The Hypothyroidism Solution Review – Worth Trying? Here is The Truth!

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Do you often feel tired or face difficulty in sleep? Is your weight increasing rapidly with hair loss and dry skin? If you are a woman, does your menstrual cycle seem disturbed? If the answer to all these queries is yes, then it’s time you read the hypothyroidism solution review from people and get your thyroid test done to diagnose the disease.

The person behind the concept:

The person behind the concept of hypothyroidism solution is Jodi Knapp, a naturopath, a health researcher who owned a clinic for the cure of naturopathic patients. His focus remained on finding the root cause of thyroid and helping people to heal the disease through a natural process.

Identifying Hypothyroidism:

In your body, the front portion (lower) of the neck is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland called the thyroid gland.  Thyroids make hormones that reach all body parts with the help of blood. It makes energy for the body, helps in temperature regulation, keeps muscles, brain, and heart function, and regulates metabolism.

When your body shows irregular thyroid pattern, you feel tired, and anxiety prevails, suffer hair loss, skin gets dry, and feels weight gain.

Normally blood test is done to find out the presence of the hypothyroidism solution.

Understanding The Hypothyroidism Solution:

A four-week healing plan tends to remove any problem related to an underactive thyroid. The Hypothyroidism solution reduces all types of emotional, mental, and physical symptoms, thus, restoring the normal balance of the body.

Jodi Knapp was of the view that people who, in one way or the other, suffer from the disease take unconventional treatments and prescribed medicines that hide the root cause of the disease. So, if you face any issues like pain, brittle hair, muscle aches, weight gain, tiredness, loss of sex drive, and depression, you need to review the issue by checking the thyroid level in the body.

The 4-week plan for treatment of Hypothyroidism:

The hypothyroidism solution guides you more about thyroid levels and how they can impact your body functions.  The solution consists of four weekly’ regime, which helps you in identifying all symptoms which could be linked with your thyroid imbalance. When you receive the 4-week plan, you need to bring positive changes in lifestyle by:

  • Doing away with all toxins in the body so it could function properly.
  • Make an effort so the body’s immune system could be relaxed and strengthen.
  • Say no to any chronic inflammation.
  • Time to switch back the thyroid, so it gets necessary hormones

The program is very safe, easy, and flexible for everyone suffering from thyroid or thinks has had symptoms of hypothyroidism can use.

The Hypothyroidism solution has stepwise instructions, including food diaries, recipes, food lists, mental health activities, stress management, and some other activities. In case you are not sure if you actually have hypothyroidism, then you can avail 60 days’ money-back guarantee. For that, check reviews of users and avoid getting any scams. The solution is risk-free and allows natural healing capability.

Figuring out Hypothyroidism in you:

The symptoms of hypothyroidism indeed vary from person to person. The cycle is very gradual, and if you are a woman over the age of 60, you might not even notice the presence of the disease.

We often notice our grandmothers and older woman relatives face memory loss and depression during the course of their lives. Sometimes we think that to be an age-related issue, whereas it could also be due to hypothyroidism.

We can discuss some common symptoms which if you encounter at a later age or any of your family member experience, you could be able to figure out:

  • Cardiovascular effects; In case of low thyroid level, it can lead to a slow heart rate. This, in return, reduces the pumping capacity of the heart and blood flow to the skin, brain, kidneys, and other vital parts also reduce.

Trust me. It can lead to heart attacks as well.

  • Fatigue; This probably is the most common symptom of the disease. If anyone complains of tiredness and fatigue, get them checked for the probable presence of hypothyroidism.
  • High level of cholesterol; Yet another reason behind high cholesterol could be inactive and elevated thyroid level.

If you or any family member is facing the issue and you are unable to figure it out, then go for checking this disease.

  • Less appetite; If you don’t feel like eating without any obvious reason, then get yourself checked for hypothyroidism.

When you eat less, it means the energy required from the body will be taken from the stored less calorie into energy, making you fat. If you think your weight is increasing without any reason, then check for this.

Learning the Hypothyroidism Solution:

As already shared, it is a four-week long process that includes natural processes which are permanent for first finding the root cause of the disease and then curing it.
The program has been broken down into a series of four steps which makes this experience most enjoyable and easy to manage.

