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The Paruresis Treatment System
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Are you someone who suffers from the constant irritating problem of not being able to pee unless you are in complete isolation?

Has holding your bladder for a long duration caused physical problems for you?

Is anxiety and stress getting the best of you when it comes to relieving yourself?

If your answer is a yes, then look no further. There are scores of people around the globe facing the same problem as you and there is a solution to the problem as opposed to what conventional medical experts have to say about your condition.
Before proceeding to the solution to this problem, lets try and understand what this Paruresis syndrome is all about.


Paruresis: A brief

Paruresis syndrome or a shy bladder syndrome is a condition caused due to a mental fear of peeing in the public and the confines of neighborhood toilets. As is thought by many patients in the initial stages of the condition, this is not caused due to any physical reason but rather mental reasons. The fear of being seen, the fear of being judged, the fear of getting to explain yourself to someone are some of the many reasons this is caused among the general public.
The paruresis problem is known by many names including the public piss problem, bashful bladder, slow dribbles, pee phobia and the most commonly known name to this is the shy bladder syndrome in layman terms.

As per a worldwide statistic accumulated by the Department of health in the Unites States, it was estimated that one out of ten people suffer from the problem of a shy bladder. I America alone the number is 17 million people. Worldwide this number goes to around 35 million people and this estimate only constitutes of the known number of cases.

Quite a number, wouldnt you say? So, going by that estimate you must have now certainly recognized that this is not a rare thing but rather a common problem among majority of the population. The seriousness of the situation is of the utmost importance since the condition can worsen among individuals if not treated upon time. Men more than women seem to be most vulnerable to this problem of Paruresis and affect all age groups of people.


Causes of the Paruresis syndrome

There are a number of causes of this condition affecting men and women. They range from traumatic events of an individuals past like bullying, a rough growth, awkward social situations whilst growing up, even causes of sexual abuse have come up in many diagnosis.
These causes can lead to the condition and sometimes even worsen it in an individual since this is not realized up until it gets very late.

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Symptoms of the system

There are many symptoms to watch out for if an individual has the shy bladder syndrome. It shows out commonly among people and families living together and the earlier this is tackled, the better is for the individual to lead a better life free from hesitation and guilt. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  • Nil or no social life
    People suffering from this condition avoid going out on social occasions or avoid going out in general due to their fear of having to use the toilet.
  • Anxiety of using toilets
    Individuals with the condition avoid using the toilet since they are fearful of not being able to use it. Anxiety and stress are the major factors. The simple thought of using the toilet with someone else or people peeping can cause the person to not pee in the public restrooms altogether.
  • Not being able to urinate outside from home
    Performance anxiety is what gets the patients of this condition. They arent able to relate the comfort and safety of the confines of their homes to that of the public restrooms and toilets for the simple fear of being vulnerable at a new or public place.
  • Avoiding body fluids
    Patients with the conditions usually avoid drinking fluids like water, quintessential for the upkeep of the body which again results to the person becoming physically weak.

These symptoms are some of the pointers of recognizing a person with the condition and knowing if you, yourself are a victim to the symptoms mentioned above.

Paruresis Treatment System

The cure: The Paruresis treatment system

The system is an effective treatment program developed by Dr Cheryl Lane (an acclaimed Clinical Psychologist) with the help of Rich Presta who have managed to decode the problem of Paruresis from the very core and developed a natural solution to treating the shy bladder problem faced by individuals. Rich presta herself was a victim to paruresis and therefore was an immediate candidate in committing to solving the problem.

The program is built to help and assist you in comprehending, overcoming and facing the problem with a step by step specialized guide and program to solving the problem of Paruresis.The main features of the program are mentioned below for the easy convenience of readers so you may better understand whats in the store for offer:

  • The program contains a detailed manual on tackling Paruresis from its very root. The manual will help understand Paruresis in a detailed manner. The step by step guide offers an effective way of coping with the problem and replacing your irrational thinking pattern and mental techniques to solve your problem.
  • Available in an audio edition for easy use. The whole program is available in a detailed audio version for use by you. You can listen to the program from the confines of your home, workplace, on your i-pod and while jogging as per your needs and convenience.
  • Access to the Paruresis Audio Treatment System 1 & 2 (PATS 1 & 2). PATS is a customized engineered audio session designed to work for your Paruresis problem which will help you learn, and develop skills to tackle it with conviction.
  • Access to Anxiety-Free Masterminds Audio Series designed by the authors of the program which contains a series of interviews from renowned experts in the field of psychology explaining the ways to treat anxiety, stress and different kinds of phobias related to it.
  • A preparation of a personal Anxiety Helix report through a detailed viewpoint of the author which will help you in learning how anxiety sets in different individuals, your troubles containing the whole problem and the solutions to break free of the problem.
  • Cost effective ways of overcoming the problem of Paruresis without the need of any medications, therapies or hypnosis. A completely natural way of tackling the shy bladder syndrome.

Cost of the program

The entire program comes in two variations. The first is the downloadable edition that is available instantly upon the purchase of the product. The second is the print and the CD collection available within 20 days from the date of your purchase depending on the city of your staying. The downloadable program costs a mere $67 while the print version of the program comes for $119 and comes with a money back guarantee if anytime during the use of the product you feel the program is not up to your requirements. A fair deal, wouldnt you say?



The program has had a wide outreach with thousands of copies in circulation worldwide. The effective tried and tested ways of the program has helped many people overcome the problems of Paruresis and helped them lead a comfortable and normal life. This is the ultimate solution that you have been waiting for your entire life. Dont waste a moment more and get your first copy of the program today.

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– Cost effective treatment plan for people who are having shy bladder syndrome and could avail no benefit from medical treatment procedures.

– Tips to overcome anxiety of using public toilets so that you can eat and drink as per your body requirement when out of home.

– Bonus features which have proved to give great support to people who are having problems associated with Paruresis disease.

– Restore the joy of your life by eliminating the symptoms of shy bladder syndrome through the tips as advised by the author.


The author does not guarantees results for each case and people who are suffering from serious issues must prefer medical treatment in advance.

Summary: The Paruresis Treatment System is a great program designed by Dr Cheryl Lane through which people who are facing severe problems associated with Paruresis can get permanent solution for the problem. In case you are noticing the symptoms of shy bladder syndrome and find it difficult to overcome toilet fear, this course will surely solve all of your issues at once.

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