Strike Pen Review – Does it Work or Not?

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If you have previously been subject to physical harassment in the past, the Strike Pen product is for you. In case you are also looking for a way to defend yourself against attacks, this product is also for you. This Strike Pen review article will show you the features and benefits of the product. You will also find out why you need to get it and the purpose of having it with you anywhere you go.

Due to recent incidents happening around you, you’ve found a reason for self-defense. You just found out about this product, but you are not sure if you can trust it. Let me take you through the benefits of getting this product and why you should sign up for it. You have to continue reading if you want to find out what the product is.

Strike Pen Product – What is it?

If you have been a subject of attacks or physical harassment, you will understand the need for self-defense. Perhaps, they’ve threatened you in recent times; it could be by hoodlums, street boys, or people close to you.

Consider this product as a discreet weapon that bad guys are not looking forward to seeing you have. You will surprise them when they try to attack you.

This product helps in self-defense against harassers, thieves, pick-pockets, street guys, and hoodlums; in short, against the bad guys.

You can regard Strike Pen as a “Purpose Built EDC Defense Weapon” built purposely for defense. It is one of the greatest and latest self-defense hardware that you can use to defend yourself against attacks.

The good thing is that it is a pen; this disguise will shock the bad guys. Another thing you should know is that even the armed forces use it. If you decide to get this tool, you might be rescuing yourself in times of trouble.

The product may look like an ordinary pen, but it is much more than just a pen. The inventors made it in the form of a pen as a disguise.

Benefits of the Strike Pen Product

You are currently reading this Strike Pen review page to know what this product can do for you- this is why I would like us to go straight to the benefits of this product.

Think of it this way; it is all about self-defense. If hoodlums, thieves, or street boys have harassed or attacked you before, you will understand better.

We all get into situations where anyone on the street suddenly attacks us. This product is perfect for you if your residence is not safe.

Can we imagine a real-life situation? Let’s assume that hoodlums within your residence attacked or harassed you to the point that it got physical. They beat you because you were helpless, and it almost cost you your life.

What if you can prevent this from happening? What if you’ve learned self-defense and you have a tool like this product to defend yourself against them?

Now, let’s go back to our imagination. Let’s assume again that hoodlums attacked you within your residence, but you have this product this time around. What do you think will happen?

Without thinking twice, you would bring it out for some self-defense acts. The first reaction from the hoodlums will be quite shocking. They would think it’s an ordinary pen, only to find out that it is much more than a pen.

Their next reaction will be to flee, most especially if they cannot easily out-number you because they will not know what you are capable of doing.

The hoodlums will first think that you are capable of hurting them. People should be scared of someone who has a self-defense tool containing a knife.

Benefits in Full:

The main benefit of this product is that you can use it for self-defense. You may have bought some other self-defense products that ended up being a scam in the past. This particular one is quite different from those. It is why you should read reviews of products before buying them. Let’s check out its benefits in full:

  • They are used for self-defense. You will not be caught off-guard.
  • It has a LED that can be used as a torch in the dark.
  • The product is a pen. Of course, it can be used as a pen.
  • It has a knife that you can use to protect yourself under duress. You can also use the knife for some other purposes when the need arises.
  • The product also has a multi-tool that contains a bottle opener used to open bottles, a blade for cutting, a HEX wrench to drive bolts and screws, and a flat head driver used to fasten and loosen screws and bolts.

Getting this product means getting your hands on something that can serve you in different situations. Beyond its main benefits of being for self-defense, it also comes with some other benefits, as highlighted above.

Features of the Strike Pen Product

Since we have checked out the product’s benefits, I want us also to check out the features. The features are also part of the Strike Pen review, and they could even convince you more.

  • The product is lightweight. Because it is light in weight, it is easy to carry it anywhere you go. Remember that it is still a pen. It also has an excellent grip.
  • The product is made from military-grade aluminum with a tungsten steel defense tip to make the product.
  • It has a concealed knife used for self-defense and other benefits when the need arises.
  • It also has a multi-tool made up of a flat head driver, HEX wrench, blade, and bottle opener.
  • You can interchange between the knife and multi-tool depending on what you want.
  • It also has an industry-leading “Blinding Bright” LED Emitter.
  • It comes in a lovely gift box, beautiful enough to house your pen.

Why You Should Get This Product

This section is different from the benefits or features. I want to show you why you should get this product apart from the features and benefits. There are various reasons why this product is the best one for you;

  1. It is available for free: Can you imagine not paying any fee for such an excellent product that will be of benefit to you? It is really unimaginable. All you have to do is to pay the shipping fee, and it is all yours. The free package is only running for a while.
  2. Discount: If you were to buy it, you would be getting a deal on every pack of two, three, four, five, and ten. You will get a collection of five for the free package.
  3. Guarantee: It comes with a 60 days 100 percent money-back guarantee. Again, this is if you were to buy the product. It means if you are not satisfied with the product within 60 days, they will refund your money. It shows that the producers have a considerable level of guarantee that you will be happy.
  4. Delivery: You will get your product within five business days that you paid the shipping fee.
  5. Extra Charges: There are neither hidden charges nor recurring billings. Once you pay the shipping fee, that is all.
  6. Membership: There is no membership involved. You don’t have to join a group before you start using this product. The producers have made it available for everyone.


Self-defense has become a necessity in recent times due to the increase in the crime rate across the globe. If you have been previously subjected to physical harassment or violence, you will understand better.

You have no reason to remain helpless; you can get this product to empower yourself. The product will put you in a better position to defend yourself when faced with attacks from hoodlums, thieves, or street guys. You do not have anything to lose if you get this product; in fact, you have a lot to gain, and I can assure you that it is not a scam.

Apart from the fact that the product is free, you don’t have to become a member of any group before using it. Furthermore, you will not pay for any other hidden charges or recurring billings. The only thing you will pay for is the shipping fee, and it is all yours. Don’t forget about the other benefits attached to the product. It also contains some additional features that are useful when the need arises. Get this excellent product immediately.


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It is available for free.
It is suitable for self-defense.
It has other benefits attached to it.
It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere you go.


You will pay for shipping.
It is targeted mainly to areas around the United States and not all over the world.

Summary: Think of the times you have faced physical harassment. If you are yet to meet such, imagine how it would feel when faced with such a challenge from hoodlums, thieves, or armed robbers.

What if I tell you that you can defend yourself with a pen? It is not an ordinary pen called the Strike Pen product that contains a knife and some other tools that will protect you against attacks.

Self-defense has become paramount in our society, thanks to the increase in the rate of crime. Being helpless has led to the death of many. It would be best if you were not a victim before you take the necessary steps. Get the Strike Pen product today. It is your starting point of self-defense.

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