Sexual Supremacy Review – Real Or Scam?

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It can be really hard to get near women, they are emotional, cute, feisty, bossy, nice, enchanting, mysterious, ambitious, bubbly, exotic, trouble, complex, all kinds, most beautiful and I could keep going on and on until I get tired and still would not be enough to describe them.

That been said, we all need women in our lives. How can anyone live without them if they are so necessary to each little detail? Then, if you are here, you probably want a way to get to know a nice lady without having all the trouble of being knocked down.

I am an average man, not so tall, not so athletic also very shy, particularly when it’s time to approach to a lady.


There was this moment in my life I review and realized it has passed to much time without having a relationship but the part I miss the most is having sex. I got tired of loneliness and so I started to wonder if there was any way for a man like me to be a pussy magnet without having to spend a fortune on time, gym and shiny stuff.

That’s when I found Brian’s work and at first, I thought it was a scam; however, I was willing to try this Sexual Supremacy with Women just to see.

What do we care about Brian Burke?

He is a ladies’ man and decides some of his time to share a couple of tricks and secrets he has under his sleeve. Then, fewer men would be intimidated by women.

This sir says there are three emotional sex switches every female has. Men do not know about them and if you can get to activate all three of them it would be possible to have whatever girl that exists.

sexual supremacy

The main reason is that these switches are unconscious thus they won’t be able to choose rather react or not and right there is where the guy takes advantage. Then, he develops his major hit which is the Supremacy with Women eBook.

What is Supremacy with Women about?

Brian creates a Program A.C.T. System of Teaching where the focus on the women is the engine that moves the entire sexual machine and reveals several methods that can be used by any men.

In addition, he offers a 100% refund warranty upon any embarrassing rejections with this PDF. To show how much confidence he is on the program developed and show that he is not part of the scams that abound around the internet with books similar to this one.


What does this Sexual Supremacy eBook have to offer?

It comes along with several one-of-a-kind tips that make the ladies crumble, such as:

  • Alpha Male Hack: which makes you truly the boss of the place and especially women will realize.
  • Chase Bait: a technique to make the girl you want to chase you and look for you.
  • Exit Plan: a modus operandi for her to beg me to take her somewhere more private.
  • MPL Role Theory: to draw the line between a serious relationship and something casual.
  • MPL Role Types: to emulate the role she is searching for in her life.
  • MPL Relationship Role: it allows to mold the relationship into the one desired.
  • INS – Embrace Map: To modified your body language and translate her to send the message wanted.
  • The Static – Dynamic Opener Formula: To embellish a woman even if she seems out of your league.
  • Mind – Body Balance Calibration: to avoid the friend zone and the despicable type zone.
  • Sex God Game plan: How to excite a lady from the very moment you met, a few tricks of foreplay and the sex per se.
  • Reverse Escalation Technique: making her touch, massage, kiss, lick, and suck and ride YOU.
  • Power Reversal Process: It skips her objections making you look like as a sexual prize and as a trophy she has to win.
  • 3DE Formula: To translate the women deepest thoughts.
  • ME – Q Strategy: Banging the girl the way she desires to create the need of return and also activate the “Referral Sex”.
  • Spec – Com Opener: makes females to forget about the surroundings including her friends making seducing you the priority.
  • Elicit Reward Touch Pattern: to make her take the initiative.
  • Comfort – Arousal Ramp: Is like a fast-forward button to heat things up faster than ever.


And what do I get from this book that I can’t find anywhere else?

This eBook offers important information that is not only unique but also useful in real life conditions; as well as some additional features to ensure the success of your plan, and a lot of self-confidence.

Limitless with Jay Cataldo: Teaches you the secret of inner happiness, how to let the fear and the anxiety behind to get away from the mental trap that keeps you from growing as a person and continue to move on.

Date like a Boss: Hydro teaches you how to completely set up a Date with any female. What to text her, what places to chose and everything that this reunion implies.

LEAD7 System: By Ian whose letters stands for Leadership Emergence and Accelerated Development plus the seven principles of Fast Learning.

Approaching Made Easy: Brian reviews another secret, including a short starter video where he explains how to approach softly but easily to a girl.

Raw Interview with women: By Megan, Maria, and Analise. Gives you the power to read females’ minds with a full review with these three ladies that Brian has already use his effect on but from their perspectives.


Why was Supremacy with Women created?

As a final solution to the loneliness, many guys had with a universal message so anybody could be able to put it into practice

As a way to spread Brian’s knowledge so a bigger number of people can profit from its benefits and enjoy pleasure with women as well.

But this program is not made for those gentlemen who want to settle down and build a serious relationship; the goal is to taste as many girls sexually as possible

Get Instant Access!

Which results will I get from it?

  1. It would be a drastic change of rhythm in the sex lives of those who have the will to follow the advice specified in the manual.
  2. A notorious increase of the list of ladies that you had taken to bed, even those who seemed unattainable.
  3. Improved self-image and probably a nice style setting

Testimonies that supports Supremacy with women:

Rohan is a middle-aged man who has divorced recently, is not in the best shape, speaks a very heavy foreign language and also has lost almost all of his hair.

He says thanks to Supremacy with Women he was able to be back on the market and bang many girls who are very sexy and in her early twenties.


According to Daniel who is in his forties, has a few extra pounds and was a very introvert guy who just had sex with two long-term girlfriends after winning their trust; his life has made a 180° change. Nowadays he even has options of what girl take to bed.

Click Here to Buy Sexual Supremacy


  • One single charge and a very bargain price, very secure and discreet system of purchasing.
  • Well explained, with extra features very helpful.
  • No shameful rejection warranty.
  • Easy to actually use.


  • Only in digital format, I would like a CD or print book as well.
  • The book can be found only in its official site only,

Summary: The Sexual Supremacy has a complete set of features that are really handful when needed, also the writing and the practical information are trouble-free to carry on. Easy to understand and apply as well.
I can tell, there is a before and an after when you start playing with what Supremacy with Women has to offer. My sex life has boosted in a way that I sometimes find hard to imagine. So, get it now and start living that sexual life you are now dreaming.

RatingRated 4.5 stars