Part 1; Get to know Thy Thyroid: You need to have a basic knowledge of the thyroid gland, which includes:

  • You need to know all W’s of your thyroid, What, Where, and Why?
  • We need to understand the cycle of thyroid hormones.
  • Study a bit about the Parathyroid glands
  • Then comes the Hypothyroidism, including primary, secondary, and at a subclinical level
  • Check the symptoms of hypothyroidism.
  • After seeing symptoms, it’s time to diagnose the disease.
  • Go to see the probable causes behind acquiring the disease.
  • You also need to see what if you altogether ignore the presence of the disease and don’t take proper medications.
  • How can You treat yourself with the help of medications? Preferably treatment is possible with:
    • T4 type medications
    • T3 type medications
    • T3 & T4 type medication

Part 2; Learn to Autoimmune: In this category, you need to:

  • Learn the modern epidemic
  • In case of any acute inflammation, what could be the quick time-bound response?
  • For persistent chronic inflammation, study the healing process.
  • Do you need to check if you are autoimmune? and your body parts respond well
  • You also need to study the principles which are required for the healing of the healthy immune building system.

Part 3: Hypothyroidism: In part 3, you need to study the causes of hypothyroidism and the probable solutions for the treatment.

  • First Studying the Hypothyroidism and Microbiome by:
    • Seeing the leaky gut
    • checking the headquarter of your immune system
    • Checking the presence of any bacteria in your gut system, in which there will be very little help from the immune system of the body
  • Dysbiosis; is maladaptation or imbalance inside the body. Sometimes you feel discomfort leading to pain, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, and frequent gas. It is due to Dysbiosis
  • See any food intake or any activity harming the working of your gut
  • Figure out the time to heal your gut
  • eat all those fruits and food items that are friendly to your gut
  • Start taking food supplements that strengthen your gut functioning

Part 4: Hypothyroidism and your diet pattern, so let’s see how to work on that:

  • Goitrogen is a process that triggers the formation of thyroid-stimulating hormones so they could enhance the production of thyroid tissues.

Food items rich in goitrogen are cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, bok choy, and collard greens. Include as many as you can and plan your meal accordingly.

  • Next is the addition of cruciferous vegetables in the diet, which are somewhat similar to goitrogen. It includes cabbage, cauliflower, arugula, and collard greens.

You can make fresh salads or add some in home-made pasta and pizzas.

  • If you are a coffee lover, then you need to reduce its consumption. I would not ask you to stop it altogether, but yes reduce the intake to the maximum.

Study your ambiance and Hypothyroidism:

Clean your environment and ambiance so you could function well and breathe easily

  • remove plastic, household cleaners,
  • do away with any non-sticky think and all antibacterial soaps from home
  • You need to use chlorine water for shower and learn to detox yourself

Is stress related to Hypothyroidism?

Yes, it is very much linked with hypothyroidism. Adopt stress management strategies, including talking to friends, listening to loud music (sometimes), talk to people, go out, walk, attend some gatherings, go to parlors, etc.

If you think you need stress management medications, then ask doctors for some recommended options. There could be supplements available in the market, but you need a prescription from a doctor for using anyone.

Your sleep determines your comfort. So learn to sleep early and take 6 to 8 hours of regular sleep. For this, you need to change your sleep pattern and cycle.


Nothing is easy, especially if it is about curing any disease. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then don’t lose hope. You need to change your lifestyle by taking all necessary precautions, eat healthily, avoid stress, be happy and go for the hypothyroidism solution. Things will work out, and you will be healthy soon.


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-Regular medicines cure the hypothyroidism issue
– Combination of the right food and medicine cure the disease at a faster rate


– Impact of some Hypothyroidism medicines is risky and detrimental on some elderly patients
– Any variation in dose can lead to fluctuation in other vital organs of the body
– Some medicines may either prevent or slow down the absorption of the thyroid hormones

Summary: I would like to introduce hypothyroidism by stating research that says that at least 40 to 60 percent population is suffering from thyroid disease, and many do not even know they have the disease. Further to this, at least 50 percent of people over 12 years of age have hypothyroidism.

RatingRated 4.5 stars