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You need the right FOUNDATION.

Think about it.

If sexual expertise was just a few tricks, I’d give you all the one-liners you want to hear and then

We’d be done with it. Heck that would make my job a lot easier.

But the truth is, techniques and tricks are useless.

So if you’re serious about becoming a great lover, then by all means – read on!

Let’s begin…

What is the most important thing you need to become a great lover?

Before we can answer that, you need to understand how women are turned on.

Most guys make the mistake of assuming women like sex the same way most men do:

1) Clothes off

2) IN and OUT

But this is wrong!

If you make love with this attitude, you’ll do a lot more DAMAGE than you can imagine.

Why? Because women read into everything you do especially during sex

Remember that your actions will not be taken at face value. It will have ramifications outside the bedroom.

Big time.

Bottom line: For women sex doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so watch out.

romantic couple

The majority of women DON’T get satisfaction from the physical act but from its emotional underpinnings.

One of the most potent uncontrollable emotional forces operating inside your woman’s body is the yearning to be kissed & craving to be touched.

Unfortunately, today, there is a growing phenomenon of the opposite kind – guys depersonalizing and distancing themselves by viewing sex as simply libido.

You get in, get off and get out.

However, this is NOT the stuff of great lovers.

She wants the warmth of another person and in a committed relationship, the source of all that is YOU. No one else can give her that.

And if she can’t get it from her man, she may look elsewhere for it.

So can meaningless sex rock?

Some women will say, “NO”, others will admit “YES”.

However, women find it harder to disconnect the Sexual act and emotions.


Women don’t sexually engage only because they get horny.

They don’t miss sucking on a thing, or making love for 2 freakin’ minutes. They don’t miss the masterful strokes of the “almost-kinda” orgasms.

In fact, I would like you to perform this mental exercise right now

What do you understand as the essence of tocuh for a woman?

What do you think women yearn for the most when they lack any kind of sexual activity

Ensure that you have the answers to the above questions. Chances are that your answers to these questions will help you have a better reasoning about sex with women

So what do women miss most when they don’t get Laid?


Do you see a pattern here?


Really think about this in terms of making love to a woman.

Do you portray these things during sex?

Have you given her the love she deserves during sex

To make it feel good for her?

Could you maybe do it more?

This is what makes men great lovers. Do you think you can become one?


Then, the virtuoso lover book series is for you

The series is divided into 3 and they are;

Book 1: Secrets of the Female Instrument

This guide covers the following;

  • How to develop the qualities that will make ladies fall head over heels in love for you (chapter 9)
  • How to avoid the 8 sex mistakes most men make
  • How to last longer and give any lady the kind of pleasure she deserves without ejaculating prematurely. Page 111 – 113
  • How to make your woman happy after you are ‘done’. Page 117


Book 2: Techniques of the Masters

  • What the 3 phases of building climaxes are. Page 136-142
  • How to stimulate the clitoris for maximum pleasure. Page 125-126
  • How to drive a woman wild with the symmetry rule of touch. Page 19
  • The 7 most important ways to give the best massage possible. Page 25


Book 3: Concerts, Crescendos And Encores

  • How to bring back the fire into a boring, lifeless sex. This part gives you 6 ways of doing this page 160-168
  • How to convince women to play out your fantasy. 3 ways are included in this book. Page 48-52
  • How to develop a sexy voice that no woman can resist. Page 24-25


Who is behind this product and why is he qualified?

The person behind this product is Micheal Webb.

He is qualified because he has been people strategies of having a fulfilled and successful relationships for the past 15 years.

He has been featured on CBS news, NBC news, abc news, FOX news. Also he has been featured on TV shows such as oprah, the 700 club and men are from mars/women are from venus.

He released his first book on love, romance, and relationships titled ‘the romantic guide’ in february 2000 which is a national best seller and is in its 10th printing.

Get Instant Access!


The virtuoso lover book series comes with 4 bonuses

Bonus 1; Explosive Stamina: How to Last Longer & Give Her Jaw Dropping Sex ($27 Value)

One of the most pleasurable things that can happen to a man in his bid to satisfy his woman is the ability to last very long on the bed.

In this bonus guide, you will discover,

  • How to quickly get a woman aroused by using your sexual position
  • How to freeze your orgasm so that you do not release too early
  • The mindset you need to last longer than 15 minutes on bed

and more

Bonus 2: From Limp to Raging Hard: Bulging Erections of Steel ($27 Value)

One of the biggest frustrations for any is the ability to get an erection and stay erected for as long as he pleases. This bonus guide will help you solve this problem. The help in this guide utilises only natural methods

Bonus 3: 53 Sexy Coupons ($10 Value)

This bonus guide focuses ways by which you can surprise your woman using the power of coupons. This guide contains 53 of such coupons

Bonus 4: How To Give Your Partner Great Massages ($25 Value)

The essence of giving massage has a deeper meaning than the act itself. If you are able to give your woman the right kind of massages, then, you are able to convey a deeper meaning of love to her.

This guide will work you through ways by which you can give the right massage.

Your investment

For the virtuoso lover book series along with the 4 bonuses valued at over $100, you will invest $47.


The book series comes with an 8 week money back guarantee provided you are not satisfied for whatever reasons.


In conclusion, this list building solution by Micheal Webb is rated 9.5 out of a possible 10.

The score of 9.5 is mainly because the system is easy to follow and easy to understand which makes the implementation of the action steps very easy.

Click Here to Buy The Virtuoso Lover


-Learn the best methods to easily arouse a women for a massage or sex even if she is not willing at times.

-In case you are not satisfied by the techniques explained in this book, you can request for a complete refund of your payment.

-Suitable for solving problems such as frustration, anxiety and shyness.

-Bonus and gifts which are worth more than $100 are given free along with the purchase.


In unique cases, some of the women might not consent to fulfill your sexual desires at times for which you need to use your mind to make them agreed instead of implementing the methods explained in this course.

Summary: The Virtuoso Lover is a book series written by Michael Webb for men who are have low sexual confidence and cannot get into physical contact with women as per their desires. Whether you want to learn how to make a women arouse quickly or develop a strong loving relationship, this book has unlimited tips and tricks which can satisfy you by all means.

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