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The Archetype is a concept of us relating to our behavior by modern psychological theory. It is a pattern of our behavior and lets us know our personalities better.

Sometimes we were wondering what type of person are we which is very important in life because this is the measurement of how people will see you and interact with you.

The Psyche is the element either pre-personal or transpersonal and common to all of us. The Psyche is the combination of the different aspect of our lives namely emotions soul, spirit, mind.


Introduction to the Website

There are 12 kinds of archetypes in our personality. Each archetype is unique and symbolizes the specific characteristic of each person. It shows the strengths, weaknesses and the value of you as a person.

There are too various types of personality in this world we literally do not have an idea of the different personalities of people. As the times goes by, as we grow up we meet a lot of people that has its differences in terms of attitude, culture, religion, and etc.

As we all know in order for us to get along with the other people it’s a little bit difficult especially if you do not have an idea of the personality of the person you are dealing with. However, after we met somebody it takes time to know each other.

Sometimes the people you may see is not that compatible with your attitude but it doesn’t matter because your goal is to know this person and get used to him or her whether it’s bad or good.

Carl Jung a psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology said the identity of psychic structure is common to all which he called “archetypes”. In his study, myths and religion is the culture of the past and present which has a resemblance to the pattern of our personality.

The Determinants of my Decision

I was a person which you can consider as a snob. I’m not a friendly person at all and I’m not romantic at all. Sometimes my friends are inviting me to chat and to go out with them but for me, I prefer to be alone all the time.

I was really frustrated at that time because some of the people’s attitudes are hard to be recognized at first.


Because I have this fear to socialize with them because for me I feel like they will deceive me at the end.

Luckily I found this website which offers a simple quiz a question that relates to you. That can be done by answering the question they have. The method was too easy.

In this website’s content which focuses on how to know what kind of archetype personality I have.

Having Fun

I encountered a lot of fun questionnaires regarding archetype. The quiz is fun and it’s all about your personality; you just need to answer the question about yourself.

By taking the quiz you will be discovering about what personality you possess.

So I tried this and it really works on me easily within 5 minutes I was already finished.

I did not experience any difficulty at all in answering the questions I learned something new to myself.

The Benefits

I was really happy that I saw this website because of it I learned something more about myself and my distinct characteristics as well about my past that I should improve. This is really applicable to all types of personalities.


Here are some of the benefits that I got while using this website:

 Drives you to have a stronger personality
 Time-saving for decision making
 Development of mind day by day
 Expression of feeling and experience
 Speaking directly to the person

How I Can Describe the Program?

The website is composed of questions which are easy to answer at the same time. The program is scientifically tested that is really working and a large number of clients are all satisfied. They have tried some websites that are similar to this website and no one came close in terms of accuracy.

When you reached the end of the questionnaires they will send you the result of what type of archetypes do you possess. You will hear a voice which gives the result of your quiz and you can also read it by words.

For me, I am happy with the result and I think it is really accurate based on my behavior.

I also have a friend who has the same problem as me, that’s why I told him to try this quiz too. He took the quiz and listened to the result. After he heard the result he is very thankful and happy about it.

Because he learned that he may improve himself by applying this method to socialize properly with other people.


My Transformation

There are all different archetypes when it comes to personal development which I am lazy to study archetypes. Because before I do not have an idea that it is really important for people to be familiar.

Thankfully I came across this wonderful website which gave me an idea of what kind of archetype do I possess. Because of it, I feel that I am a changed man for the reason that I really improved a lot in terms of socializing.

I also gained a lot of self-confidence with myself because before I do not really have an idea on what to improve and I thought that being my old self is just normal. I did not know that these things can be actually changed with just the help of the website.

Archetypes addressed personality problems because it helps us to bring out our inner personality which is much better with our known persona.

Tackling the Problem

The problem arises when we have personality problems in our entire life because we pretty much forget who we are.
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Because of this we also forgot to socialize with other people properly which results in misunderstandings and mishaps.

So for me, after I used this website I saw the result of my personality test and I think that’s true. Because I always wanted to travel to explore new things and see something I never been before.

However, I want to do it all alone before but after learning a lot from the personality test I became more open to socializing with other people.

The result of my quiz is “The Explorer”. Because an explorer has a lot of positive traits such as intelligent and charismatic, yet the Explorer has its blind spots and limitations.

If left unmanaged, it can lead you to a downward spiral. However, if correct, it can lead to a better you.

The Conclusion

These messages helped me a lot when it comes to the development of my personality. It gives me the courage to live the life ahead. The compatible archetype for me according to the personality test were a jester, orphan and ruler

Jester was the best and very compatible with my archetype because of its trait of being carefree and fun-loving and it is great to explore for both of us.

On the other hand, orphan which the complete opposite because we need balance to each other and it also offers great adventures ahead.

While the Ruler is my undesirable side because it always tries to take away the adventure and end up frustrated eventually grow resentful.


These are the summary of the things that I learned from the personality test, at first I thought that everything was a scam because as we all know there are a widespread of scam sites all over the internet.

My Recommendation and Appreciation

Luckily, the site is really legit though I tried to search a lot of forums to verify its credibility. This site is highly recommended for people who are having an identity crisis or just wants to learn more about themselves.

Thank you for reading my honest to goodness review regarding this service and I wish you all luck and success on your respective goals.


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  • The website’s design is high-quality and the images are high definition.
  • The website loads really quick and optimized to provide a wonderful experience to its users.
  • It is highly interactive which makes the experience of the users really satisfying.
  • No hidden charges.
  • The results of the test are accurate to your personality.


  • You cannot use it when you are not connected to the internet.
  • Much better if the archetypes are explained well on the main page of the site because I think it lacks some explanation regarding the benefits of knowing your  specific archetype.

Summary: This is a great website to try if you want to know your behavior/personality because of this website you will have an idea of what you must improve in order to become a better person.

RatingRated 4.5 stars