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The Domination Principle
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Since I was a teenager I have this dilemma of shyness when it comes to the opposite sex. I have no girlfriend since birth I know that it is because of my unnecessary shyness and fear of conversation with the opposite sex hinders me to meet girlfriends.

What I do is just to watch porn almost every day, I was lonely and hopeless because I do not have a partner. That was my routine for several years that is why one day I just got tired of it. I tried to search the internet for possible working solutions to my problem.

The Domination Principle System

One day, I came across this “The Domination Principle System” it offers different benefits like I would become a chick magnet and how can I overcome the fear of conversations with women and many more. So I decided to get a membership on their site and after that, I accessed the modules that the system is offering.


What Modules does the system offer?

Because of the course, I learned about different systems that would actually change my whole being and personality. Some of them are:

• The Domination Principle System which is a technique that I can use on women to lure them and control their emotions to our advantage.
• I also learned a hack in my testosterone on how to make a woman my sex puppet and to make her lust for me.
• I learned the techniques on how I can attract women not only women but the most beautiful women in the world.
• I learned the method of awakening a girl’s bisexual fantasies so that I will have the opportunity to do a threesome with them.
* I discovered how to look physically-attractive for women.

Those are only a few of the many knowledge that I learned throughout the course, and I did not have a hard time coping with the modules because every module is very well explained.

I Found a New and Better Me

So I applied the knowledge that I learned on the course and I was amazed by the results eventually I am seeing the progress that I am looking for and all the women that I wanted to date before are now chasing me. How good is that?

One day when I was walking down the street I noticed that most of the women have this lustful look in their eyes and I can read their body language (I learned reading body language in the course too). There also instances that a woman asked for my cell phone number.

Now I realized that I am can be like Alfie in the movie “Alfie” he is a serial womanizer by the way, because of the course I became a serial chick magnet in no time.

There is this one girl that I was interested in among the other girls, this girl really stands out her the girl came from a Spanish-American descent she was really beautiful I know to myself that I can get her so I decided to pursue her.


After several days of courting her although not really courting but just applying the techniques that I learned throughout the course. It first started when I got her number, I asked her number personally when I saw her one morning because she was just living on the apartment next door.

I was kind of happy when she gave her number to me and I knew that it was the start of our relationship she became my first girlfriend. So we have this intimate relationship for several months and during the first week of our relationship, I got laid.

While I am in a relationship with her, a lot of women are still chasing me maybe because of the charisma that I build that I got while taking and studying the course.

So I got more than three relationships with other women while I was in a relationship with my first girlfriend. At first, my conscience was really boggling me because I am not really used on the lifestyle that womanizer has because remember I was once an introvert and shy guy.
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My Only Worry

Because of the course, I became what I wanted to be which is to become socially outgoing to a woman, however, there are also side effects of being a chick magnet. One of those things is that I do not have a peace of mind wherever I go because the women that I have a relationship with might catch me that I am with the other woman.

Also if you have a conscience you will be a little bit sad whenever you think of the situation that the girls you are in a relationship or dating did not know that they are not the only woman in your life.

Improving my Game

After I mastered the techniques that I learned on the course, my game in picking up woman comes up naturally whenever I am in every situation, the position is always in favor of me every time which is a good thing because I can pick up girls anytime I want to.

What I do is I practice every day in the mirror every morning. Some of the points that I practice are rapport, body language and proper posture.

lady in bed

I also Love the Free eBook

The creator of the course is really sincere in helping guys like me to achieve our goals which is to attract women you can see his sincerity because he threw in a free eBook which is entitled “Make Women Approach You”.

The eBook covers the topics of body language techniques to get women to have a sex with you. I really learned a lot also from this free eBook although it is a free eBook only you can still learn a lot of things most probably basics however if you want to advance your knowledge you can always enroll on the course as a premium member.

Reviews from Other People

There are also a lot of guys like me who found success on the course they also have positive reviews regarding the course, one of them is Aleck he said that the course helped him change his mentality with regards to having a conversation with women.

There is also this another guy named Werner after he tried implementing the methods that are included in the course. He experienced taking away a hot girl from a guy in a bar and made out with her!

Some Piece of Advice

Although I have found success in the course because I put my heart into it and especially hard work which is the most important. You can only transform yourself if you start within yourself that is my motto you have to see your weaknesses and start from there.

What I did is I started enhancing my weakest point which is rapport because as you all know I am the shyest type of guy that you will meet before I do not know how to start a conversation at all. Thankfully this course had brought out the best in me.

sexy in bed

Final Verdict

I give this course a 5-star rating simply because that the techniques and tips that are written and told here are legit and hundred percent working. I have tried it myself that is why I am sharing to you my honest review regarding the course.
One thing is for sure after you successfully implemented the techniques that are in the course I am sure that your next problem will be on how to run away from women because they will surely chase you wherever you go.

I recommend that you enroll in the course until it is not over and see for yourself how effective it was. The price is relatively low compared to the benefits that you can get from the course. I wish you good luck on the journey to transform yourself and thank you for reading my wonderful review.

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  • Affordable price
  • Very clear and straight to the point modules
  • High-quality content
  • The method is really efficient.
  • Has a money back guarantee


  • After implementing the method I actually became a womanizer in no time, however, I have no peace of mind because my girlfriends might catch me cheating on them.
  • It affects my morality because being a womanizer is a bad vice and habit.

Summary: Because of this course, I changed my approach towards women, I realized that they are fun and easy to be with and I also managed to have multiple relationships with them. The course also helped me to become sexually attractive to women.

RatingRated 5 stars