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The global pandemic has shown the need for preparing for the worst.  They say you should “prepare for war in times of peace,” but they don’t really teach you how. Thankfully, there are quite a few books that have been written on this subject, and if you are interested in learning a thing or two about survival, Claude Davis has quite a bit to teach.

In his seminal work, The Lost Ways 2, Claude talks about the ways of his forefathers and how they managed to build a country from the ground up with their survivalist instincts only. In the following The Lost Ways 2 review, we shall see if the book delivers value and if it actually helps survivalists or not. Let’s get into it!

What is The Lost Ways 2 by Claude Davis About?

The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page e-book that is delivered digitally through a PDF upon purchase. The author penned the book to compile a series of survivalist techniques and methods. Many of these he learned over time, whereas the rest he gleaned from civilizations of old and through his studies.

In the book, the author goes into extensive detail about the variety of techniques a person can use to survive. He goes through a series of strategies designed to make the author more self-sufficient and less reliant on technologies and other people.

The focus lies on bringing back the survival skills of our ancestors. The program is designed for survivalists. Simply put, this is a guide on how to survive in case the world comes to an end. It could be due to any reason: terrorist attacks, wars, natural disasters, the spread of diseases, or economic crises.

We live in an unpredictable world. The Lost Ways 2 simply equips you with a series of techniques in case it all turns to ruin. To summarize, this is a program that offers readers a refresher course on the techniques used by humanity to survive against the odds. Survivalists firmly believe that in case of total war, it’s imperative to prepare beforehand. From an EMP blast to civil uprisings, even the smallest chain of events could eventually cause global chaos. The Lost Ways 2 gives you the tools and techniques to survive in case it does happen.

What Should You Expect?

There are quite a few reviews about The Lost Ways 2. However, most of them do not detail what you will actually find in the program. The program teaches basic survival skills, from planting seeds to building houses to applying natural treatments.

This is a detailed guide to help readers cope with all kinds of disasters. The author claims that if you implement the tips and techniques in this book, you can survive reasonably well in a remote area. Firstly, you should know that this program targets people from all walks of life. It doesn’t limit itself to a small audience at all.

Anyone can learn what it has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are a DIY enthusiast or an old person who has difficulty moving about. The tips here are suitable for you. As long as you like to keep yourself prepared, this guide will help you. You can also pass the advice contained in this guide to your future generations. In the following review section, we shall focus on different topics featured in this guide.

Survival Foods to Consume

What can you eat post-apocalypse? A significant chunk of this book is focused on answering this question. The guide goes into extensive detail about plant science. More importantly, it goes to great lengths to explain three major superfoods. The primary focus of the book is on Ancient Superfood. The author claims our ancestors used it more than 600 years ago.

He claims that the Incas used it, and NASA recently rediscovered it. Claude also states that this superfood can be stored in pits. One can eat it around the year too! Then, the book talks about a Samurai Superfood. Created by a Samurai, the ingredients provide a powerful punch of nutrients and antibiotics. Thirdly, the book highlights a staple food that people ate during the Great Depression. The recipes are well-defined and easy to understand, and it offers actual value. Some may think it’s a scam as the book doesn’t give much detail on its cover. However, it offers excellent value for money.

Water Survival Skills

Water is an essential building block of life. One simply cannot survive without it. In the case of an apocalypse, water will likely become a precious commodity. In this section, the author gives intelligent techniques to dig wells with minimal effort.

  • The focus is on creating a consistent supply of clean water.
  • It also gives details on building a water wheel!

That’s not all: the guide also provides methods to purify the water so it’s safe for you and your family to consume. This is an important survivalist skill that many people have wondered about, so the fact that the author provides a pretty clear and descriptive way to purify water from out in the wild is very good.

Healthy Products and Plants

The Lost Ways 2 also highlights various medicinal plants that one can use in times of emergency. It teaches you how to find plants to treat injuries, diabetic conditions, heart problems, infections, and various other ailments. The author also lists some secret herbs that he learned about from an Indian Cherokee. The guide also talks about using anti-bacterial plants to prevent cholesterol problems or indigestion.

