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Superstar Beatmaking Secrets
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Since I was a kid my hobby is creating beats because I really love music and the genre that I love most about music are beats.

I remember that they are saying when I am still a baby that if I heard any sound that has a beat on it I will tend to smile.

As I grew up it is abundantly showing that I really love listening to beats, I would buy the different album of beats in the form of CDs I would listen to it all day.

It was a relaxing feeling for me to listen to those kinds of stuff because it is a music to my ears.


I Started to Learn and Make my Own Beats

Years passed and I became not contented by just listening to beats that is why I started to produce my own beats.

So I researched the internet on how I can start making beats on my own.

Then I gained some knowledge by watching some tutorials on streaming sites and luckily because of my love for beats I learned on how to make my own beats very easily.

After I bought some pieces of equipment and had some sufficient training in producing beats I managed to produced a lot of quality beats.

After producing a lot of quality beats I decided to upload the beats on streaming sites.

No People are Interested on my Beats

After uploading my beats on different streaming sites I noticed that there are more dislikes than likes and the views are not that high which made me disappointed and sad.

I have no idea what is wrong with my beats because when I listen to them I think they are fine for my taste.

However because different people have different standards when it comes to music, maybe it sounds unpleasant to others.

It really hit me hard to tell you honestly to see the not so good ratings of my beats on the different streaming sites.

Because I worked hard to produce those kinds of beat and it is not appreciated by people which is very devastating on my part.


Improving Myself

I did a lot of things to improve myself like practicing for extended hours. However, I feel that my progress is not that significant.

The reason for this is I do not have any professional training at all with regards to making beats.

This gave me an urge to research the internet for some techniques on how to improve my beat-making skills.

Because I do not have enough money to hire a professional instructor that can guide me throughout the process that is why I just settle for online tutorials.

I know that this tutorials could help me improve my skills and hopefully progress to the next level of beat making.

I came across this website which helps independent music producers like me to improve our skills it is called “Superstar Beat-making Secrets”.

Weighing the Product

I browsed the sales page of the said product I was really amazed at the benefits that I will get if I purchase the product.

From all the products that I have seen on the internet, I can say that this one is legit and not a scam.

I managed to weigh in the pros of the product in which it became a basis that is why I bought the product later on.

It is only a small investment of fewer than 200 dollars and I think I can afford it. There is a chance that I can make a significant amount of money and can eventually turn into a living.


What can I learn from the Product

So I decided to buy the product, I used my savings in order for me to get my hands on the wonderful product.

I paid via Paypal and after paying I received the links and I immediately downloaded the product.

So I finished downloading the product and it only proves that it is not a scam at all! I am excited about opening the file for me to start my learning process.

There were 30 files of high-quality videos that I received that promise to jump-start my career in music production and enhance my beat making skills.

I immediately started studying the course and putting the modules not only to my mind but also to my heart.

Understanding the lessons is not a problem for me because I already have a background in producing music especially beats.

I am done studying the course in less than a week and I really learned a lot of things. I noticed that I became a novice to a professional real quick just by following the tutorial on the video.

Here are some of the things that I learned throughout the course:

• I learned how to properly produce beats of my own.

• Because of this, my knowledge of the different genres of beats became wider and I managed to learn the different styles of making beats too!

• It gave me a lot of ideas on how I can sell my beats and dispose of it for a much higher price at the right marketplace.

• Gain a much higher reputation in the music industry field.

• Produce quality melodies and transition that will surely hook your listeners to the last seconds of your music.

• Places where I can submit my music for it to gain a lot of exposure which eventually can give me a big break in the music industry.

These learning are only from the main product, take note the product has a lot of freebies included.

It includes free videos, audios, and instructional too that will surely skyrocket your progress in the music production industry.


Let’s Talk About the Freebies

I haven’t seen a kind of product that is very high quality like this with a lot of freebies that are included.

It only shows that the creator of this product is really serious about teaching his techniques to people without thinking about money.

There are also a lot of positive reviews regarding the freebies I have read those reviews on various music forum sites.

And all of the customers who also bought the product like me are completely satisfied with what they got.

So here are the freebies that you will receive once you purchase the product:

Dynasty Drum Kit

It composes of different programs that I can do with drums this is very crucial if you want to take your music production skills to the next level.

Beat-making Secrets Video Course

After learning the techniques on the main product you can further enhance your knowledge with the help of this video course.
Get Instant Access!

Damage Piano Loops

This is where I learned new ways on how to improve your piano skills and learns new chords.

Piano Chord Secrets For Music Producers

On this course, I learned how to make my piano beats sound like a professional which is very good at producing high quality beats in the long run.

Paychecks to Profits Audio Course

In this audio course I learned about the different techniques on how to run a successful business in the music industry.

Major Placement Secrets Video Course

This is where I learned the basics on how to start a music publishing company and the basics of beats copyrights.

Industry Contacts

A great course in which you can learn on how to build a lot of networks in the music industry. It is also an opportunity market your beats to them for a possible music placement.

My Recommendation

This one of a kind product by Kevin Barnes (the creator of this course) is a breakthrough in beats instructional industry.

Because of him, you do not need to go to a music class for you to learn music production.

Good job Kevin Barnes! Because of you, my musical ambition became a reality and as you have read on this review it really helped me maximized my potential.


Maybe right now you are asking what is my current status in life?

The product that Kevin Barnes created I managed to have a decent income for the past few years.

Right now I have my own music production studio that supplies beats on different music streaming websites.

I earn through ads and the sales from my beats, I also earn from royalties if other artists use one of my beats.

I have a lot of appreciation that I found this product because it really changed my whole life.

Because of this I am earning tons of money doing what I love which is producing musical beats.

I know you can be successful too just like me. Just master your craft and with hard work and dedication with the help of this instructional you can reach your goals.

Good luck and thank you for reading my honest to goodness review regarding the product.


Click Here to Buy Superstar Beatmaking Secrets


  • Inexpensive really worth the investment.
  • Includes a lot of freebies (video and audio tutorials).
  • Easy to learn and understand.
  • Secured payments.
  • Clear and high-quality videos and audios.


  • You must have a background in music in order for you to easily grasp the modules.
  • There is no hard copy of the lessons that is why you must listen carefully to the instructional videos/audios for you to absorb the topics.
  • You must have perseverance and you must put a lot of hard work in order to have success on the program.

Summary: This product turned me into a professional music beats producer from a nobody in no me. I managed to create my own music production studio which became my bread and butter, it generated sufficient income that helps me support me and my family. That is why I thank Kevin for creating this wonderful program because I really learned a lot of things about beat making and music production.

RatingRated 4.5 stars