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If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.

Is this the motto you live by when you need anything done on a deadline?

Lets give you some more info about the literal meaning of the term of Procrastination to help understand this better, shall we?
According to Wikipedia, Procrastinationis the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.
In a nutshell, it means putting of things that are of utmost priority in favor of things more enjoyable and seemingly of lesser importance.

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In reality, we all procrastinate to some extent in our daily lives. Putting off furniture shopping for your home that has been long due in favor of a night of pool and drinking with friends. I can go on and on about this. The problem escalates when you do all that putting your career and the more important things in your life at jeopardy.

Tired of procrastinating in your daily work, your timeline and living in a short bubble of doing things. There is a solution to all this You can beat yourself at this deadly habit from taking over your lives. Most of us dont realize this happening to us making us limit our true potential and ultimately our whole life and careers.

Reading all this painstaking thing about procrastinating, are you willing to change your life letting go of this horrible habit suffered by millions and making an even use of your time and space in favor of doing better things. Would you like a solution to this? Would you like to be the next person making that change in your life. Would you like to see yourself making positive changes in your life and career? If the answer to all this is a yes lets get you to speed on this revolutionary method called The action machine.

Realizing the need for a transparent system to help people manage their time and space better, the action machine was created out of extensive research and countless number of experiments conducted among many groups of people. Created as a user friendly interface for maximum usage, the action machine has been an instant hit among people of all age groups from teens to adults. Developed by Derek Franklin, the action machine is the perfect tool out there to meet your daily needs of managing time in an effective manner.

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What is the action time machine?

The action time machine is a one of its kind unique software that helps you accomplish your daily goals by dividing them into small chunks of activities allowing you to complete your tasks with detailed clarity and in a time consuming manner. It combines the powerful time-boxing technique combined with friendly user interface to deliver a powerful time saving tool. It works as per the users directive charting a thorough course of time into mini actionable goals once you feed the system with your needs.

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How does the action time machine work?

The action time machine has a systematic precision of a project management software combined with the layout of a well sought operating system. Here is how the whole process work:-

  • It combines feeding raw data into the system which is then processed as a actionable goals.
  • These actionable goals are converted into mini goals with a deadline for the user to complete.
  • The software shows you the big picture of the day which further helps the user get the task done within the deadline.
  • Time works as a quintessential force in completing the desired goals of the user. Each task in hand is given a specific timeline which helps it make the whole thing interesting. The software also provides the user with a timeline of its own conveying the actual time taken for the job.
  • Provides with a sense of accomplishment by giving a visual feedback for completion of the work to the user with every task in hand completed within a deadline.
  • Helping plan your day within a short span of time (not more than 2 minutes).
  • Shows with a short click of a button to tell how your productive time is being spent giving the user a concise picture of things.

The Action Machine

Contents of the product

The product not only contains the working action machine software but also includes other things namely:-

  • The action time software
  • The action unleashed training guide with 23 tried & tested programs created by the author.
  • The three steps to getting things done clarity map
  • How to hit your goals clarity map
  • Lifetime upgrades of the product.
  • Access to customer care representatives in case of any problems whilst using the program.

Working platform of the software

The action time machine works on both the Windows and the Mac version. The user gets access to both the platforms upon its purchase.

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Pricing of the action time machine

The pricing of the product has been done keeping in mind the spending capacity of the customers and catering to all segments of the society. The onetime cost of the product is $47 with the whole package. Moreover there is a money back guarantee on the product if during the course of the program you in any way feel unsatisfied with the product. That is quite a steal. Wouldnt you agree?

Reception of the product

The action machine has enjoyed quite the reception among the general public with thousands of people benefitting from it with blogs and websites filled with satisfied customers reviewing it with their own personal experience of using the program to their advantage. It has managed to change many a lives and the price for which you are getting it seems to be more than reasonable for the product considering the perks you receive with it and the means it provides to rid yourself from the infectious confines of procrastination.

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The program provides a clear and concise picture of what it has to offer at the cost. Mr. Derek Franklin paints a no nonsense picture and sticks by what he preaches. To bring out the max potential in you with the help of his product. A mean to make your more productive and efficient. Isnt this what you always wanted? You wouldnt be stumbling across something like this on chance. You got here for a reason. You would want to make this count now. Wont you?

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– Suitable for people who are unable achieve maximum result out of daily activities and seem to be affected of procrastination.

– You can feed your plans into the system to get a properly planned outcome designed which can be followed with ease.

– The followers of this program are given access to customer care representatives by which they can get an instant solution for each of the problem.

– Helps you in creating a complete day plan so that you can manage activities according to availability of time and space.

– No technical skills required to operate and install the software onto your computer system.


The program requires dedication and does not promises best outcome results for each of your daily activity.

Summary: The Action Machine is a software developed by Mr. Derek Franklin based on procrastination and the methods by which you can manage your time to get maximum output for each day. This software can help you manage your daily activities and shows a clear picture of the consequences of your activities so that you can achieve your goals without any inconvenience. So if you are determined to become more efficient and productive, this software can help you by all means.

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