Singorama by Melanie Alexander – A Complete Review

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Singorama is the most comprehensive computer based singing program, which is tailored to transform your voice from a beginners level to a professional level when singing.
This Singorama review will ensure you understand all the features of this product, all the pros and cons of this product that will provide you with all the information you need to identify if this product can be perfect for you.

Who developed Singorama?

Singorama was developed by Melanie Alexander with the help of a diversified team of music professionals. Melanie Alexander is the major face of Singorama, she was the lead singer for Girlfriend (a popular Australian pop all- girls group). The group was very popular in the 90’s. During this period Melanie got to travel the world and work with the best musicians and producers.

Through Singorama she has complied all her experiences to help those that want to improve their singing skills or help those struggling with their limited vocal ranges and are willing to enhance their timing and improve their vocal range.

This product has incorporates all of elements that helped Melanie improve to become successful musician. Melanie understood that every skill and technique had to be learned and time is needed to be perfect it. So she made Singorama. It is for this reason Singorama has been such a huge success and is highly rated in the category of learning how to sing online .


Product Features.

Singorama course has a lot of high quality content. The course provides exceptional value compared to other high priced singing course and private lessons. Here are the various modes offered:

1. Singorama Audio

The Singorama audio course is structured in a way that is easy for beginners to start learning with initial basic topics like:

  • Learn the correct Posture.
  • Acquire Correct breathing techniques.
  • How to deal with Performance anxiety.
  • Ways to avoid negative habits.
  • Learn all the Music theories.
  • Learn to harmonize your singing.
  • Overcoming stage fright.

Once you have mastered these basic skills, you move on to more challenging topics such as :

  • How to make a song reflect your own personality.
  • How to develop a beautiful tone.
  • Learn how to sing and express the appropriate feeling and expressions.
  • How to master your mixed voice.
  • Learn how to develop your own stage presence.

All this lessons are sequentially arranged and delivered to ensure your singing skills and techniques grow in a more systematic manner to ensure all round improvement.

If you are looking to improve your songwriting skills Singorama course provides an additional 3 4 hours of a songwriting mini course. The songwriting mini-course has two e-books(songwriting creativity and superior songwriting) that provide you with the knowledge required to make you a great songwriter.

The Singorama course also comes with three song for you to sing along while learning. The songs comprise of: A full band version, An instrument only song and A vocals only version. The course has vocal exercises that help extend your vocal range and also strengthen your voice.

2. eBooks

Singorama has a lot reading material to aid in learning. There are mainly two multi media ebooks, there is the beginners book and the other eBook is for more advanced learners. The course also provides additional eBooks namely :

The guide to reading music.
Learning techniques for singing.

These two books provide more information on the many types of musical notations and teaches you learn more on how to read music.

In the course all musical examples within the books are linked to the corresponding audio references, to ensure you can easily understand the content.

3. Software

The course software is available on Mac and PC versions for download on the official website. The software save you time and money because you dont need to pay or wait for shipment.

There are the following programs that can be added to the computer :

Jayde musica pro This a musical theory game that enables you to learn how to read music and teaches you how to identify notes when you hear them while playing the game.
Perfect your pitch This tool provides you with a sequence of notes and you have to identify them based on the sounds they make.
Metronome This is a Metronome software that enables you to adjust the speed of music sound.
Mini recording studio – This Singorama tool that allows you to record your songs and has several useful features such as a virtual piano that helps you stay in tune while singing.

Get Instant Access!

The product has :

Singorama subscription get you direct access to :

  • All the set of the 28 audio modules .
  • Exercise modules, including: Vocals warm ups audio, vocal strengthening exercise audio and range extension exercise audio.
  • All the software tool listed above.
  • All the necessary ebooks and PDF.
  • Most informative vocals package.
  • Affordable price with digital download.

It is important to note that Singorama is a risk free product. Meaning that you have a grace period of 60 days where if you feel Singorama is not worth the money you paid for it, you are allowed to apply for a full refund which is done through whichever mode of payment you had used to pay.


Singorama has several advantages including:

With all a price tag of below $100, the Singorama course is a real bargain. I haven’t seen any other course in that price range with this amount of quality content.
The course is completely online which makes it convenient for anyone to take the course. You save money because you dont need to pay for shipment while saving on time because you start the course as soon as you are done downloading the content. This also means you can take the course from any place of your choosing.

  • Course outline the course content has been arranged in way that is easy to understand, hence you go from beginner level to a professional level with ease.
  • Singorama games The course has several learning games that will simulate a learning experience that will improve your skills and technique in music.

Disadvantages :

  • You must have a digital device to access the course.
  • Since the course is online this means that it is affected by the your internet speed, People have complained for poor audio quality when they had low internet speed connections.

I recommend Singorama to anyone who wants take the most diverse, well organized and informative system on learning how to sing. The unique combination of eBooks, audio modules and softwares games, it means Singorama is the perfect course for beginner to nurture their singing talents. Since the course content is downloadable it means you will always have a reference point in the future.

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– Girls who are afraid of performing in front of crowd can find useful ways to get rid of anxiety and express their best singing abilities.

– Training modules designed to increase vocal strength and give you the most harmonic voice.

– Rules of singing briefed by which you can check your singing abilities while practicing the given exercises.

– The course is available online so that you can take benefit from the useful tips on the go.


The program is make to sharpen your singing abilities but you must take professional guidance if you are not able to get benefit from the advised methods.

Summary: Singorama system is created to unleash the hidden talent inside potential singers as they can get to learn the best posture and singing techniques. So if you are having a beautiful voice which can help you win millions of hearts, this program can polish your singing skills by all possible methods.

RatingRated 4.5 stars