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Do you struggle to win a girl over and don’t know what you are doing wrong? Probably all your mates are all grown up and settled down into stable relationships or even marriages. If you are in this situation, it must be devastating. You may have tried all the apps, but they are not working. There is no need to be sad about it because this Obsession Method review will help you out.

Everybody has one thing they struggle with. If yours is finding a stable relationship, it’s not an issue as long as you are willing to do something about it. Having tried the Obsession Method PDF, I have a lot to say about it. In this review, I will discuss what it’s all about and how this might be the best way to catch a girl’s attention. Stay tuned.

What is the Obsession Method?

If you are a man – whether single or married and want women to desire you, this program is for you. The modern dating scene requires you to be patient and wise. In an era where women opt for sex toys and singlehood, it’s time to take a steady stand. Guys from everywhere are learning how to become the versions women want. The system is easy to follow, and it features a range of tips and advice to help you get any woman you like.

The program was designed by Kate Spring, and it is daring and up-front. It helps men to uncover female psychology and hack into women’s brains for their benefit. It comes in four-part, 28-video series and a 50,000-word book. By the time you complete this book, you will be a “great-catch” among the ladies. Since it comes in a digital format, you can easily access it on your laptop, PC, tablet, and phone.

Who is the creator of the Obsession Method?

It was founded by Kate Spring, who is a Canadian-based dating coach and a best-selling author. She received her BA from the University of Victoria. Kate’s passion is to help men from all over the world attract women and form lasting relationships. Besides the program, the “love doctor” also offers one-on-one advice, thus providing a personal approach.

What Does The Obsession Method Cover?

The art of love is scientific, which is why we must approach it from an intellectual point of view. Here are some techniques that you will learn from the program.

Precision Tactics

When you understand this methodology, you will get rid of the fear of getting rejected by a woman. Rejection is painful, and it might make you scared to try again. It impacts severely on the chemistry between women and men.

The program trains you to determine when you will make the first move, when to ask her out to dinner and how to inspire her sexual intimacy. Most guys get this situation twisted because they don’t understand the best tactics.

Desire Protocol

You will learn how to entice a lady to desire you deeply. Decoding a woman’s brain is not easy, which is why Kate is willing to help you. Please note that the desire, in this case, is more than a superficial attraction.

The technique will help you to reach a deep level. So, if you are planning on doing it for fun’s sake and hurt the lady in the end, this might not be for you.

Body Messages

The program teaches men how to practice appropriate body language to make women want to spend the night with them. Since dating and attraction are based on suitable body language, you should decode hers and yours.

You don’t have to use one-liners and familiar catchphrases to get the lady on your radar. The idea is to focus on your body language and communicate without saying much.

Story Mode

Everybody loves a good story, and the ladies are not an exception. Storytelling influences inspire and train people to dive deeper and have different perspectives about some issues. The reason why storytelling is compelling is that it creates connections between ideas, people, and stories. Story mode works similarly.

You will learn a short story that you can use to make her desire you. Ideally, you are changing the narrative to make the lady like you.

Unstoppable Pickup

Most men find it challenging to pick up women because they are anxious when the opportunity presents itself. The program will train you on how to succeed in picking up the lady of your dreams.

The “Direction Approach” trains men to convince their mate to like them at first sight. Since the method is tried and tested, you expect a positive outcome.

Text Seduction

We have all been in that situation – boy meets girl, texts her later, and doesn’t reply. After waiting for the reply for several days or weeks, the boy eventually gives up. Texting a woman is not an assurance that they will respond. Unfortunately, it hurts when they don’t get back to you.

Text seduction trains you on how to seduce a woman via texts to get an immediate reply. Mastering this technique will help you enhance your seduction skills. You won’t have to wait forever for a simple response.

Turn Her On

Every man wants to know what turns on women and how to do it. The tool comes in handy to any man who is in the dating pool. You will end up with a hot lady wrapping her legs around you before you know it!

Subliminal 3’s

The seduction technique will train you the mastery of body language. If you have seen advertisements that hook you within a minute, that’s how the Subliminal 3’s work. They will help you to win over a woman instantly.

Marriage Man

This technique seeks to help men keep the women they love interested and faithful. Staying in a committed relationship is difficult because you lose the chemistry touch, and the relationship becomes boring. Kate Springs helps you rejuvenate your connection with your long-term lover.

What Makes the Obsession Method Outstanding?

You are probably thinking that there are many online dating coaches and wondering why this one is unique. For starters, the program is a tried and tested method, and it is certified. It is the first of its kind and a unique strategy that works instantly. Since it is comprehensive and contains many secret language tips, you can use it anywhere and apply it to the ladies around you.

The Obsession Method Review: The Benefits

Scientifically Proven

The techniques in this program follow research and psychology studies. They are all practical and backed up by facts. They don’t rely on biased opinions and assumptions.

Trains You On Creating Serious Relationships

The program teaches you how to get into serious relationships, and not only how to make a woman desire you sexually. If you follow these techniques religiously, you will move from being single to a relationship and eventually marriage. It also works for married couples looking to rejuvenate their love.

Contains A Lot Of Information

When you join most programs, you will receive access to a small section of the course and get more tips and secrets after paying the fees. That is not the case for the obsession method. You will receive an all-in-one package deal with a total of 50,000 pages at once.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

After purchasing the program, you can get back all your money within 60 days if you don’t find it helpful. Such commitment signifies that the techniques are legit and the company is not out there to scam you.

The Disadvantages

It might take some time to get used to the concepts

Some techniques are not straightforward. Therefore, it might take you a while to implement the ideas and use them regularly.

The information might seem overwhelming

While the program comes with a ton of details, you might feel overwhelmed by the many tactics. In this case, you have to try one technique at a time to avoid getting confused.

My Closing Thoughts on the Obsession Method Review

From my analysis, this program is ideal for men that have a hard time connecting with women. The techniques discussed in the series seem workable, and there is a ton of beneficial advice. Remember that irrespective of how compressive a program is, success takes commitment, practice, and patience. You might encounter challenges and some failures along the way, but it’s all worth the risk. The obsession method could be the extra help you require to bring changes in your dating life.


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It explains how you can make yourself attractive, both inside and out.

You will learn how to bring out the best in you.

The program is affordable compared to the value you get

It tells you what you shouldn’t say to women.

You will learn how to secure relationships.


Not available as a physical book

It won’t do everything for you – one must practice the concepts.

Summary: The online program by Kate Spring is perfect for men struggling with building lasting relationships with women. The obsession Method covers a lot and provides essential advice that you can implement at any time. Since it’s in digital format, you can access it any time.

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