The Flat Belly Fix Review – Worth or Waste of Time?

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Getting rid of belly fat has been a problem for many people throughout the years. Because of this, more and more fat-burning and dieting programs have been taking over the internet. A simple web search can lead you to dozens and even hundreds of suggestions, but sometimes, these are not as effective as they claim to be. However, the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program aims to solve this.

Have you tried several weight loss programs on the internet, but you still cannot seem to lose weight? Have you tried taking the recommended supplements and spending thousands on the prescribed diet plan, but they only end up making you fatter and less healthy? The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program aims to solve these concerns by helping you lose weight effectively without having to spend a lot. This article is about the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix review that will discuss if it could really help you lose weight or if it is just a scam.

What is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix?

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix is a book available in PDF format that contains a program made by Todd Lamb. The program ensures that you can get rid of your unwanted fat and completely flatten your belly with easier and simpler steps. 

It was made for people who are having trouble losing weight, just like what happened with Todd’s wife, Tara. The program gives you an understanding of how you can effectively lose weight without the need for hitting the gym and doing strenuous exercises, cutting meals and starving yourself, taking expensive medications, or following an expensive diet plan.

About the Author Todd Lamb

Todd Lamb was a former cop who was in the force for over 17 years before becoming a fitness coach. He has a wife named Tara, who is the inspiration behind why Todd made the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix.

His Wife

Similar to Todd, Tara was also a part of the police force. Because she had been an athlete her whole life, she used to have a body similar to that of a model. 

However, an incident happened which had changed their lives. While Tara was on duty, their squad car had hit a telephone pole with the speed of a speeding train. This had left Tara with broken bones, a battered spine, and terrible crippling back pain. Hence, Tara had to quit her sports and other activities.

This accident had ruined not only Tara’s wife but also their marriage. Tara had been in agonizing pain and was frustrated every time. For years, the accident haunted her and made her scream in the middle of the night.

This made Todd feel powerless and useless as he cannot do anything for his wife. Diet programs and fancy diets that they stumbled upon were either just a waste of their money or scams because Tara felt no changes in her body. 

Afterward, Tara just kept on getting fatter and sadder. She was even dangerously close to having Type 2 diabetes. The frustrations they both had over this resulted in constant fights, which gravely affected their marriage.

However, Todd knew that he needed to do something for his wife. Even if everything that they tried failed, he still wanted to find a way to save his wife. He wanted to make her wife happy again and put a stop to those years of suffering, struggle, despair, and helplessness.

How was the Program Created? A review

One day, when he was on the SWAT team, they responded to a hostage-taking at a 20-story building. Todd was one of the guys that rappelled down the side of the building to crash the windows and throw OC pepper spray grenades to subdue everyone. But when they threw the grenades, a massive gust of wind blew a cloud of pepper spray to their faces.

Despite coughing and sneezing for the rest of the day, they still successfully finished their job. Afterward, Todd felt like the inside of his body was on fire, making him feel like he was radiating heat like a furnace.

Moreover, the pepper spray made Todd feel like he was running a marathon despite simply sitting on his couch. However, this odd incident gave him an idea. He realized that the oleoresin capsicum used in the pepper spray grenades could rapidly increase the body temperature. And so, he thought that this ingredient might save his wife.

He then researched more about it. Eventually, he found out that there was a journal published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine about his idea. It was a 2012 research made by the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, where they concluded that capsaicin could turn up protein activity inside fat cells and break down fat.

Furthermore, he learned that capsaicin could transform white fat into brown fat. Hence, the unwanted white fat can be used as the body’s fuel, like how the body uses sugar as an energy source.

He continued his research and found out that the real source of capsaicin is cayenne pepper. But then, he knew that it would be horrible to feed his wife cayenne pepper. Hence, he spent hours and hours of more research until he found the ingredient he was looking for.

The Tea and its Effects

Using the ingredient that he worked so hard to look for, he made a special tea and gave it to his wife. At first, his wife was hesitant, but she decided to believe in her husband.

