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Point guard academy review aims at increasing your basketball skills and making you to be a better basketball player. The point guard academy package consists of seven parts which explains on different techniques that will make you a basketball player.

Author of the program

The author of the program is Damin Altizer. With an educational background from The University of Virginia, a record of success as a basketball player alongside trainer, the program is worthy a purchase. With his training skills and interaction with other basketball players, expect a change in your basketball skills within a given period of time.

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What is the program all about?

Credit goes to Damien Altizer for coming up with the unique program. The program boosts your basketball skills. I bet you want to be a best basketball player or train your friend to be one. With the book I can attest to that it will be a matter of time before you become a great basketball player.

You will be subjected to a 12 week training of Quoc Tu where you will be learn different features about the product and the major benefits about the product. The product is different from many other programs on an online platform since it combines basketball skills, mentality and leadership to come up with a complete package that that will address all your problems.

The program is presented in an easy to read format whereby there are 8 subdivisions of the different modules. The eight subdivisions cover a period of two weeks.

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Purpose of the point guard academy

The purpose of the point guard academy is to provide you with knowledge and skills that will make you a better basketball player. It helps you to be a smart thinker. Its a good program that trains newbies in the basketball game to be good basketball players. Its a good program for college students who wish to boost their basketball game level.

Its an awesome program that is much different from other basketball camps. It provides you with the knowledge of excellent basketball playing besides being a game leader and changer. With the combination of videos, drills, skrills and classroom instructional videos, the program aims at delivering excellent results.

Mode through which the system works

The systems works with the combination of all the aspects of point guard development. With the program, you will be required to complete a given set of skills in a week so as to proceed to the next step. With the different aspects of basketball game such as roll execution, mental training and ball handling, the program is a perfect suite to boost your skills. With the new electronic guide on the method of exercises you have an assurance that your basketball game will be taken to another level.

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The point guard academy e-book and video

Within the eight modules of the e-book, there are eight modules that contain eight motivational audios. In the e-guide, there is a given curriculum that makes sure that there is a progression from one level to another. The curriculum is available in printable sheets. The curriculum is developed to ensure that the people who use the program receive maximum output.

The e-book contains a complete illustration of given drills. With the complete illustration of the drills, you will be in a good position to perform the given drills effectively. If you are not an e guide lover, you will have different video sets which will improve your learning skills. The important part of the program is that it provides you with guest articles from different basketball players. The articles will greatly boost your basketball skills.

Point guard product details

The content in the e-book is divided into various sections. Some of the sections include: Attacking flat or horns screen, wash pushup drill, the situation of full court, some basketball playing physical exercises, tennis ball work, superman, and motivation leaders among the taking tips from professional leaders.

With the content, you will not only be a good basketball player but an excellent thinker who will know what to do at a particular time, and when an unusual challenge emerges. The previous statement kindly shows why the product is different from other products from different basketball camps.

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What training tips will you receive from the product?

With the product you will get complex and advanced techniques of separation which have worked from previous NBA and best part of Pgs. You will also learn on the perfect modes through which you will be able to read correctly on both angled, flat ball techniques and sideline techniques.

As previously stated, the program will not only make you a perfect basket baller, it will train you on proper communication channels with your counterparts. As the saying goes, communication rules the word and with proper basketball communication, you will solve lot of micro problems.

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Besides the explained aspects, other applicable training areas include the modes through which you will perfectly train and become one of the best basketball players. You will have an n idea of the modes through which you will make some precise moves with the all and dismantle even the best defenders in the basketball teams.

Components of the program

8 unique system modules

The fusions of the eight programs are from different facets of the basketball development. The modules will educate you on the different skills that which you rare expected to work on a daily and weekly program.

Program guide development curriculum

The curriculum is confidently devised and looks into all the aspects of the basketball games. The curriculum comprises of PG Academy which is illustrated into an e-book. With the progression sheets and multiple drilled diagrams you will be directed step by step so that you will be within the same pay all day of the program

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Complete High Definition drill videos

You will be provided with the high definition videos of more than 50 drill moves. The drill moves will provide a complete guidance on the effective ways through which you will perfect your basketball skills. With the leadership and mentality course you will develop skills through which you will perform the drills even if you are in the gym

Guest articles and continuous online success

You will be provided with access to guest articles whereby you will learn on the various aspects of leadership alongside point guard play. You will access to some information of the best coaches and trainers who have been successful. With high rate of online access you will receive audio and video files which are compatible with your device


The program is a worthy program that will be of total benefit to you. You have nothing to lose with the purchase of the program. You are provided with a 60 day money guarantee period to try out the effectiveness of the program. I 100% assure you that the product is worthy an investment

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– The 12 week training program will surely help you discover your hidden game playing abilities so that you can give maximum performance on court.

– By completely following the 8 modules of the program, you can develop strong leadership abilities which can help you boost the morale of your team members.

– High definition drill videos given along with this course are designed to give you hands on practice so that you can learn the best practices and avoid the mistakes you have been making previously.

– Complete money back guarantee. In case you are not able to improve your game play within 60 days, you can request for a complete refund.


The program requires attention and spirit within the followers so that they can completely change their playing style to become a professional basketball player.

Summary: Point Guard Academy is a basketball training program created by Damin Altizer through which you can develop sharp skills for becoming a professional basketball player. So if you are struggling hard to become a true game changer and leader, Point Guard Academy can give you the most helpful tips and tricks which have proven to give best results.

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