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Ive always been enthralled by the wonders that music can bring to life. I watched in amazement and wonder as the most marvelous pianists play with a swiftness I couldnt comprehend, and bring the most heart-twisting melodies into life. I looked at the faces of the most skilled musicians as they twist with the emotions of the music they summon into the airwaves, and I saw joy, I saw pain, I even saw nothing but the ease with which they play, but one thing I never spotted was effort.


It looked to me as if they were wizards, conjuring magic which is out of the human potential. Yet the music they brought into existence spoke about the most humane of emotions that stirs in the heart of musicians and artists. The halls they filled with people proved that it is indeed real, for that many people experience this marvel with their own soul and own ears. And the history of these musicians speak of an even more energizing fact, informing those who study it that it is not a skillset they were born with, but one that may be learned through hard work, endurance and effort.

Rocket Piano is the program that has proven this fact by teaching almost a hundred thousand people how to play piano. It is a comprehensive guide which helps anyone striving to be a musician to master the art of conjuring a composition, even those who have no prior training in music.

The First Steps of Mastery


If you have never touched a piano yet you want to master it, Rocket Piano is an amazing guide for you. It is going to guide you step by step through theory and practice with ease, the way it guided more than 90,000 students. It will teach you how to comprehend and read music notes, how to improvise alone or working together with a band, how to play in numerous styles, and how to play the style and technique of the world-class professionals.

The program is extremely easy to use, and it was designed to focus only on the most necessary aspects of training. Among others, Rocket Piano includes sound files, video lessons, instructions you can follow step by step, and lessons on how to play back a melody you just heard.

Behind the program stands a team of award-winning, professional musicians who has been teaching piano for 30 years. With their expertise combined, they created the most effective piano learning program in existence which guides the pupil through the hardest parts of learning with passion and with ease.

Rocket Piano includes the Beginners Book, which is a must read e-book for those who have no experience with a piano. It talks about the basics of the instrument, its anatomy and how the various keys and pedals work and it teaches you the proper finger and hand technique. It delves into music theory and talks about rhythm, melody and harmony, the three basic principles of music. If you study and understand the knowledge the Beginners Book provides, you will be able start pursuing your dream of becoming a musician.


Next, Rocket Piano includes the Intermediate Book. After you understand the basics about your instrument and about music, this second book will initiate you into the forest of music theory, with comprehensive lessons on rhythm, melody and harmony. This part will also teach you how to read music, including various key and time signatures in the beginning of the line, and how to perform the harder chords that are often used in jazz music. The Intermediate Book is a book that focuses almost completely on practice, and by studying its lessons, you will be able to play on a level that is already impressive.

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Rocket Piano includes the Advanced Book as well, which is the final level of your progression as a pianist. This book will teach you how to write and compose songs, how to modify and personalize a song, including changing its key, how to improvise and jam in various styles, and so forth.

This is not all the program will teach you. Next, you will receive the Rocket Piano Jazz Book. This is s a comprehensive guide on every aspect of Jazz, including its history, its greatest performers, the common chords and traits, and so forth. The book will teach you everything you need to start playing in Jazz style either the most famous songs of the style or your own compositions.

Their next book teaches everything you need to know on spiritual music, including its history, its theory and the Pentatonic and Blues scales the gospel and other musicians use in their compositions.

And finally you will receive the Jam Tracks and Quizzes. Jamming is the process of improvising with a band with which you have a great synergy, but as everything else, this too is a skill that must be learned and perfected. By the 26 jam tracks this package contains, you will be able to play along with a band with ease.

Bonus Content


As a bonus, you will also receive the Rocket Piano Metronome, which is a tool that helps you keep your rhythm while you play. It helps you maintain the speed and timing and eliminate most of the mistakes beginners make.

The second bonus is the Jayde Musica Pro, which is going to teach you the best and most effective method of memorizing long pages of notes.

The Chordinator is yet another bonus for Rocket Piano, which is a tool that helps you to read chords in the most effective and playful way.

The Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano will teach you a method by which you can reduce the time it takes for you to master playing on the piano to 50 percent.

And the final guide is the Perfect Your Pitch Pro. By using this tool, you will be able to train your ears to be able to play better and transcribe or replay melodies youve heard in a much easier, error-free way.


For $39, you will receive the 218 lessons that guide you through the learning process step by step, along with 57 video lessons, and with lifetime updates. The package also includes the aforementioned bonus tools that are going to help you become a professional musicians if you are willing to invest energy and time to learn it.

Rocket Piano unlocks a new path in your life; a path of becoming a professional musician. It is not impossible, and by using the lessons of the most famous program, you too can become a world-class pianist if your lifetime.

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– Consisting of lectures, video tutorials and notes so that beginners can learn and practice piano on their own.

– Easy to comprehend methods and techniques to become a professional piano player.

– Life time updates and bonus tools have proven to be of great support for the starters.

– Best for people who are planning to become a musician in the future as the book is written by professional piano artist.


Although you will have to pay $39 to purchase the book, which might seem to be costly for the starters, but the benefits are far greater in value than the actual cost of the program.

Summary: Rocket Piano is the perfect training guide consisting of video lectures, notes and tutorials designed for people who are struggling to become a professional piano player. Learn the key features which can make you play any tone in rhythm by following the book and enhance your passion to become an expert musician without any training or guidance.

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