Prosperity Miracles Review – Should You Really Buy It?

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It is a normal goal for humans to aim for a life that is full of happiness, prosperity, and positivity. To achieve this, we are constantly working hard. But oftentimes, no matter how hard we try, life still gives us problems that hinder us from achieving our goals. However, the program offers to aid us in achieving our success.

If you are also having a hard time overcoming the obstacles of life, take a look at this program. Prosperity Miracles is a program that focuses on helping a financially-challenged individual unlock the ability to have a prosperous life. This is a Prosperity Miracles review that will discuss how this program may help you receive abundance and start attracting wealth. By the end of this review, you can decide for yourself if this program is legit or a scam.

What are Prosperity Miracles?

Prosperity Miracles is a compilation of audio soundtracks by Stefan Peters that aims to help a person obtain abundance from the universe. Moreover, it is a program created to help people who are suffering from negativity and are having a hard time getting on the track of the road to success. And that is true based on their reviews.

It is said that for just as short as 10 minutes, it can bring changes in your life, allowing you to get hold of your greatest desires. It may sound too good to be true, but it was backed up by a scientific explanation based on human brain waves. This concerns the law of attraction and a hidden force that prevents us from achieving the good things in life.

About the Program Designer Stefan Peters and His Review

Stefan Peters is a well-known spiritual teacher who has written lessons about targeted meditation. These lessons have helped many of his clients to free themselves from their financial struggles. Moreover, he uses science and research for his programs that already helped distress many people all over the world and allow them to achieve financial abundance. He has been featured in several major media outlets, including CBS and Fox News.

According to him, he was able to generate around $675,000 while traveling for a year across the globe. And this was not because he was born from a wealthy family or had an already successful business. Rather, he started as a simple man with a nine-to-five office job.

His Life Before Success

Stefan Peters was employed as an IT staff for a small accounting firm where he stayed for over 15 years. He was just like you, who thinks that your efforts will be paid off through a promotion or salary increase if you work hard and stay loyal to the company. However, an incident had changed his life. However, an incident had changed his life.

He made a careless mistake which broke the company’s server for half a day. As a result, he was called to his boss’s office, where he got yelled at. Furthermore, his boss made it clear that he can get easily replaced.

One day, he bumped with his old friend named Richard, who was a high school drop-out due to financial challenges. But when they met again, Richard already owned a multi-million-dollar business.

Richard then noticed that Stefan was struggling. He then advised him about how hard work is not always the key, and you need to ask the universe for the things that you need. Richard then invited Stefan to an online program about manifestation that helped him achieve the success he has.

Stefan then spent two months engaging himself in the online program. However, his life was not improving no matter how many times he tried. His life just went more downhill. He even received an eviction notice if he fails to pay his rent.

The Encounter that Changed His Life

One day, he got a call for a job interview. While on his way, an old man had approached him and told him to stay calm whatever might happen. Stefan became frustrated and shook off the old man.

When he returned home, his life became like getting stuck in quicksand. He found a note from his wife that says she is leaving him because of the stress. Stefan broke down and planned to commit suicide.

While he was standing on top of a bridge when suddenly, an old man grabbed him, to his surprise, it was the same old man that he met earlier. The old man knew his name and his struggles which made Stefan confused.

Afterward, the old man revealed himself to be Theodore Luck, who came from a family of spiritual guides. He said that he was sent by the universe to help him. Theodore then handed an MP3 player to Stefan. He was hesitant to listen at first, but when he went home, he gave it a try.

Stefan then miraculously felt peace and calmness amidst the negativities he is currently experiencing. His muscles were relaxed, and his body became light. For him, it was like just having woken up from a deep relaxing sleep.

His New Start

This was when his life started to go uphill. He obtained money from a friend who introduced him to an investment scheme. To his surprise, the money he received was the same exact amount that he needed to pay to avoid getting evicted from his place. He then started working as a freelance software engineer and received dozens of requests. 

After experiencing success, he thought he needed to share this experience with anyone struggling like his past self. He consulted Theodore about it, and finally, he had compiled everything in a program called the Prosperity Miracles. Now, he aims to help you with your financial struggles and help you live a life you have always wanted.

The Science Behind the Prosperity Miracles

As mentioned, Prosperity Miracles are backed by scientific research. According to quantum physics principles, everything, including ourselves, is made of either positive or negative energy. Our goals, dreams, and the success we want to achieve are positive energy, while the things we avoid in life are negative energy.

