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The Revelation Effect
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Are you the type that has a deep interest in mind reading? Do you think you have a knack for illusions? Are you interested in enhancing your craft? If yes, The Revolution Effect may be the perfect program for you.

The Revolution Effect is a ground breaking mentalism and mind reading program by Darren Brown that promises to give its users the power to read the minds of others within less than 60 minutes.


How does this work?

There are several steps that you will take on your journey to becoming that mind reader that you have always wanted to be.


Learn the Secret Method

This is the step where you will learn the direct method that you can use to read almost anyones mind. You will learn the strategies and techniques you can use to know what someone else is thinking.


Watch It Happen In Real Time

Here you would have a first-hand view of the techniques you learned at step #1 in action. You will watch each detail of a live performance so you can learn how to get the same reaction when you do it. These performances are filmed on the streets, so you will see screams, shocks and much more.


Take It To The Next Level

At this step you will discover the ideal secrets of what other mind readers and mentalists do to make their magic so convincing. You will be able to do likewise, with these extra tips and advice.

conversation on the bench

Will I get a Bonus package?

As if the core package was not enough, you will also be exposed to some Bonus Presentations that will enhance you craft.

  • Bonus Presentation#1 : THE POWER TO REVEAL A NAME

Think of Any Name

Here you will learn how to do the think of a name trick.

This is done by having a spectator think of someone in their life; maybe someone they are close to, someone they have a relationship with and with nothing is said, slowly you will get a sense of who this person is, you will be able to reveal this name letter by letter. Until you reveal the persons entire name.

Drawing Duplication

In this presentation you will learn how to duplicate images drawn by someone else.

His will be done by having a spectator draw any picture that comes to mind. They will fold their drawing up and hide it so you cannot see. They should be careful so as to make it impossible for you to know what it is. You will then grab a piece of paper, and start to draw something. You can then reveal each others drawing together to see if it is the same thing.


Muscle Reading Miracles

Here you will learn how to lead someone to an object that they may be thinking of.

You will do this by asking someone to think of an object in the room and to focus all of their attention on it; however they should not let you know what they are thinking about. You will then be able to take hold of their hand and guide them around the room until you lead them to the exact object that they were thinking of.


But wait a minute thats not all youll get. You will also be entitled to some bonus tricks.


“Think of a Card”

Here you will be exposed to a great spur of the moment mind reading trick that you can do with a pack of cards.

This is yours FREE but it is valued at $14.95.


“Psychological Opener”

If you desire to prepare your spectators mind to be wowed at an impending revelation, this psychological opener will teach you what you need to do.

It is yours FREE but is valued at $9.95.


“Q&A Secret Discussion”

Here you will discover all the questions and answers about mind reading that Customers from all over the world sent in when they first learning this trick and now you get the answers. This will help you to boost your craft.

It is also yours free but is values at valued at $19.95

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How much does this program cost?

The revolution Effect is unique in the sense that it gives you 2 options. You can choose to try the program for 14 days by pay $4.95 and pay a remaining fee of $45 after the 14 days trial. The other option is that you can order and pay the full price now and pay only $39.95.

Additionally, there is also the 60 day 100% money back guarantee attached to it.

Have this program yielded success in the past?

Many persons have tried this program and have noticed remarkable success. Below are a few testimonies.

Adam Mathers from VIC Australia said, I must say that I am impressed. The effect is brilliant, the method is great and the reactions are priceless. I’ve already got screams and omg’s and it’s only been a few days since I learnt the effect. AWESOME!Everyone goes CRAZY with this onethanks heaps 🙂

The Practitioner from Halifax Canada said, My name is the Practitioner and I have been a professional magician and mentalist for nearly 10 years now, and when my street demos were wearing a bit thin, I incorporated Revelation to spice it up. It worked and people were blown away. I then took the trick and modified it in a way that could be done while wearing an opaque blindfold. The crowds started eating it up and now it’s a regular part of my repertoire. I’d like to thank The Mind Reader for taking an old mentalism classic and giving it a new twist, and more importantly, giving me inspiration for yet another twist to add to it.”

Mike Renshaw from Langhorne, PA USA said, Revelation is devastatingly powerful, yet very easy to learn and perform. The instructional download is clear and easy to understand. It can be performed almost immediately. Revelation can be done anywhere and even repeated. I love mentalism and this is mind-reading at its best.”


What are the Pros and Cons of The revolution Effect?


  • Easy to use
  • Very detailed guidelines
  • Not time consuming (learn within less than 60 minutes)
  • Great bonus package
  • Flexible price range
  • Added customer support


  • The Revolution Effect is accused of copying the exact techniques used by another mentalist.

The Bottom Line

With all that the Revolution Effect has to offer, it seems like a very attractive program for those who have an interest in that field. Its price range gives you a choice of whether you want to try it first before purchasing the entire package. There is also a risk free 60 day money back guarantee. I would without hesitation recommend this product.

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– Interesting tips and tricks to gain control over the subconscious mind of others without even letting them know what you are actually doing.

– Regain control over your mental and physical abilities by developing strong decision making powers.

– Money back guarantee. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program within 60 days, your investment will be returned at once.

– Achieve relationship goals and increase success factor in routine matters through strong mental powers.


The program requires critical thinking skills so that you can efficiently read the subconscious mind of the person standing in front you.

Summary: The Revelation Effect is a creation of Darren Brown which contains great methods by which you can read the subconscious mind of other within 60 minutes. You can now greatly enhance your mental powers and get to know what others think about you in real. So. if you want to achieve relationship goals or increase chances of success by reading other’s mind, this program will surely help you in great regard.

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