My Review: Does Pull Your Ex Back Work or Not?

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Are you sick of so-called “dating advice” that doesn’t help your relationship at all?

I know how you feel. You may have reached the end of your rope. Another night spent at home, on the couch, in your pajamas. Just you, Ben, and Jerry.

Maybe, if it’s one of those really bad days where you’d do or give anything just to be in the same room as your ex, you’ll be joined by a chick flick of epically cheesy proportions. Guys, don’t hate me – just replace “chick flick” with whatever men do whenyou’re pining overyour ex.


Not anymore. Grab your remote, turn off your TV, and get comfortable, because you’ll want to pay full attention to learn how to become irresistable to your ex.

This is not just another half-hearted dating advice guide. You will learn, on a deeper level, not only how to reignite the spark of your ex’s desire for you, but you’ll improve your perspective on life. This will result in you being able to enjoy not just a happier relationship with your ex, but also with yourself.

The foolproof techniques you’ll learn have brought many men and women success over the years.

I do want to warn you: the methods in this book are based on very unconventional psychological principles. The author, Ryan Hall, gives an in-depth explanation about the reasoning behind each technique.

At first, you might be surprised because so many of these methods go against the traditional dating advice we’ve all heard, regugitated throughout the years. However, if you conciously make it a point to follow each technique step-by-step, your ex will be knocking on your door in no time!

I bet you’re tempted to contact your ex.

Maybe you toss and turn at night, wondering what they’re doing and if they’re thinking of you, too. This thought drives you so crazy that you draft a text, email or Facebook message to them. But whatever you do…

using phone while driving

Don’t hit “Send”!

I know it’s tough because I’ve been there. When my first serious boyfriend, Paul, and I broke up, I walked around in a daze for weeks. It was impossible to eat or sleep, and it felt like I could never break out of that gut-wrenching cycle of self-loathing. Every song that came on the radio reminded me of him, every movie, just everwhere I went, I couldn’t get Paul out of my head.

The only thoughts that seemed to cycle through my mind were, “If only I did this…If only I were this way…maybe he’d love me.”. So I called, IMmed (this was the very early 2000’s, so no social media yet), I bugged him at school…

Needless to say, he didn’t take me back.

That doesn’t have to be your fate! My pining for Paul is now long over, and I’m married now, but if I could go back in time and find this book to save myself from all that heartache, I would do it in a second.

I want to save you the humiliation of chasing after your ex andhaving all your friends and family worry about you, because you’ll soon find out, there is a much better way to go about this.

Using Ryan’s Instant Shift Technique, you’ll learn how to get over the hurdle of wanting to contact your ex.

You’ll also find out why shifting your mindset is so very important to bring you success when using these techniques. If I only knew about this technique back then!

About a month after Paul and I broke up, we had an assembly at school. I was sitting up high in the bleachers with my friends, and I saw him sitting on the floor with another girl. The whole way through the assembly, I fought to hold back tears. After it was over, I did a HUGE no-no and confronted him about it.

He saw how hurt I was, and was annoyed at me bugging him constantly by that point, so can you guess what he said? He told me that one of his guy friends said about him and the other girl, “I couldn’t tell where she ended and you began”. I was devastated.

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What I finally learned, and you’ll learn, too, is that having successful relationships is a skill, like changing the oil in your car or cooking.

No, people aren’t just born being good at relationships. This stuff is learned. You’re about to unlock the key to developing great relationships for the rest of your life, and I am so excited for you!

Your ability to control your emotions determines whether or not you’ll be able to get your ex back. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Thoughts become things?”.

Understandably, after a breakup, you’re probably in a bad headspace. This means, maybe you’re not even concious that you’re doing this, but you’re probably expecting the worst-case scenario. Maybe you’re doing what I did with Paul and overanalyzing every conversation, every word andevery hint of their body language.


Ryan helps you understand why and how these negative thought patterns occur, and how to fix them so you can start learning how to make your ex become addicted to you.

You’ll learn why the “No Contact” rule is so important, and how it’ll shift your mindset into a more healthy one. While you’re not contacting your ex and working on taking care of yourself, they will start wondering what you’re up to.

They might even start thinking, “Did I really mean that little to them, that they can just stop talking to me that easily?”. Of course, please keep in mind that using the “No Contact” rule is not easy, but once you see your ex starting to get curious about you again, you can begin to understand and enjoy the benefits from it.


While this program’s creator, Ryan Hall, doesn’t have a psychology degree, he is considered a sort of relationship expert among his fans.

I think that’s one of the most appealing things about this program, though. You’re not going to see the recycled advice herethat you couldfind on any daytime talk show.

Reunited and it feels so good.

This program is just $47, more than worth it to become irresistable to your ex! Imagine how amazing you will feel when you hear your ex say how much they’ve missed you. Can you feelthe warmth in their embrace or their lips on yours?

This eBook is available in PDF format, so you can start reading it as soon as 5 minutes after you order Pull Your Ex Back today!

What are you waiting for? Reignite your ex’s desire for you in ways you never thought possible!

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– Best relationship development guides by which you can get your ex back without any difficulties.

– Based on real life scenarios and events which bring the most useful tips and tricks.

– The ebook has alot more to offer than relationship development method as you can get to learn the ways to live a happier life with your partner forever.

– Step by step methods which will develop enough self confidence within you so that you can approach your ex with ease.

– Added benefits upon the purchase along with money back guarantee.


The e book requires extensive reading habits so that you can get to learn the best relationship protection techniques.

Summary: Pull Your Ex Back program is an irresistible guide designed for people who are coping with a relationship breakdown and want to get their ex returned at the earliest. Based on real life scenarios and matters, you can get an instant solution for the development of strong and never ending relationship. So if you are tired of your lonely life, Pull Your Ex Back can help you by all means.

RatingRated 4.5 stars