The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

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The latest estimates in the U.S. suggest that 1 in 3 people between 18 and 64 may have some form of arthritis. At least 54 million have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Globally, the situation is alarming, and the numbers maybe even more. If you actively seek a remedy to your joint pain, you should read The Arthritis Step by Step Strategy review.

What if I told you a way to cure your aching joints in only 21 days…and that too without any expensive medication? It might seem like magic…but there is no voodoo here…only the wisdom through centuries of the painless living experience of people in Southeast Asia. Secret herbal knowledge passed over generations and prepared into a product…you may need to unlearn many things to learn a new way to live life without pain.

Why wait then…in this article, I will review the program that may help solve your chronic inflammation and pain problems permanently.

A New Hope: The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy

Arthritis displays several symptoms: swelling, stiffness, decrease in motion. You may be unable to walk or climb stairs. Additionally, you may have spent thousands of dollars with no solution in sight. If you have no respite from chronic pain that relieves temporarily, you should seriously consider the Arthritis Step By Step Strategy.

The 3-step program guides you in eating the right foods and alters your lifestyle. It strikes at the underlying causes of your pain and gives you a permanent solution. You learn to choose the right foods that reduce inflammation…and exercise that keeps you fit. Above all, you do not need any drugs, medications, supplements, or procedures…so there are no side effects and elevated costs.

Does it include heavy exercise or fad diets?

Consider this: you need to make only a 10 percent change in your food habits and a bit of exercise to get rid of the disease. Again, the meal plans replace one ingredient with another to keep the nutrition value. Also, the movements are easy to perform for you even if you have a stiff body. So, the exercises strengthen your joints and bones without damaging them.

Moreover, the program allows you to skip a few steps and yet, retain the benefits. The great part? It fast tracks you to develop a healthier lifestyle without a strict diet or regimen. If you stick to the guide, it gives you intimate knowledge to eliminate your pain in 21 days.

Who is the brain behind this simple but powerful strategy?

Meet the creator

Shelly Manning, a nutritionist, is the author of the program. Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis put her through daily pain until one day in Southeast Asia when she found a secret cure…a magic wand that healed her troubles. Shelly’s desk job added to her weight and anxiety…the lack of movement further adding to the problem.

A lucky break…a cup of tea in a special Hong Kong restaurant introduced her to the secret herbs that cured her. As a result, she developed the strategy to heal arthritis completely based on the ancient knowledge passed on to her by the restaurant owner, Janerdquo. The Blue Heron Health team helped publish her knowledge of arthritis online.

If you wonder what the plan is: a combination of herbs, lifestyle, diet, and exercise eradicates diseases common to the developed world. Consequently, this may help you go one step ahead to prevent other lifestyle diseases.

You will find the Arthritis Step By Step Strategy:

  • Effective from day one: several people have reported immediate benefits as Shelly Manning did after drinking the medicinal tea
  • Uses ingredients readily available in your local food store
  • Allows eating more than 90 percent of your favorite foods
  • Prescribes easy exercises for you
  • Highly cost-effective

Is there a scientific base for the plan?

If you think Shelly Manning made this out of thin air…

Hold on to your seat…she developed the program formula based on 47 scientific studies. So, it is not some older woman concocting a potion out of mysterious herbs. Instead, it is a combination of science that uses the ancient knowledge of medicinal herbs and foods. Although, you will find it nothing short of miraculous once you follow it.

What do you get when you buy the program?

The program comes in the form of an e-Book with 13 chapters. All you need is a free PDF reader to access the book. The best part is that you can read it on any of your smart devices with unlimited downloads. Moreover, if you pay for the cost of print, you can even get a physical copy of the book.

The plan comes from the ancient knowledge in Southeast Asia…from a place where inflammation and pain like western countries are almost unknown. The guide provides you chapter-wise details about disease eradication, prevention, food, exercise, and much more.

What’s in the guide?