Hence, the program suggests that in order to attract good things in life, you just have to be positive and emit positive energy. If we continue to emit negative energy, we will only be attracting bad things in life.

It is also a sad truth that we cannot remove this negative energy from our lives. However, it does not mean that we just have to accept them. As Einstein said: “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted.” That is what the program suggests to do— convert the negative energy into positive.

The Hidden Force

Attracting positivity is not as easy as it sounds. A hidden force constantly blocks you from doing so. This hidden force called the Mind Reaper traps the negative energy inside you. And according to Harvard neuroscientists, it is the reason why you keep getting unlucky even if you tried your best to improve your life. 

The Mind Reaper prevents you from obtaining financial abundance. It makes you feel negative about yourself and makes you think that you cannot achieve anything. However, certain sound frequencies can help you remove the Mind Reaper.

These soundtracks that Theodore gave Stefan to attract positive energy contain these certain sound frequencies. These are called Miracle soundwaves and can help you focus on positivity after listening. You also may grab the chance to listen to this program so that you would have a brighter and less toxic life.

What are the contents of the Prosperity Miracles?

The program consists of two main parts. The first part is called “Breaking the Mind Reaper,” and the second part is called “The Prosperity Tracks.”

Breaking the Mind Reaper consists of 3 audio tracks that are 5, 10, and 30 minutes in length. It uses highly effective brain frequencies to stop the negative influences and convert them into positive energy. Listening to these tracks can help you block sources of negative energy and start manifesting the achievement of your dreams.

On the other hand, the Prosperity Tracks are subdivided into Morning tracks and Evening tracks. These tracks are designed to help you connect with the Universe to achieve your greatest desires. Take note that the tracks are only meant to be listened to from either morning or evening as to where they are assigned to ensure effectiveness. The morning tracks are for people who have more time in the morning, while the evening tracks can help you achieve deep sleep.

Contents of the two Prosperity Tracks include:

The Prosperity Tracks are designed to direct your subconscious mind into achieving anything that you desire. Furthermore, each track is designed for various purposes such as relaxation, wealth and abundance, prosperity, and others. These tracks are divided into two categories, and each category is composed of the following songs:

Morning Prosperity Tracks

  • Morning Energy Attractor
  • Growing Unlimited Wealth
  • Prosperity Multiplier
  • The Universe Whisperer

For the Morning Prosperity tracks, you will have to spend 10 minutes for this in the morning. It would be best to listen to them early in the morning when there are no other sound distractions or interventions.

Evening Prosperity Tracks

  • Deep Sleep Powerful Mind
  • Activate Endless Prosperity
  • Money & Abundance Magnet
  • Your Wealth Miracles

On the other hand, the Evening Prosperity tracks should be listened to at night. It is not recommended to listen to it in the morning because some tracks induce deep sleep. Hence, for the best effects of this program, it is highly suggested to listen to the tracks at the time of day they are designed for.

How to be a part of the Program?

It is easy to involve yourself in the program as it is developed as a plug-and-play system. All you have to do is log-in to the private online portal and press play. And that’s it. Just by hitting that play button, you can now start converting negative to positive energy and experience prosperity.


Everyone wants to be successful, but not all of us are born with a silver spoon. You may think that you should work hard to achieve your dreams. However, things may not always go the way you wanted. With the Prosperity Miracles program, you may be able to unlock your ability to obtain the abundance of the universe. We hope that through reading this Prosperity Miracles review, you were able to grasp more about this program and how it may aid you in achieving the success you are always dreaming of.


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It is easy to follow the program. All you have to do is close your eyes as you listen to life-changing soundtracks.
It will not take much time to follow the program. You will only need to invest 10 to 30 minutes every day.
You could easily follow the program without prior knowledge about manifestation.
It could help you achieve a dramatic transformation in your life by obtaining wealth, happiness, and abundance.


It requires the listener to have a quiet place where there will be no distractions while listening. Any kind of disturbances while listening may cause negative effects.
Failure to follow and skipping instructions may not yield perfect results. You need to follow the instructions completely in order to obtain success and outstanding results.

Summary: Are you having trouble dealing with life? Are you constantly bothered by negative thoughts and problems, thus making it hard for you to succeed in life? The Prosperity Miracles program may help you get rid of those negativities in order to achieve a better life.

It is a program designed by Stefan Peters to help people achieve success through attracting positivity. This program includes soundtracks that help in blocking off the negative energy from the brain. Here is a Prosperity Miracles review to help you know more about this program and how it may help you.

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