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The Automatic Seduction System
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Looking for a system that will get you to first base with the ladies? The Automatic Seduction System is a 4-part program for attracting, approaching, escalating physically, and starting a relationship with women. It is a very simple system using the natural processes that bring women to their knees and want to have sex with you.

Any man can use this to get laid starting tonight!


What the Book Can do for You:

  • Helps you attract women and it does not matter where you are. Do it without wasting time on goofy pickup lines and frantic conversations. A particular mindset trick is given to you that will maximize your results.
  • The program tells you what you need to do every step of the way. Do you want to be a player? You need to learn this mindset.
  • Learn seduction community jargon. You will get a complete game plan to seduction.
  • The first module Women Ignition teaches you how to find a girl in a crowd who wants to get to know you, intimately.
  • Get over our fear of rejection when you approach women.
  • Tips for exercises and definitive rules will help you develop a mindset that is fearless and confident.


What you Receive in the Program

Still a little nervous about how you can attract women? Download The Automatic Seduction System and get these bonuses and techniques to getting a woman to go home with you. Start out with Women Ignition.

  • First, let a woman think it was her idea to talk to you. She will remember your first meeting as I had to meet him.
  • Make your communication ignite an instant attraction with sparks flying.
  • A color-coded method to finding out which women in the room are eager to get you to bed. No longer will you have time wasters.

Master the first technique of letting women think it was her idea to talk to you, then go on to Fearless Escalation, the second technique.

  • Fearless Escalation technique gives you the details on how to escalate attraction with a woman so shell be sex ready in minutes.
  • The greatest advice in the download is how to make eye contact that is incredible sexy, keep the right facial look in any encounter, and the best distance to stand apart.

Module number three is Fast Sexual Arousal. There are some really awesome insights on why most guys dont get sex. You cant hesitate and find excuses not to have sex. Find confidence, the right words and actions to say and do youll be on your way to the most hot night of your life.

  • Find out three ways get her fondling your penis in minutes. This arouses both of you!
  • Let her know that its okay to have sex on the first date.
  • Teach her how to get so turned on that she knows she must have you tonight.
  • Get her coming back for sex again and again. There are five keys to this (download the book and discover these five keys.)


The final module you receive included in the program is Relationship Roulette. There are great ideas in this eBook that will give you a different look at the relationships in your life.

  • Discover the tips to sleep with a woman more than one time.
  • Find the answers how to convince a woman you are her go-to guy for sex. You may not want to date, but you can be each others booty call.
  • Want to be a bad boy who has women all over him? Tips and tricks are in this book to be that bad boy and not be an asshole. The trick is not having more confidence or even changing your attitude. Its much more.
  • Keep the power in your relationships whether they are committed or simply casual. This will help you keep the desire on both sides. You will never be bored or result to fighting.

These modules are the core of the program, but you will also obtain access to:

  • Secrets of Approaching Hot Women
  • Auto-Seduction Insiders Club Free Trial
  • Master PUA Video Training Lab

All these unique materials are yours when you get started today with the download. Keep it on your computer and have access to the program any time you are feeling underappreciated.



There is nothing like this program that teaches you unique tips and trips to overcoming approach anxiety, finding a great mindset, escalation tricks and practical implementation of concepts.

This system is invisible. Women wont know you are using a sure-fire program on them. This gives you control to take the upper hand in getting women to sleep with you. The program focuses on practical tips and awesome tools to feel better about being with women. There are tons of specifics in this books.

Dont let yourself have trouble approaching women you want to get to know. Stop hesitating talking to hot women and getting them to the physical level. This product comes highly recommended, but you do need to follow the suggestions to the letter.

The books are great! They tell you like it is and leave nothing to the imagination. You wont fail!

Remember the three techniques to make a woman think it was her idea to talk to you (in the book). Get a woman to think shes met you before, and how to make your initial meeting bring out the sparks.


The eBook is easy color-coded to give you knowledge on discovering which women in the bar are the most eager to get with you. Dont waste time looking for a hook-up! The Automatic Seduction System will show you how to get that women in just minutes. You will learn:

  • How to initiate and intensify the feeling with her
  • How to make the right tangible link (this involves your hands!)
  • How to get move her away from her friends, leave the bar, social event, or party without causing a scene

User of The Automatic Seduction System have said:

Highly recommended book and recommend everyone to have a read its compact, small and well organized.

It advocates the direct approach as a way of quickly and effectively get to the seduction. It was one of the best pickup reading Ive ever had.

Hundreds of men cant be wrong. Join their cub and be among the men who know how to seduce a woman anytime and anywhere.

Learn to feel sexual and get the sparks flying. Turn that spark into a fire. Download the Automatic Seduction System right now and get started on you exciting life! For only $97 ($47 if you go online and order quickly). You cant miss with the 100% money back guarantee.


Click Here to Buy The Automatic Seduction System


– Secrets to seduce any girl by which you can approach them with ease and ignite the urge for sex.

– Tips by which you can surely make women think about you in case they do not find the element of love and emotion in your attitude.

– Complete details based on real life experiences by which you can make an unknown girl ready for sex within 10 minutes.

– Simple yet effective techniques by which you can meet relationship goals and enhance your love life as well.

– Different modules which focus on each aspect of a successful relationship so that guys can develop strong self confidence to express love and gratitude.


The program does not guarantees results in each case as success might vary according to your relationship status.

Summary: The Automatic Seduction System is a helpful program which is designed to help shy men achieve their relationship goals and fulfill sexual desires. So, if you are a guy who is constantly being rejected and find it impossible to attract the most beautiful girls, this program will surely help you develop strong esteem and sexual abilities.

RatingRated 2 stars