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One day I was searching the internet for some home-made painkillers because my friend is experiencing pain from his recent operation. He was advised to take morphine however he was not a fan of artificial medicines.

Because he knew that morphine does have a side-effect on our body especially when consumed in high dosages. Aside from the side-effects of morphine it also has a property that makes the patient high that is why my friend is really scared to take that medicine.

So he asked me if I can help him with his dilemma because he is a close friend of mine. So I started searching the internet for some natural alternatives of morphine.

lost island

Luckily I saw this “The Lost Ways” book/eBook which claims that it has the natural way through the use of a certain plant which has the same properties of a morphine.

Doing Some Background Check on the Product

For me to be sure of the authenticity of the product, I did a little background checking on the product by visiting some forums about survival because the book’s genre is all about survival.

All of the reviews of the people that I found are all 5-star feedbacks meaning they were completely satisfied with the product.

Because of this I am completely convinced that I should give the product a try to help my friend. So I eventually bought it and I was really excited to browse it because I really want to ease the pain that my friend is experiencing.

I bought the 3rd package which is composed of a physical book and an eBook because I also want to have a copy of it for the reason that I was completely intrigued about the survival thingy that it is talking about.

So I looked for the said plant on the plants’ shop that is nearby our neighborhood and bought it for my friend.

We followed the procedure that is written in the eBook, did that to the plant and my friend consumed it. We are completely shocked that it really worked because to tell you honestly I am really skeptical at first as we all know there are lots of scam and modus that are present on the internet.

My friend is completely satisfied with the results that he got from the natural painkiller and also he is not worried anymore because it is just a plant with the same results of using morphine without the harmful side-effects.


Browsing the eBook

After my friend’s problem has been solved because of the book, I continued browsing the eBook because I was thrilled with the main contents of the eBook which is survival techniques.

I learned with the help of this eBook that I should be ready at all times because we will not know when a chaotic situation will strike.

The eBook is composed of how-to guides and strategies that you can use on those chaotic situations like storm surge, war, famine, snow storm and etc.

Some of the strategies are food stockpiling, the supply of logs to help warm the surroundings during a snowstorm, and other security techniques to protect your family.

While reading the eBook I realized that it was a long time before I came across that I have been putting me and my family’s safety at risk.

I am really thankful that it is not yet too late when I found this.

After grasping the information, I started preparing the tools that I needed in case a chaotic situation happens.

I am Now Secured

Right now, I am confident and not worried anymore even a catastrophe happens I know that I and my family are ready.

I am also disseminating the information to my other friends and relatives. Because I want them to be safe too! With the use of these techniques, I am sure that my loved ones will not experience any hunger and pain during those critical times.


One of the most exciting techniques that I learned from the eBook is the self-feeding fire which is a good tool to combat the freezing temperature in the season of winter.

The fire can withstand even extreme freezing condition and can last for a day! I was really impressed with this and thought that I would ready the tool anytime soon.

That is only one example of how good the strategies are written in this eBook. You can find more of it once you purchase the product yourself.

Why We Do Not Have the Knowledge About this Techniques?

Get Instant Access!
Are you not aware that these survival techniques are well-kept secrets because the big corporations who have control on the manufacturing our foods have a plan of hoarding the supply so that they can raise the prices of it in the near future.

Because of this, many people might go frenzy and trespass your house to get food and money but because I learned a lot of great survival techniques they would not have the chance to get inside my property.

I learned the different places where I can hide our stock of foods and other important belongings inside our house which the intruder cannot find.

These types of products are a gift to mankind because of this we become more vigilant and aware of our surroundings.


My Friendly Advice

Almost every year we are experiencing different disasters that is why this knowledge must come handy to help us surpass those challenges that come into our life.

My advice is to take this extra precaution now by buying the product for you to learn these useful techniques that can surely save you in times of trouble.

And also upon learning the techniques be sure to apply it immediately as we do not know until a chaotic situation will happen at least you have readied your paraphernalia.

The number one thing you must ready are the ones you will never live without which is food and water.

The product will teach you how to stock foods which never expires and source of clean water that you can use for consumption.

Because many can do stockpiling of foods but none of them knows how to keep foods from never expiring. No one wants to eat expired and spoiled foods right? Because it can cause serious health problems if consumed.

You will also learn what weapons you can use to protect yourself from harm just be sure you study the methods carefully on how to use them in a right way because you do not want you and your family to get hurt.

The Conclusion

You have come this far reading my review regarding this “The Lost Ways” ebook/book. I know you can find other reviews regarding this product all over the internet that is why I am thankful that you took the time reading this.


My review of this product is coming from my heart and I am just telling you my personal experience regarding the product. I just want to help you out to be ready when it comes to disasters.

Because of this product your chances of surviving those kinds of situation really increases.

This product is highly recommended for people on all walks of life because when a chaotic situation strikes poor or rich will be affected that is why your social status is not a determining factor if this product is compatible for you or not.

Purchase it now until it is still available it just costs 37 USD plus shipping fee I have heard that it sells on a much lower price before meaning the price increases over time that is why purchase it now until it is not that expensive.

I wish you good luck on your journey towards survival and I hope that we all be marked as safe when that chaotic situation happens!

Click Here to Buy The Lost Ways


  • Price is affordable.
  • Secured payments.
  • Has a complete list of survival techniques that you can use in chaotic situations.
  • Easy to follow guide.
  • Comes in a soft copy and hard copy guide


  • Has a shipping fee.
  • The survival techniques are complete however some of them are not elaborated well.

Summary: This is a great guide that I used to make a natural painkiller for my friend and afterward after solving the problem of my friend I studied the other topics that are inside the eBook which are survival techniques that I can use on those kinds of scenarios.

RatingRated 4.5 stars