The Speed Encyclopedia Review – Does it Work or Not?

The Speed Encyclopedia
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If I read The Speed Encyclopedia and learned why I couldnt get faster as a swimmer in high school, I wouldnt have quit the Swim Team.

Even though I dedicated all of my free time to improving my lap times, it seemed like I couldnt get past a certain point in my training. I never missed an evening of off-season conditioning and trained as rigorously as I could, but couldnt seem to shave my lap time below 30 seconds (for a 25-yard pool).

It seemed like somehow the focus I applied toward swim practice, not only did my time not improve but sometimes it even decreased! All that hard work, for a 31-second lap? Thats when I decided to throw in the towel on my dreams of being a swimmer.

woman swimming

Before I knew what I know now, I thought it was necessary to continue training, even after seeing a decrease in speed time.

My approach would go something like this: get to swim practice early, do as many warm-up laps in the pool as I could before joining the rest of my team to warm up for real out of the water, get back in the pool to start practice, and start panting about halfway through from exhaustion. Then, on days where I really felt the need to over train, Id stay after practice, doing as many laps as I could until my muscles were screaming at me to stop. And I wondered why I never saw improvement in my lap times.

The author, Travis Hansen, mentions this in his interview with Robertson Training Systems. He calls it the Dropoff Principle: once times drop, stop!

If I only knew then

You can unlock your top speed potential.

Travis turns a lot of commonly accepted misconceptions about training, conditioning and speed development on their head. Have you ever been frustrated because youve strived to improve something, only to end up with no change in the end result? Youll discover the top two mistakes made during conditioning that lead to poor speed performance.

I was surprised to find out what athletes, coaches and trainers focus on that may result in decreased speed. Youll find out why implementing the Power Development Model will lead to a visible improvement in your speed. Its success has been proven, as Travis has used it with long ball hitters, golfers, boxers, skiers, as well as baseball, lacrosse, basketball and football players.


Travis wasnt lying when he decided to include the word Encyclopedia in the title.

Have you ever wondered how smartphones can somehow manage to store a vast amount of information, even though they are so small (weighing about 5.5 ounces on average)? We have the ability to find out anything we want, with just a few taps on the keyboard.

Thats what this book is like. Its impressive how Travis was able to take some pretty in-depth concepts and scale them down to comprehensive yet practical bite-sized chunks. Its got a simple layout, making it easy to find what you need quickly. Its perfect if youre waiting in line at the supermarket and want to find, say, what upper and lower body exercises youll need to utilize to prepare for your next meet or game.

An even bigger benefit is that The Speed Encyclopedia (and all its bonus material) is all digital. This means you can store it on your phone and always have your path to top speed readily available to reference as needed.

I know. Anyone can claim to have a magic bullet to turn anyone and everyone into some sort of speed demon.

Except the methods outlined in the book, while effective, are not as easy as typing in a few words on your keyboard and magically having all the information in the world available at your fingertips. Using the techniques in the book will bring you undeniable results, but you will have to consciously incorporate these practices into your routine to achieve success.

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Im sure youve seen those ads that promise you superhuman strength, with no effort required on your part. All these outrageous claims and Before and After photos that were obviously put through a vigorous Photoshop session. In a moment of weakness, you buy whatever product theyre shilling, only to find that its the fitness equivalent to sugar pills masquerading as Adderall.

This book is not like that; Travis doesnt promise you a free lunch. He gives you the blueprint to unlocking your athletic potential, but the proof is in applying the material to your training or practice. The key to developing your top speed is not going to be found in traditionally accepted misconceptions about training.


Why would anyone buy The Speed Encyclopedia?

There are three main reasons why I think this book is a great investment in your athletic development:

1. The Author

Travis is the leading authority on speed development for the International Sports Sciences Association. Hes worked in athletic development for a little over a decade and has nearly 25,000 hours hands-on training. Hes the Director of the Reno Speed School and has worked with a variety of athletes, from beginners to pros.

Travis is enthusiastic about helping athletes reach their potential.

He spent $30,000 in just one year (on books, seminars, etc.), to become an expert about the principles behind training and conditioning. His passion for getting this knowledge out to coaches and athletes is evident throughout the book.

2. The Strategies

The theories outlined in the book are comprehensive. This is not a book chock-full of recycled feel-good affirmations that lead to no actual change in results.

This information will likely lead to an intense reworking of your training and conditioning, as well as your key components of focus.

Discover the secret ingredient to achieving speed and strength.

Youll learn why power development is such a crucial component to achieving your top speed. Its easy to have some misguided notions about power. A common misconception is thinking that an athlete whos fast could be very powerful and have poor technique because of it. However, an athlete with good technique requires power in order to gain their top speed.

Building a solid foundation of power will lead to increased speed and strength. Travis gives you a clear recipe to do this in a way that will allow you to see continuous improvement in your speed.

3. Visible Results

When you learn how to develop your top speed potential, youll want to see the effects in real life as quickly as possible. You will see the benefits by consistently applying these strategies to your training. Youll unlock athletic abilities that you didnt even know you had!



While I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their speed, you dont have to order this book now. However, if you dont invest the money and time, you might continue training and conditioning the same you have always have, and receiving the same lackluster results youve become accustomed to.

Or you could spend the money and invest your time in developing your skills and abilities as an athlete. Apply the principles in the book, even (especially) if they seem out of the ordinary. Imagine that feeling of accomplishment, when you see youve achieved faster speed than you thought possible.

Get a leg up on your competition and order The Speed Encyclopedia today!

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– The book is cost effective meaning that you will be able to access the book with only a few bucks.

– The book will help you increase your speed greatly and therefore, you can trust this book.

– Results oriented, this book provides you with the exact results that you are looking for.

– Uses friendly strategies to make sure that your speed increases into something that you like.


– Commitment is an important factor with this book. This means that if you are usually busy, then this book will not work for you.

Summary: This is a book that you will need if you want to improve your speed. The book has been formulated with methods that are safe and natural and therefore, you can trust this book. If you want to become a real hero, then this is the book that you will need to start using right away. Therefore, get the latest and at lowest copy of this guide by clicking on the button below.

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