience in the dating world, I am in a long term relationship which gets more and more fulfilling and rewarding every single day. But my luck was not always the same for that I invested an astounding amount of money and time into women and I traveled to meet them to the end of the world even though travelling is my worst nightmare only to see our relationship stagnate in the friend zone.

If you can relate to such an experience, Unlock Her Legs was written exactly for you for that it is a guide tailored not to give general advice, tips and tricks on the dating realm but advice on how to hunt down and conquer that specific one girl youve singled out for ages.

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Ready, Aim, Fire

Unlock Her Legs was authored by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, two highly famous dating experts to teach men who has been going through failure after failure how to conquer the heart of one specific woman with whom they are already acquainted with. This is the perfect guide for those who found themselves in the friend zone by a girl who is always on their mind and want nothing more to get her, whether it is a classmate, a co-worker or even a girlfriend they lost.

The guide is a roadmap that leads the reader step by step through every major obstacle of breaking through the friend zone into the zone of romance and sex. It is extremely easy to follow with a very clear guidance, and as the testimony of hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers shows all around the internet, it works extremely well.

Unlock Her Legs contains a multitude of tales and real life experiences of the two author which clearly illustrates the forbidden and recommended actions they tell you to take regarding your relationship with the chosen female. Through the stories in which they break through the barriers of the friend zone with ease, you will see the principles they teach in action and you will better understand the concepts of the guide.

Though be warned, breaking through the friend zone may be one of the hardest feats of the romantic life. It requires an extreme investment of energy and time, and because of this fact as the authors argue you should only proceed with girls you are seriously interested in and want to develop a long term relationship with. These are techniques that would work to achieve a one night stand, but since you have to invest much more time into it than developing a relationship with someone you just met, it might not worth it.

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Ultimately, Unlock Her Legs was written for those men who were already able to answer one simple question everyone should answer regarding their relationship: what qualities of her do you like? If you are able to give a throughout and true answer without implying that her best quality is that she has tits, if you are able to genuinely say and explain the virtues of her character, then this guide was written for you.

Then, and only then it is true that what you feel is not an unhealthy attachment towards the only woman you believe you could sleep with but genuine love, that is, the involuntary emotional response to the virtues of the other. If it is the case, and you are truly in love with the girl you choose, then you are ready to invest as much time and energy into the relationship as much it requires and break through the friend zone into the Eden of romance and love.

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Changing Course

If you have ever been involved in business, or if you have ever been an entrepreneur serving clients, you are well aware of the fact that there is nothing harder than to redefine a relationship whose base principles has already been laid down. If, for example, you were unable to assert your preference and you said yes to a client who asked for free work, you will find it extremely hard to redefine the terms and tell him that you no longer wish to serve him if he does not pay.

And so it is the case in the realm of romance and friendship. Once you have defined your relationship as friendship, it will be extremely difficult to break through it and level up. This is why the knowledge within Unlock Her Legs is so valuable, for that it teaches two main psychological principles and techniques with which you can overturn your already established relationships and redefine its terms from friendship to romance.


What the teachings of Bobby Rio and Rob Judge come down to ultimately is that you will have to change her perception of you through subtle hints and subconscious techniques. You are already compartmentalized in her head as a friend or as someone who helps in this or that, and your goal will be to change that perception and have her mind relocate you into the golden box of romance.

Generally, as the authors argue, the more time has passed in the relationship between you and her without romantic contact, the more time it will take to relocate you in her mind. You will need to make subtle moves in which you slowly break the unwritten rules of social contract between you and her and do things that were unthinkable before though in small, almost immeasurable steps. This method is explained in great detail and you will be given a step by step guide on how to do so in Unlock Her Legs.

The final goal of the guide is to have her mind revolve around you when she is not interacting with you or she is not seeing you. If you will be able to achieve that and you will, if you follow the step by step advices of the guide you have successfully broken through the friend zone.

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Ask yourself how much a happy and fulfilling life is worth for you. Does it worth a thousand dollars to be happy for the rest of your life with the girl with whom you always wanted to be? I know that I would have given everything I had to be with the girl I pursued, and I was foolish enough not to do so, for that only $79 dollar, Unlock Her Legs would have given me the girl I was horribly and desperately in love with, and I pursued for months without any results.

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– Meet your relationship goals if you are man with weak emotions. Based on the best methods and tips, you can get your desired results within no time.

– If you are shy enough to emotionally and physically attract your partner, this program can help you learn great and effective tips.

– Results guaranteed. For people who are striving to make their relationship stronger, they must follow the advises as described.

– Life changing experiences and rewards.


The program is based on different opinions and conclusions drawn from people involved with relationship breakdowns which might not be true at each case.

Summary: Unlock Her Legs is a relationship guide designed by Bobby Rio and Rob Judg for men who are not able to approach the girl they have been admiring for years. There are real life scenarios discussed during the course through which you can learn the best tips to get any girl laid. So if you are in urge of fulfilling your sexual desires, Unlock Her Legs can bring you great benefits.

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