  • You will get the entire list of foods, including omega-3s and herbs. The focus is on your natural well-being…so, no drugs, pills, or supplements.
  • Firstly, you will learn how to begin your journey of fighting the disease without drugs.
  • You will get to know about arthritis, its causes, and its effects on your body in the second chapter. Has the significance of inflammation ever occurred to you? If not, read the third chapter carefully.
  • The Chinese seem to know the cure for your pain for centuries…the fourth and fifth chapters provide insightful information about herbs and food as medicine.
  • Chapters six and seven talk about omega-3 fats…your best friends but worst enemies of arthritis. I bet you will stick to the superfoods once you understand how they destroy inflammation and, therefore, disease.
  • Does being overweight contribute to your pain? Chapter eight provides the information and motivation to lose weight.
  • If you thought movements are bad for arthritis, check chapters nine and ten. You will find the Yoga and Tai Chi movements are easy and beneficial.
  • Lastly, chapters eleven to thirteen conclude with effective ancient Asian cures and other bits of information.

If the herbs are secret, where do I get the ingredients?

Mostly in your kitchen. If not, you will find the ingredients at a local store or supermarket. An Asian food store will be the farthest that you need to search. However, remember that the correct proportion of mixing is as important as the materials.

…And no, the Arthritis Step By Step Strategy does not keep anything secret from you…the herbs are not difficult to obtain like the elixir from the Fountain of Youth.

Does it treat several forms of arthritis?

You are generally correct in thinking that different forms of arthritis need different treatment plans. However, there is a common line of treatment in this approach…your food is your medicine. You may have rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic, gout, or any other form…this product seems to heal arthritis of any type. However, follow the instructions of the plan diligently to get the desired outcome.

Is it safe?

Yes, as safe as your natural food. Therefore, you will find nothing in the program that asks for chemically-loaded diet supplements, pills, or physical therapy. The exercises are light at the most, and you will enjoy the easy step-by-step process.

Genuine or scam?

The product seems to be genuine, with a 100% money-back guarantee. I have seen it work admirably on a couple of my close relatives. My uncle and aunt seem to be free from pain after trying the step-by-step instructions for more than a week. A friend’s grandmother lived with chronic pain, but the program loosened up her stiff body…she is happy and in much better shape these days.

I find several trustworthy reviews and testimonials that talk positively about the product on the internet. Moreover, many patrons find the absence of calorie counting and intense portion control a strong point in favor of the plan. In essence, you do not need any expensive physical therapy or pain relief medications.

It does not seem just a guide with some shallow marketing talk. You will not only get rid of arthritis but also manage to keep it at bay after that. However, you would experience great results if you maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent reversal results.

Is the Arthritis Step By Step Strategy worth buying?

An average American adult spends up to $2000 annually in managing to live with arthritis. This program comes at a comparatively low cost and has helped thousands of people. You will not have any side-effects: a guarantee. However, consult with your physician before you begin the program if you are already taking medication. The full-refund policy and the 24/7 support should tilt your opinion in its favor.


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• FDA approved manufacturing unit.
• You learn to treat the condition naturally without costly supplements and medicines.
• The strategy is effective for any form of arthritis you may have.
• You can experience a rapid easing of pain each day and a complete cure by 21 days.
• The effects are long-lasting, and you will not experience any side effects.
• You can easily get the material in supermarkets and shops.
• You will find other gems in the book…like an ancient Chinese herb to heal any joint pain.
• Based on 47 scientific studies.


• The program needs you to do light exercise, so it is not for lazy people.
• You may need to check with your health care provider whether it interferes with your existing line of treatment.
• If you like reading on paper, you need to order the printed version of the copy.

Summary: Arthritis is your most common enemy as you age…
The pain is terrible, and you will do anything to get a remedy from this daily trouble…
However, now you can choose a powerful healing program that cures the disease in any form by striking at the root…
Spare only 21 days to learn and get rid of arthritis to enjoy maximum health in your golden years…
The Arthritis Step By Step Strategy Review is a detailed analysis of alternative medicine that may change your life.

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