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There are thousands and millions of rumors and wrong information blow in the air about Reiki and reiki training. i can tell you that about 95% of the words you have been told about Reiki was incorrect. People has earned the wrong knowledge about reiki and spread over everywhere. These all messages come from such kind of dishonest business head, who do business with reiki, play reiki as a game. But as a passionate reiki master, I am telling you reiki isn’t a joke and al they said about reiki is not correct at all.

The question is now, where did I learn that all you hear about reiki are incorrect? Where did hear the truth? Who taught me to be an ultimate reiki master and showed me the right path? Who?Ultimate Reiki Online Packagethat changed my thoughts on reiki and my life forever.


Reiki: An Ultimate way to Peace

Previously, I knew many things about Reiki. I heard so many things and thought that they all were fact. I started taking reiki 1 training as I had to complete both reiki 1 and reiki to reach for my reiki master training. There were many I heard about reiki. Let me share it with you so that you can check whether you know them too or not.

  1. The only way to learn Reiki is to go to an existing reiki master. Otherwise, there is no way you can attune to Reiki.
  2. You have taken reiki 1 and 2 courses and complete them successfully. And then, you would be able to attune Reiki master training.
  3. You have to wait for a specific amount of time between each classes. Without waiting, you can’t just move on to another class.
  4. The entire course costs an expensive amount of money and of course a considerable amount of time.

These are the things I have always heard about Reiki from my childhood. Match these thoughts with yours and see if you heard these too. If so, then delete them forever from your mind. These all are rubbish talks and don’t make sense at all. There is no way these can be right. There is no need to learn reiki 1 and 2 first to go for reiki master training. Reiki master training is completely a different stature of training. But some business oriented reiki guys has spread this rumor all over since decades. And people are affecting trough these rumors and going to take all courses. Besides, there is nothing like this you have to learn from an existing master of reiki. The source can be anything, your teacher can be anyone!

The founder of modern day Reiki, Mikao Usui, never followed those dumb stages. He started from a neutral stage and this is why he is the founder of Reiki and a legendary Reiki master. There is also rumor that Mikao got his Reiki mysteriously. One day he was meditating in a dark cave and suddenly a portal opened. And a power of darkness came in front of him and gave him the power of Reiki. This is also another fairy tales!

But what actually happened? The real story was, Mikao one day went to his favorite meditation place, where he used to meditate. He was alone whole day there and suddenly in the deepest night, a flash light sprinkled in his heart and he founded Reiki. There was nothing mysterious, everything came from the deep down of his heart.


My Story

I have learnt the real Reiki, the reiki that was invented by master Mikao, I can proudly announce. Now I am a reiki master. I can teach Reiki to others as well. But I am not a professional yet and still I have lot to learn. But I can tell you the name of the quest, where I did learn Rekei. I took theUltimate Online Reiki packageand practiced it regularly. It might sounds like I purchased the package and then I was on my own. But it wasn’t like this. You wouldn’t believe it until you watch it yourself.

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The package is the best Reiki package I have ever seen in my life. I took the Reiki master package and inside of it was full of profound truth, peace and life. I have never seen anything in my life before. But at the end, you need your interest and personal effort to finish it all. Each and every material, chapter, inspiration, motivation is inside the package. But your job is to manage it with yourself and do according to it.


Next is YOU!

It’s never too late to bring a change and erase the flaws. I was wrong about Reiki but I did find the truth, the real truth about it later on. I found the profound peace and solemnity. It was a bit late but now I am feeling okay. And it’s never too late to find peace for your life. The Ultimate Online Reiki Packagehas showed me another side of life. Now I can see the life from different perspective, different angles.

I was a normal man, with average aptitudes. But now I am a new man! Want to be like me? No, not be like me. Want to find the same peace I have found in my life? It’s time you should go for Ultimate Online Reiki Package. This online package consist of part by part reiki training and describes each and every chapter tactfully and easily. The entire package is described in such way, a student always dream of getting lectures from their teachers.


You’re a Reiki Master Already!!!

I am telling you, you are already a Reiki master already. But probably you don’t know it yet. People don’t even know about themselves, don’t know their inside. You don’t even know what you are good at. You will only know it will come forward you. May be, you are a Reiki master, you are born to be a Reiki master. But you haven’t yet get in touch of the REAL REIKI yet. Maybe a simple of touch of reiki will unleash your inside YOU. Maybe just a few touch of Reiki will show you who you are.

Do you really not want to know who you are? If so, then what are you still waiting for. Don’t waste a single more second; it’s already late. Buy yourUltimateOnline Reiki Packageand get in touch of the real Reiki lessons. Everything you have heard and learnt were hoax. The real Reiki lies here in that Ultimate Online Reiki Package. Start learning today, re-invent yourself. Unleash the real truth and become the real YOU.

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– Uncover your hidden potentials and live a happier life by following the practices of Reiki.

– Online video lectures and tutorials which can aid you in learning the best practices without any professional assistance.

– Designed by Reiki master and contains the most authentic practices and techniques.

– Guaranteed results. Once you have followed the program as advised, you can become a Reiki master within 60 days.

– Improves your mental and physical abilities.


The program is made for people who believe that Reiki can actually help them regain mind consciousness as it is more based on soulful principles.

Summary: Ultimate Online Reiki Package is designed by Mikao which can make you improve your living standards by following guidelines of Reiki. The program is simple yet effective as you can get best coaching through video lectures and tutorials.

RatingRated 4.5 stars