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Having a beautiful physique is the dream of each one of us. Today, most people have become so cautious of their physical appearance that the search of ways to have a proportional and well toned body has become a trend. Whether you are a man or a woman, looking good not only makes you feel good but it also boost your health and your confidence making you more productive. I know you have heard and read so much about losing fat and those extra pounds that make you look so unattractive. I am sure that you have even tried out some of the tips and weight loss programs in the internet but none of the tips or programs has worked for you.


What if I told you that there is a way that you can lose those extra pounds without having to miss a meal, diet or even do those strenuous exercises? I am sure you still believe I am kidding but I am not. Yoga can easily help you lose weight and tone your body to have that attractive body that you have always admired.

About the Kris Fondran

Kris Fondran is the author of this useful guide that has been helping thousands of women lose weight and tone their body using yoga. Kris is a professional yoga expert who has practicing and teaching yoga for 12 years. She has a masters degree in Exercise Science making here one of the most trusted yoga experts in the industry today.

Kris has written this written ShapeShifter Yoga program to enable people easily lose flab using yoga. He has travelled and engaged in different fitness and health groups in different parts of the world such as Canada, China, Germany, Singapore, Holland and United States among those parts of the world.

Numerous people have benefited from her program. You can therefore be assured that here program is effective and could be the answer to helping you achieve the type of body that you have always desired. She has been features is some of the popular health and fitness websites and publications such as Yoga Journal and Cosmopolitan. The ShapeShifter Yoga is a comprehensive program that is aimed to help people get rid of fat and tone and reshape their bodies.


About ShapeShifter Yoga Program

Yoga is not only a good way for you to relax your mind and get rid of stress, you can also use yoga to get rid of the extra pounds and fats that make you over weight and unattractive. Whether you want a firm butt or you want to get rid of the belly fat, the ShapeShifter Yoga program has been designed to help you lose fat, tone and shape your body.

Kris has been trained to guide you on some of the great yoga moves to burn fat and help shape and tone your body. The best part about this program is that you will not only be able to tone and shape your body but you will also boost your mental health and physical and also relax. This program is not as strenuous as most body training programs that require you to lift weights and to do other strenuous exercises.

Kris was a long distance marathon runner who believed that she had to run so as to keep fit. She later discovered yoga at a studio that taught yoga. She started yoga and was amazed to see how yoga transformed her body. As a mother of three who always had to take care of her children, yoga helped her relax, sleep better and feel happier.

You do not have to enroll in a gym to lose weight or tone your body. The program teaches you how to use different yoga relaxing techniques not only to improve your physical appearance but also improve your entire health and make you feel better about yourself.

The program incorporated different yoga techniques to cover different topics on toning and shaping your body. Here are some of the topics that are addressed in the ShapeShifter Yoga program.

  • Why yoga is better for burning fat than running
  • Yoga myths that might be keeping you away from joining yoga
  • The real triggers that are making you fat
  • Why yoga can improve your mans sex life


Why Yoga Is Better for Burning Fat than Running

I am certain that this will come as a surprise to most people. Some of you may even not believe this but it is true, you can easily burn fat and calories using yoga than you can while jogging or running. The fact that you are not doing anything vigorous while doing yoga as opposed to jogging or running does not mean that you are not doing anything. You might be doing so much while doing yoga moves than you would be doing while jogging.

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Yoga Myths that Might be Keeping you Away from Joining Yoga

There are so many myths about yoga that makes most people become disinterested in yoga. Most people think that since yoga is slow and not vigorous that it cannot help you lose weight or calories. I am sure you also think the same. The truth is that you do not have to be vigorous so as to burn fat or burn calories. Simple slow and relaxing yoga moves can help you shed off fat and tone your body.

Another myth and misconception about weight lose and yoga is that if no pain is involved then you cannot lose weight or tone your body. In fact most people say that No pain, no gain. This is just a myth, you do not have to put your body through strenuous and painful procedures for you to tone or lose fat and calories.

The Real Triggers that are Making you Fat

I know they have told you that the main trigger of fat is unhealthy diet, this may be the case but they are not telling you the entire truth about gaining fat. Would you like to know the real trigger that is making you gain fat? The truth is that a hormone called cortisol is responsible for you gaining fat. This hormone is released in your body when it is under stress. When this hormone is released in your body, it fills your body with energy so as to protect you from pain. Anything that caused your body stress can trigger the production of Cortisol which is responsible for making you fat. Most people result to stress eating which boost the hormone and make you gain fat easily and quickly.


Why Yoga can Improve your Mans Sex Life

Are you struggling in your sex life? Yoga could be the answer to your problem. Yoga helps relax your body, get rid of stress and improve blood circulation. This can in turn be useful for making your man easily excited and improve his libido.


Yoga is one of the easiest and fun forms of exercise that anyone looking to tone and shape his or her body can participate in. The ShapeShifter Yoga is a comprehensive guide to learn great yoga techniques and moves to lose fat and also learn about some of the great benefits of yoga. Get yourself a copy of the program and improve your mental and physical health while also improving your marriage and relationship.

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– It is a detailed program that explains everything that you need to know in order to have the posture that you always desire.

– Not only will you attain great shape, the program is designed in an manner that will help you lose the excessive weight.

-The guide highlights some of the most simple techniques that you will need in order to attain the posture you need.

– The ShapeShifter Yoga is a program that has been developed by real professional, therefore, you can be sure of what you are getting.


– You will need to sacrifice some of your time in order to adequately master the exercises advocated by the guide.

Summary: Yoga is a growing practice that has caught up with so many people. The reason for this is because, it will not only help you to lose the excessive weight, but also helps one to achieve a physique and bodily posture that they require. To get the best yoga, you need to start using the best products and ShapeShifter Yoga is one you might consider.

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