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What if I told you that you have been lied to by all the men you have dated and even the one you are dating is lying to you? Get me right, by lying I do not necessarily mean that he is seeing another woman or is cheating on you. He might be faithful to you but he is not truthful to you about what he feels, what he thinks and what he wants. Have you ever felt angered and frustrated thinking and wondering why the man you love keeps lying to you, why he cannot tell you the truth and love you the right way? You are not alone in this; thousands of women have being going through the same problem for years. If you are desperate to know what men think, what men really want and why men lie to women they love; then Secret Survey is for you.

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About the Author – Michael Fiore

The author of the Secret Survey is Michael Fiore, a relationship expert. He has been helping people in troubled relationships improve their relationships, heal and become better in communicating. While counseling and guiding women and men in relationships on how to better their relationship; Michael received numerous emails from women who were angry and frustrated about their relationships. These women felt that the men they loved were not meeting their expectations. Many felt that they were being cheated and lied to by the men they loved. It is the numerous emails from angry and frustrated women that lead Michael to carry out a secret survey to know what women would want to know about men and what men would want women to know but could not tell them

About Secret Survey


Secret Survey is book that contains the findings from a survey carried out by Michael Fiore. It is available in audio, video and book format. The book mainly covers what men think and what they want but are afraid to tell the women they love. The book is aimed to help women understand what it is like to be a man, what men think, want and say in the absence of women.

If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship with the man you love, it is important for you to be able to understand what he thinks and what he wants. Unlike women who are very open, men can be reserved and shy especially when it comes to topics relating to emotions and feelings. Men have desired and needs that they want their women to meet but they are at times coy about saying what they want. This makes most women feel angered and frustrated. Most men will lie about what they want and what they think when asked by the women they love. You might be wondering; why does he lie to me if at all he loves me?, doesnt he trust me enough to tell me what he thinks and wants? All these are common questions that most women ask whenever they feel unsure about a mans love for them.


If you find yourself questioning whether your man is true to you or whether he is lying to you, there is a reason. The reason is that he is lying to you and is not honest with you. I know that this will make you feel more angered but it is the truth. Yelling at him, forcing the truth out of him or ignoring him will not make your man tell you the truth. In reality, it will only make him drift away from you.

Knowing what a man wants, what his inner most secrets, desires and needs are can make you an irresistible woman who always attracts him. You will be like a magnet and it will be so hard for him to say no to you.

The content of the Secret Survey can help you make the man you love open up to you whenever you want. It can make your man tell you all his secrets including some of the most dirty secrets and desires he has and what he wants in bed. The truth is that you already have what it takes to be his dream woman but to win him over and make him open up to you; you need to understand what he thinks and wants.

The Survey

The survey was carried out secretly by Fiore who sent emails to his subscribers and followers. The email directed to his female subscribers asked the question If you had the telepathy to read any mans mind; what is the one thing you would desperately want to know? For the men; the email contained the question was, What is one thing you desperately wish women understood about men but could never tell her?

Results of the Survey

The results of the survey were astonishing. Thousands of women and men responded to the email sharing their thoughts and feelings.

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Most women felt angered and frustrated from the tone of their writing. Many women felt desperate and angered since the men they loved were not reciprocating the love they felt for them the same way. Their anger and frustrations was evident in the questions they asked in response to the email they received. Here are some of the questions women felt they would want to get answers.

  • What does he think about me?
  • Why does he look at other women?
  • Why do men lie?
  • Would he cheat on me?
  • Is he cheating on me now?
  • Will he love me forever?
  • Why doesnt he talk to me?
  • Why does he get so quiet?
  • Does he really love me?
  • How do I make him love me?

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The survey was carried out on 21,412 men. Thousands of men responded opening up and sharing some of their secrets and what they would want the women they love to know but would never tell them. Below are some of the things that men revealed.

  • What they truly wanted from women.
  • What hurt them about women and how women emotionally devastate men without even knowing
  • Why they lied to women and why they felt they had to lie to women
  • What they really wanted in bed
  • Their deepest and dirtiest sexual fantasies they would not reveal to any woman no matter the circumstance.
  • If women understood what it was like to be a man
  • Why guys act the way they do and what guys really want

After reading through what both men and women carrying out the secret survey had to say; Michael decided to share the information that men shared about what they want, why they lie and other things that men want. The main aim was to make it easier for women to understand men better.


Giving the information about what men think, want and desire to women without telling them how to use that information would be harmful to women. Some women would be scared and others would be angered so Michael decided to make a step by step program for women that revealed what men want, think and desire and help women use that information to improve their relationships.

The information contained in Secret Survey is not only important in helping women have happy and fulfilling relationships they have always longed for but it also help avoid so much anger, fights and unnecessary arguments in a relationship. The program provides you with the answers to all the questions you have been asking yourself concerning your man. Secret Survey also provides information on what men think and what they want. It also contains other exciting topics and discussions such as:

  • Why men are like dogs and you are a bad owner
  • How to interpolate man speech
  • The reason why men are so hard to understand
  • Using projective empathy to know what is going on in a mans mind even if he doesnt know what he is thinking himself.
  • Why men lie to women they love?
  • And the simple conversational tricks to make any man open up to you quickly
  • Emotional castration and how to recover
  • Creating a basis of truth, honesty and communication in any relationship you get into.

You can either choose to be bitter and angry at the man you love for not being completely honest with you or you can use that anger and bitterness you feel to better you relationship and get you man to open up to you. The key thing is to act now and act fast when you have the chance to know what the man you love thinks and get him to open to you even without asking him to. You need to enroll to the Program to be able to know what your man thinks.

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– Men and women can take benefits of hundreds of solutions which are provided in the book regarding issues that can eventually destroy a relationship.

– Learn the habits which you must quit in order to live a loving and friendly life with your partner.

– Survey based on real life matters and questions which might arise in your mind regarding your relationship status.

– Once you have gone through the survey, you will surely find a best solution for any question or ambiguity which you might be having regarding your partner.


People who are already separated or have entered in a situation where there is no chance of a come back cannot find any useful tips throughout this book.

Summary: Secret Survey, designed by Michael Fiore is a program based on real life consequences which have caused misunderstandings and complexities in relationships. Concerns regarding truth, honesty and physical desires have been the main focus of the author so that both men and women can get the best solution for the questions which might be a great cause for their weak relationship.

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