The Heavy Bag Blueprint Honest Review – Worthy or Scam?

The Heavy Bag Blueprint
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The heavy bag blue print is a training course created by fitness expert Sean Fagan. This course can be used to get a perfectly balanced body shape as it contains all of the relevant information regarding each aspect of the game. The course is distributed in four basic modules which can contain workouts and exercise relevant to Muay Thai. To get maximum endurance during the training, the heavy bag can be used to improve cardio, increase fight IQ and develop strong explosive power by which you can make your strikes effective.

It is essential for a fighter to get proper heavy bag training so that he can learn the best methods to improve the explosive power. The author has focused on giving strong striking skills to the fighters so that they can improve their overall performance. Most of the training courses explain the average methods for cardio kickboxing by which you cannot reach your ultimate potential while using the heavy bag. You can learn the secrets to get the maximum output out of your training sessions from the course because each fighter has specific fitness level and needs proper guidance.


Modules of the heavy bag blueprint course:

1.Heavy bag 101

This module of the course at start explains the different reasons why most of the martial arts fighters are unsuccessful in gaining benefit from heavy bags up to the maximum level. Moreover, the author has defined new methods by which you can use the heavy bags in a professional manner.

2.Advance Combos

The second module contains a various techniques and approaches which can be combined to get maximum output. You can greatly improve your fighting skills by practicing the methods explained in this module. There are advanced techniques which can make you a professional heavy bag fighter for which you will have to follow each step as recommended by the author.

3.Drills and Burnouts

This module of the heavy bag blueprint course has made the fighters to learn latest methods for fighting. There useful approaches which can help you achieve your goals because you need to have a proper mindset in order become the best blue bag fighter.

4.Intense Workouts

The last module of the guide will make you handle your next workout session without any problem. There are specific methods described by which you can punch the heavy bag in a correct manner. For being the ultimate fighter, you need to follow the seven heavy bag workouts which are explained in this module. The supporting videos are also available by which you can improve your cardio, footwork and achieve your target in less time.


Benefits of the heavy bag training

Hitting constantly on the heavy bag will not make you an expert because you need proper skills to achieve your target. If you are not getting any improvements, you need some assistance so that you can develop more fighting abilities in the future. Most of the Thais make use of heavy bag in order to improve their endurance and end their training session with cardio for ten minutes on the bag. There is no shortcut for developing stamina and you need full dedication in order to achieve your goals.

The author has advised many techniques in this course by which you can improve your cardio over time. Hitting the blue bag constantly can make help you in improving your technique if you follow the guidelines which are given by the author. To make things better, you must also focus on your footwork because it can make you develop strong skills in less time. In case you are unable to figure out your own techniques, you can video yourself and show it to your trainer to get an expert advice.

Punches and kicks need to be focused while you are hitting the heavy bag so that you can develop more explosive power than before. The course recommends that the number of daily exercises can make you build more strength which is required to generate more power for the improvement of your techniques. Heavy bag can be of great help if you start to develop skills in punching by following the tips explained in the course.


What else to consider

Almost all of the popular fighters have been using the heavy bag to enhance their fighting skills because it helps in the development of muscular power and improves timing. You can develop several combinations which can be used in the future for which you will have to ensure regular training. The author has also focused on drilling because it makes you learn various combinations of hitting the heavy bag.

What to dowhile using the heavy bag

Most of the fighters do not focus on their footwork while they are fighting. This can be your biggest mistake because heavy bag training is meant to stimulate real life fighting and you need the exact angles to make the perfect moves. Once you have developed strong footwork, you can beat a real opponent without any issues such as angles and strikes.

Features of the course

Along with the training and development instructions, the course also contains some bonus modules which can be availed without any additional cost. For becoming a successful Muay Thai fighter, you need proper strength and power in order to beat your opponent by your skills. The video which comes along with the course can make you learn different methods by which you can improve your speed and strength.

Mental exercise is of immense importance as it makes a fighter ready for the fight in all conditions. There is a bonus module given along with the book by which you can discover new ways on how to focus your mind to get the desired results. Moreover, the author also tells about new ways by which the fighters can lose excess weight without compromising their diet. If you keep a record of daily training sessions, you can measure your progress which is necessary for determining overall performance rate.



The heavy bag blue print course which is designed by Sean Fagan is an expert in Muay Thai fighting. For the support of people who want to enhance their fighting skills, the author has defined new methods by which they can develop explosive striking power and improve their cardio. If you spend proper time in hitting the heavy bag by implementing the techniques which are explained in the course, you can improve your fighting abilities in a great manner. Along with the techniques to enhance kick boxing skills, the author recommends the fighters to follow a proper diet plan in order to fulfil the nutritional requirements as well.


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– It will help you become the best fighter there is. The guide has been made by professional and thus, you too are sure of becoming the best.

– The guide is defines the methods that you can use to develop explosive striking power that will help you surpass all your opponents.

– The guide is full of techniques that are easily applicable and usable. Therefore, this makes you sure that you are using a genuine product.

– The guide will help you get ready physically and mentally for any fight. The guide will help you to get prepared to take down your opponent in a manner that they will not even recognize.

– The guide is prepared in form of modules that you can easily understand and put to usage.


– You will have to follow what the guide is giving to the dot.

Summary: Basically, this is a guide that will help you overcome all the restrictions to becoming one of the best fighters. The guide has very well explained points, something that you can familiarize. This guide is wonderful to use and it will give you the advantage of becoming the best there is. Therefore, it is worth your time and effort.

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