The Venus Factor Review – Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

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Weight loss and look good is every woman’s dream. Women want to eat everything and do no workout and still want to shed off extra calories. The Venus Factor Review is a program that targets women’s hormonal makeup and helps them in losing extra weight from their bodies.

The Venus Factor Review is a 12-week digital program designed especially for those women who want to lose extra fat. It is no magic or secret. It is just a series of complete packages, including a workout plan, diet plan, weight control plan, and nutrition plan for all women.

About the Venus Factor

The Venus Factor works on the female fat hormone, so it loses extra weight of the body. The guide includes effective and natural processes for helping all women to force their bodies to burn fat.

Almost all women have this fat hormone which is responsible for making women obese. In some, the hormone is dormant, while in others, the hormone is active. The guides help the inactivation of the hormones, so it works towards losing weight.

The mind behind the concept-John Barban

John Barban is a conditioning coach and nutritional expert. He came up with a guide to help women effectively lose weight. He wanted to create some method that is natural as well as effective.

John Barban is of the view that it is not easy for women to lose weight. They need to be focused and targeted towards cutting down all those hormones and dietary items, making them obese.

The Venus Factor Review; Is it a scam?

Internet is full of many scams and false advertisements which take your money and give you weight loss programs. You should check reviews of people on their sites. Make sure you don’t select any program with the following salient:

  • You can lose weight without work out.
  • You need not see what you are eating, still, you can lose weight
  • The product designs for all and sundry
  • You can shed off your fat forever
  • Try and lose weight in just 30 days

Everybody is different so is everybody’s response to the weight loss process. You can’t have one size fit all. Therefore, your body may respond differently to the program, and your friends will differently. Better not compare yours with others.

How does the Program work?

The program is simple and consists of 12 weeks system of fat loss. It works on the Leptin level of the body. Leptin is a fat hormone in the body. When the level of fat hormone increases, it decreases the appetite of an individual and vice versa.

It is similar to diabetic patients. Obese women are Leptin resistant as diabetic patients are insulin resistant. Even if the Leptin level is higher in the body, obese people feel an urge to eat something. Similarly, obese people with higher Leptin are also said to be high diabetes, as both go side by side.

What is in The Venus Factor?

It consists of 12 weeks program, which is designed especially for all women suffering from obesity.  Since women find it hard to take out time for a workout, they prefer taking some plans that could be practiced and exercised at home. The program includes:

  • A workout plan for 12 weeks
  • Nutrition as well as diet plan for 12 weeks
  • Videos for better workout plans
  • A means to stay connected with the community of the program
  • Access to listen to the success stories of other successful members

It’s a full-fledged routine, including all essential elements. Complete workout, nutrition plan. The attractive part is you are connected with other members and users as well. It’s best to take advice and suggestion from other users that helps in keeping one motivated.  You can also learn from other experiences.

Why is The Venus Factor good to use?

The first advantage of the program is its price. One can find a variety of online programs, but many of those are very expensive to buy. Another good thing about the program is its applicability for all. No matter what your weight is, you can easily use the program.

Unlike other methods, you won’t be taking any supplements to keep yourself active and healthy. Besides this, you need not do fasting. It rather is a simple and natural process for weight control.

How to get the Program?

Since the product is available online in digital form, you can get hold of it when you purchase it. It is very simple. Login in and get the program. You only need to have a laptop, computer, or any digital device, for that matter.

Now take the program anywhere along or keep it store in your system, portable device and carry it along. If you are habitual of physical touch, you may miss that in The Venus Factor.

Why is the Program Effective?

It is not easy to figure out the effectiveness of the program for women. If you eat fewer calories and burn more, you will end up losing weight. This concept is not unique to the Venus Factor. So why is the program effective?

It doesn’t offer any magic food

The Venus Factor doesn’t come up with any magic food. When you eat more proteins, your body feels full, and you end up eating less. Similarly, the guide works on Leptin which is the fat hormone. The same program can very well work for men as well.

Adopt healthy habits

Some habits mentioned in the guide are essential to adopt if you want to look thin. Get adequate and complete sleep of 6 to 8 hours. It would help if you ate lots of protein in your food intake. Exercise daily and regularly to boost your energy. Should decrease the carbs portion in your diet. Bring down the quantity of processed food.

Money Matters-Is the program expensive?

Many online programs require you to buy plenty of supplements or dietary fibers to keep the body going. On the other hand, the Venus Factor is a simple 12 weeks plan which doesn’t require you to spend extra.

The guide aims to give the required information on targeting the fat-causing hormones and then breaking them down. It is all about giving recipes and information for controlling the weight loss mechanism.

What is inside The Venus Factor?

There are two parts of The Venus Factor. Each part is divided into processes as to how each part works. It starts with how it starts with an introduction to the program. Then you get to see your Venus family and check their reviews.

The next part of the program is about Leptin and how it varies for men and women. The nutritious sciences are about normal food intake and when to have cheat days. Then comes the mechanism to count the calorie control and finally the meal plans

What is so good about The Venus Factor?

Some women find it hard to remember the workout and exercise steps, and this program presents the workout in the form of a video, which can be seen over and over again. This also saves your money, which you otherwise would be spending in a gym.

For best results, you need to be motivated and focused on performing these 12 weeks of workout and session. Make sure you don’t skip any stage because each step is linked with the next step. You can practice all these within the convenience of your home.


The Venus Factor is a 12 weeks plan for cutting extra fat from women’s bodies. It targets women’s fat hormones, which is Leptin, effectively and naturally. With proper estimation and calculation, you can change and customize the product at your convenience.

It comes with 60 days of usage and a money-back warranty. Thus, if you are not satisfied in two months, you can simply return the products and get your money back.


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– The program comes with 12 weeks plan for weight control
– It targets fat hormones in women and helps in losing extra calories
-It is easily available in the digital form
-It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee


– The program can only be found on the webpage
-It is available only in digital form
– The program is meant for women only

Summary: Losing weight is not easy for anyone. We all want to look good but lack guidelines to do so. The Venus Factor is a plan which is designed to hit the fat hormones of women and help in doing away with them. The 12 weeks program is an amalgamation of workout, diet plan, nutrition plan, and exercise schedule, which helps in controlling weight effectively and naturally. Now you can look good and have a good life in a trial time of 60 days, otherwise claim your money.

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