The Power of Charcoal

Many survivalists firmly swear by the powers of activated charcoal. In this guide, the author teaches you how to use activated charcoal to purify your water. He offers details about a water filtration system using activated charcoal that can purify up to 800 gallons of water! The tips here are pretty straightforward and easy to implement, which is another plus point.


Hunting was an essential skill through which humanity survived for so long. However, this guide doesn’t just offer tips and strategies for hunting different animals like deer.

It also tells you how to butcher them properly. It offers tips for butchering the meat and preserving it for later consumption as well. On top of that, the guide offers skills to make the best use of each part of the deer. From making bowstrings to needles, it teaches you everything that you would want to know.

Building Shelter

The Lost Ways 2 also offers guidance on how to build a shelter. No survival strategy is complete without a durable shelter, and the author acknowledges that. Instead of providing generic tips to the readers, the author goes in-depth about the pros and cons of different building materials and the

This guide offers lots of tips on building log houses from scratch. It details tips and advice from people of previous generations that the author learned about. It’s clear to see that the author has considerable information because each point is very well-described and clearly illustrated, which makes it quite easy to understand.

Preparing Medicine

Any survivalist knows the importance of learning basic medical skills. Using a range of colored images, Claude Davis guides readers on how to identify different medicinal plants. He also gives tips on creating natural painkillers using plants that one can easily find in the wild. There is also a dedicated section focused on antibiotics.

Survivalists must know which plants can be used to fight off bacterial infections and double up as antibiotics in the body, and this guide answers such questions very well. It also talks about a particular tree that can stop bleeding within a few seconds if applied correctly. This can come in handy in case of an emergency.

About the Author – Meet Claude Davis

For those who don’t know, Claude Davis is an experienced and accomplished survivalist. He has been a survival expert for more than three decades and also runs Throughout the book, Davis repeatedly touches on the increasing disconnect between the ways of the modern generations and the ways of old.

Through his book, he wishes to overcome the gap and teach the same skills known by our forefathers. The Lost Ways 2 is easily one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded survival guides available in the market today. It is suitable for both experienced survivalists as well as those who are just looking to learn more about survivalism.

The Highs and Lows

There is a lot that’s going on for this book, but there are a few things that also hold it back. While it’s a great read overall, the fact that there are no hard copy available limits your options dramatically. It is, however, available on Kindle, so you can read it on the go if you have a Kindle available.

The book is very well-structured, and it doesn’t seem haphazard at all. It starts with a detailed introduction and then moves up in complexity. Each topic has been extensively researched, with practical, hands-on tips available for each.

If you have been planning to learn a thing or two about survivalism, this is a great guide to start with. The techniques are easy to implement, and the whole thing is very user-friendly, featuring simple language that is quite easy to understand.

But, the lack of a hard copy may make it difficult for old-fashioned readers to read. That’s not all; it demands patience from you to learn all the things, and you must also have access to a wide range of resources if you are going to implement these tips.

Is This the Ultimate Survival Guide?

Many people will say yes. This is an all-inclusive survival guide that covers just about everything. The author has done his research exceptionally well. The book is often punctuated with anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences as well. This automatically makes it more personable and relatable for the average reader.

It also contains many illustrations. These will help survival experts identify just what they require. A 60-day money-back guarantee covers your purchase as well. You can also email the author to ask any questions that you might have. If you are a survivalist or planning to become one, this might be just what you need.


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Very well-structured
Every topic is extensively researched.
The guide offers practical, hands-on tips.
Ideal for preparing yourself for the future
Very user-friendly
Very simple language; incredibly easy to understand
Techniques are easy to implement


No hard copy version available
Requires a bit of patience 
You need the right resources to carry out the guidance in the book.

Summary: This is a review of The Lost Ways 2, a book written by Claude Davis, a survival expert.

RatingRated 4.5 stars