A noticeable difference was seen on Tara. Her eyes became brighter, she had energy, and her hair became thicker, fuller, and shinier. After a week of drinking this tea, she had lost 11 pounds, much to the married couple’s delight.

Their friends, neighbors, and families also noticed the difference and had also tried Todd’s special tea. It was also effective for them, and they became very thankful to Todd. Eventually, they suggested that Todd should share this special tea with everyone who needs it. 

This is how the 21 Day Fat Belly Fix was created. It has garnered several good reviews from those who have tried it. Now, you have the chance to also try this program and start losing that unwanted belly fat.

What are the Other Things You Can Learn from the Program?

Aside from the amazing fat-burning tea recipe, there are other things that you can learn as you read this. These include:

  • Master Fat-Burning Hormone – How to elevate your “Master Fat Burning Hormone”, which can burn away your unwanted fat while sleeping.
  • White Fat Fuel Secret – How to apply the “White Fat Fuel Secret” that makes your body use your white fat as fuel rather than having sugar as a primary energy source.
  • Thyroid Accelerator Technique – How to perform the “Thyroid Accelerator Technique” that can turn up your thyroid dial to increase chances of weight loss.
  • Satiety Switch – How to get yourself to never cheat on your diet again through an understanding of the “Satiety Switch”.
  • Insulin Time Machine Method – How to reverse your insulin resistance through the “Insulin Time Machine Method”.
  • How to never gain back weight again and understanding about “Boomerang Dieting” or the experience of getting fatter and less healthy when you try a trending diet program

Additionally, this program will teach you how to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Not only that, but you may also learn how to take action if you already have this condition.

Moreover, there are also tips in increasing bone density, reducing cancer-causing inflammations, regaining clean and vibrant skin, and a dietary trick that improves your mood.


The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix comes with three special presents. These inclusions may help you support your fat-burning journey to make your 21 Day Flat Belly Fix more effective.

  1. 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol. This is an E-Book made by Todd where he shared the secret methods that he learned during his 17-year service in the police force. It is a compilation of gentle and simple movements that keeps police officers slim and strong. The methods are not strenuous, and you may do them in just 7 minutes for 4 to 5 times a week.
  2. The Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes. This is an E-Book that contains quick, easy, and delicious smoothie recipes that can be a meal replacement. Todd knows that it is hard to prepare the right meals when dieting, so he made a special shopping list that is also affordable. All you have to do is buy the ingredients, follow the instructions, and throw everything in the blender to enjoy a quick, fat-burning drink.
  3. The Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching. In this third inclusion, you will have the chance to be coached by Todd and his staff. The material provided may not cover everything, and sometimes, you may have questions that the book cannot answer. Hence, this is the time to consult the experts to make your fat-burning journey a more efficient one.


Todd Lamb’s 21 Day Flat Belly Fix may seem unbelievable at first. You may think that it is just like any other program that guarantees weight loss in just a short period. But this is different. Everything that was included in the material is backed by extensive research and true-life experiences.

The program is simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is accurately follow the outlined instructions to ensure that the program will be effective. We hope that by reading this 21 Day Flat Belly Fix review, you were able to understand more about this program and how it may be the solution for you.


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It can help you lose weight without starving yourself nor doing strenuous exercise.
You do not need to spend thousands on the diet and training program.
You do not need to take expensive medications.
The ingredients needed for the diet are cheap and natural.
You can lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat in just a short time.


The program may not be effective if you fail to follow the outlined diet and supplement strategies accurately.

Summary: Losing belly fat is one of the most common concerns of people who want to stay fit. Although there are numerous expensive dietary and exercise programs all over the internet, none of them may work perfectly for you. Moreover, you may only end up spending some fortune without receiving the results that you desire.

The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix program aims to help you get rid of your belly fat using less expensive dietary plans and less strenuous activities. This is a program created by Todd Lamb as a solution to his wife’s weight gain problems. This book is also available in PDF format. However, is this program really as effective as it claims to be? Here is a 21 Day Flat Belly Fix review to help you decide whether it is real or just a scam.

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