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I am a 30 something guy with a not so good physique, to tell you a description of my physique, I am 5’11” in height I have a skinny physique with a big tummy.

I have also a weak strength which I am really bothered. That is why one day I just got too tired of my own self and I just want to change for the better.

I search the internet for some workout routines and luckily I found this “Smart Fit Pro Workouts” it is composed of 8 different types of workouts which is really good in shocking the different groups of muscles that we have.


Actually, it is for the use of fitness trainer, however, I am still interested because I think that it is one of the most complete guides that you can find and I think that I can use it for personal use also.

The Smart Fit Pro Workouts

So I got some extra money to spend so I bought all the 8 program workouts that the Smart Fit Pro Workouts is offering for me to try what is the best workout program that suits me. I have been always an impulsive buyer all the time though.

Here are my reviews of all the workout programs that the Smart Fit Pro Workouts are offering.

Spartan Warrior Challenge Workout

I got intrigued on the title of the workout program which is the “Spartan Warrior Challenge” as far as the movie is concerned you can see the physique of the Spartans they are very muscular and well ripped. So I studied and implemented the workouts.


So here are the things I learned in the program:

• It is composed of almost 48 exercise routines that are specially optimized to transform the body into a muscular and ripped physique just like the Spartan soldiers.
• The meal plans to cater to the nutritional needs to build a Spartan-like physique it is in the keto category type of diet that is suited for 3 caloric levels.
• I also got the 3 spreadsheets that can be used for a 6-week program, it also includes High-Intensity Interval Training of the correct amount which is included in the strength-training methods. I really love this part because I want to increase my strength significantly.

I am happy that I got a good deal on this I bought it for a low price of only 49 USD. I am also confident in the quality of the program because it is written by two experts in the field which are Dave Randolph which is an expert in various workouts, Owner of Iron Body Fitness and Georgette Pann who is an expert in boot camp, Owner of Sure Victory.

HIIT Academy

This workout program basically targets people who want to burn some fats, I still tried the workout routine even though I am not genetically fat because I have these excess fats on my tummy. The workouts are really intense that is why you will need to be in good condition to perform the workouts.


It is a good workout to melt down those unwanted fats, stamina building, and strength accumulation. Actually it is formulated for fitness instructors to teach the workout to their clients, however, it is still a good source of workouts if you want to learn HIIT training. Here are some of the knowledge that you can gain from the eBooks:

• 88 workouts that are optimized for High-Intensity Interval Training which is composed of fat melting, strength enhancement, stamina, and Tabata workouts
• The 4 most efficient High-Intensity Interval Training methods.
• Optimize your HIIT training to achieve maximum output
There is much other knowledge that you can learn throughout the course you can also use it for future use if you want to become a personal trainer someday.
Also, a lot of professional bodybuilders are implementing this method before the contest in order to increase muscle definition and lose excess fats. Also, professional athletes are using this kind of training to condition their bodies and minds.
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Build N’ Burn

This is another eBook product for personal trainers to disseminate the knowledge to their clients however you can also implement the workouts that are inside the eBook for your own personal fitness goals.

The workout routines that are inside the eBook is good for people who want to lose some weight in a healthy way without losing strength and vigorousness. It is made by the top professionals in the field of fitness which are Sarah Rippel and Georgette Pann.

Metabolic Sizzlers

This eBook targets fitness trainers to help their clients that are having a hard time losing weight because of slowed metabolism brought to them by aging and other health issues and also athletes who want to improve their respective games.


The Metabolic Sizzler is a complete package of workouts that are designed to bypass slow metabolism through the use of certain workouts that are optimized for a faster metabolism for optimal fat loss.

101 Conditioning Circuits

This is a good guide for you to learn the techniques on how to condition yourself for strenuous workouts and to avoid the feeling of weariness after each workout. It has also techniques on how to make your body recover faster on each workout.

The package is composed of eBooks which are in the PDF format and videos of the routines. You can get it all for a low price of only 37 USD.

The Bootcamp Periodization System

The collection of eBooks in this package has a lot of exercises using our own body weight, dumbbells and kettlebells like:
• Bodyweight exercises
• Stamina exercises
• Fat loss exercises
• Strength Exercises

The package includes 6 eBooks that are jam-packed with information to boost your workouts during camping or at the beach. The author is Rafael Moret a certified fitness instructor and Georgette Pann which is renowned in the field of fitness.

There are also two more eBooks that are included in the collection namely innovative group training and the Done 4 You Trans4mation Boot Camp System you can check it out for yourself there are also good to read.


My Piece of Advice

So now you have an idea on the eBooks that are included in the package of Smart Fit Pro Workouts you have the idea of what eBook you will pick depends on your needs. It is also best for personal trainers who want to give their client’s workout some variety.

Many fitness trainers had found success when they implemented the workout routines to their clients. Their clients are completely happy and satisfied when they tried the workouts that are included in the package and they can see a much better progress on their fitness goals.


I am giving this product a 5-star rating and I recommend it to people like me who wants to have a high-quality workout routine and techniques to follow that will speed up the progress that we are all been looking for.

If you are a fitness trainer you must assess the needs of your clients on what program do they need for example if they need to build lean muscle mass then what they need is the Spartan Workout and if they need to lose fat then the program that is appropriate to them are Metabolic Sizzlers, Build ‘N Burn or HIIT Academy.

Take the opportunity now until the products are still available rest assured that your money will be well spent because the products are truly legit and not another scam on the internet.


The prices are relatively low compared to the value of the products that you are getting.

Good luck on your journey on achieving your fitness goals because it is truly a step on transforming yourself into a better person.

Click Here to Buy Smart Fit Pro Workouts


  • Price is very affordable.
  • There are a lot of products to choose from it depends on your needs.
  • Very clear and straight to the point guides.
  • Has a stylish eBook covers
  • A lot of variety of workouts for your specific needs that you can choose from.


  • There are eBooks which have the same purpose that is why it is hard to choose what to buy.
  • Very lengthy that is why you have to devote a lot of time if you want to learn the workouts.
  • Some of the workouts are too complicated for beginners.

Summary: There are a lot of choices of eBooks for your specific needs those eBooks are created to help fitness trainers to improve their effectiveness in training their clients for them to achieve better and faster results. However, you can also use it for your personal use as I did because it has a lot of useful workouts that you can browse and learn.

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