Ultra Manifestation Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

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Do you wish for a long-lasting change that will bring health, wealth, and happiness to your life?

Are you aware that your thoughts have the power to influence the atmosphere surrounding you?

What if it takes only 60 seconds to attract positivity around you?

I hope this Ultra Manifestation review will help you decide what may bring a positive change in your life.

If you wish to break the shackle of self-doubt, indecision, and self-imposed limits on your mind, read further:

What is Ultra Manifestation?

Ultra Manifestation is a neural manifestation process that affects your subconscious positively. David Sanderson created it as a self-development program that teaches how to manifest what you seek. It drives your mind towards optimism and helps achieve your desires: be it plenty of wealth, a fit body, or fruitful relationships.

Is your brain emitting frequencies that always attract negativity?

A hypnotic narrator’s voice will guide you to remove all those unwanted thoughts from your mind. The program will help you create a solid internal roadmap for your life.

How does the program work?

The process consists of listening to audio tracks that are isochoric- you listen to healing sounds at a constant volume. The tracks: alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves seem to have a powerful effect on your feelings and ideas. The vibes they create beneath your conscious mind can induce a positive sense of well-being and be in control.

The audios can affect your subconscious and, thereby, thoughts. Positive thoughts create a high-energy field around you. The link to the quantum field surrounding you and can influence the reality around you.

 What can the program do for you?

 The program can:

  • Relax and rejuvenate your life
  • Improve your mind power
  • Shed your inhibitions
  • Be a gift that you can give to your near and dear ones.
  • Achieve all things that are important to you

And all this without the need of:

  • Learning anything complex
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Spending more than a few minutes every day

Just lean back, put those earphones on your ears, and play the audio tracks.

The power of sound

The Ultra Manifestation process tries to revamp your brain’s neural activity. It can remove your brain’s existing connections wired to negativity, lack of desire, low confidence, and motivation.

Sound transmits in the form of waves. What about your thoughts? Thoughts also travel as waves. Hence, it is easy for sound waves to influence your subconscious through thoughts. You will experience that this program uses sound to manifest your desires into reality.

Is this based on science or pure marketing stuff?

There are hard science and proven data behind the program. Have you heard about the Double Slit Experiment or the Rice Experiment? These experiments reproduce the same results a countless number of times.

Our neural process works on the same principles as the ones in those experiments. In the Rice Experiment, a person’s emotions have a direct impact on the water molecules. A person’s mind has a similar positive or negative effect on the reality that surrounds him. So, there is a science behind the program.

Hence, if it is possible to rewire our brains with positive thoughts, it impacts our reality. The process drives our subconscious towards positivity, removes self-imposed limits, and embraces abundance.

Five audio tracks and a guide to change your life

You will get five audio tracks and a guide in the form of an e-Book. David has made painstaking efforts to use the power of hypnosis to lift your subconscious thoughts from the chasm of negativity. He attributes this to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, which can reorganize your brain’s neural networks.

The CD consists of five tracks, each with a particular objective:

Track 1: Aligning yourself with the universe

This track allows you to create a connection with your subconscious. You can begin to retune, rebalance, and reprogram it to harness its power.

Track 2: Neural genesis

This track removes the neural blockages that prevent you from creating abundance. Begin to release your realized and unrealized negative emotions with this audio.

Track 3: Your Natural State

The left and right parts of your brain begin to synch as this track interfaces directly with your subconscious. Your brainwaves will change when you listen to this music. These healing sounds make the most impact if you listen to this track at least once per day for a minimum of 7 days.

Track 4: Unlimited abundance

Listen to the combination of sounds and frequencies in this track to create a new reality for your subconscious. You will find yourself boundless and limitless. The power of your will can manifest abundance, wealth, and love.

Track 5: Neural Guardian

This track will protect you from negative energies. It is a vitamin to run your subconscious at the optimum level and prevent it from reverting to a negative state.

You will also get a guide in the form of a book that teaches you to shape and control your destiny. This e-Book is easy to read for most people without too much focus on technicalities. You can browse through the PDF, but there is no need to learn anything…

The only thing that you need to do is listen to the tracks with concentration and dedication.

Did Ultra Manifestation work for me?

To write an honest review, of course, I had to use Ultra Manifestation first. I am listening to the tracks for about 3 weeks now. The first time I heard those sounds, they felt strange to me. It felt interesting, and I fell asleep in a relaxed atmosphere.

Soon, I fell into a routine of listening to those sounds. Within a few days, I started feeling a certain amount of energy while listening to the audio. Nowadays, it does seem to take hold of my mind quickly. There is a spring in my step, according to people with who I interact frequently. I can feel the positive vibes.

I have not achieved instant success in everything I do. However, my body started relaxing, and the mind became calm. I can certainly sense a positive change in my confidence, and the tracks are gradually making me happy and free of worry. My mind does not wander anymore from work at hand.

I suggest that you follow the instructions to the word without shortcuts.

Each audio has a definite purpose, and you will find the different sounds soothing on the nerves. Sounds of waterfalls and deep rumblings of bells bring a mystic power inside you. It will benefit you greatly if you make it a habit of listening for at least 15-30 minutes every day. I did not experience any ill effects from the audio tracks.

I think you will look forward to listening to the tracks every day once you get past your initial doubts.

I found the book interesting. It talks about aligning your subconscious mind towards a positive mindset. Topics include chapters on mental and physical health that may interest you.

Will Ultra Manifestation work for you?

Ultra Manifestation will work for you if you take the program seriously and abide by the instructions. As every person is different, so are the results. The degree of success depends upon your level of commitment. If you listen to the tracks every day, the odds of success are highly in your favor. Dedicate reasonable time, as there are no shortcuts to success.

The change in your thought process occurs at the fundamental level. Your subconscious mind manifests the reality that you seek. The program works best for you if you have a burning desire to improve your life. You may need to come out of your comfort level to give it a fair opportunity.

Remember that you can manifest anything you want in your life. However, do not expect results overnight, nor does the creator say so. This program will guide you, but it is up to you to make an effort to improve your life.

Is the program legit?

Several reviews prove that the program is legit, and you will find no scam here. David has shown outstanding dedication in making this program that can positively change society. He has taken the aid of a world-renowned hypnotist to develop the program.

Give only 60 seconds a day of your time…

If it does not prove beneficial to you, you are eligible for a full refund. It is a program worth spending your time on.


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• You need only 60 seconds to begin a change in your subconscious thinking.
• Compare it with self-help books or professional sessions that may cost you a long time and big money.
• Listening to only 5 audio tracks can alter your life.
• Neural manifestation has no side effects as antidepressants have.
• You do not have to learn or do anything complex.
• Listen conveniently anytime, anywhere.


• The product delivery is only in a digital mode.
• You need to regularly listen to the audios to ensure that the program successfully succeeds.

Summary: The human mind has great power.
You may be living a life much less than you deserve…
You may be unhappy with relationships, wealth, or facing health issues…
You can change your destiny, and it only takes 60 seconds to begin the journey to implant positive thoughts that will change it.
This Ultra Manifestation review is an effort to highlight a program that can bring you a future of abundance.

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