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Do you feel like you have something to say? Are you constantly looking for a way to get attention? Does your business or personal brand need an avenue to stay in touch with the target crowd? If you answer all the above questions in the affirmative then strap in as we review a revolutionary product that answers all your questions.

As bold as the above statement might sound, it becomes easy with Podcasting Pro Course. This revolutionary course teaches you how to make and publish your own podcast within weeks.

The course is taught by Orlando Rios, a world-renowned podcast producer. Two of his podcast is currently on iTunes top 10 podcasts. Orlando’s iTunes podcast also have a combined viewing of 10 million earning him the accolade as one of the world’s best.

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Getting cozy with podcasting

Maybe you like what I’ve said so bar but you’re wondering “what the heck is podcasting?” well, look no further as the next few lines would definitely clear your doubts.

Coined from the words “pod” and “broadcast” podcast is broadcast made available on the internet. Though, it initially started as a way of listening to audio broadcast online. It has now evolved to include video series.

Podcasting serves a lot of purposes for businesses, persons, and organizations in general. Some of those uses are highlighted below:

  • It helps a business reach out to a larger audience in a short period of time
  • It helps you connect with your audience consistently and convincingly
  • They are easy to create (this product review makes it easier)
  • It would definitely improve your public speaking skills
  • It could serve as an alternative to owning a website if well managed
  • It serves as an educational tool

Podcast like a Pro

While the benefits of producing a podcast are enormous, reaping the dividend of those benefits can be an uphill task.

Orlando, while starting out as a podcast producer, spent time and money trying to get his podcast published. But no matter how much work and money he invested, his audio still came out poor.

However, the world expert in podcasting has put together this course that makes the learning curves as easy as humanly possible.

The Podcasting Pro course guides you through the entire podcast process taking you from a novice to an expert in a few short weeks.

The course is divided into 4 major modules that are sufficiently partitioned to cover all the stages of Podcasting a newbie would go through. The modules are divided into 18 units including videos, eBooks and periodic quizzes to ensure student participating.

To give a broader picture of what you would get from taking the course we have a run-down of each of those modules below:


Introduction to podcasting (module 1)

In this module, Orlando Rios takes you through the fundamentals of podcasting and gets you in the right frame of mind to become the best at churning out quality podcasts.

You’ll learn how podcasting work in a nutshell. This part would show you the entire podcasting funnel from preparing the equipment to finally publishing your broadcast on iTunes.

Next, this module explains some branding factors that must be considered before podcasting. This includes your brand identity, your target audience, how best to reach them and other preliminary considerations.

Then, the tutor explains important factors to keep in mind when considering the length on the broadcast and the frequency of uploads. These factors would be considered from the needs and peculiarities of each student.

Hard Equipment (module 2)

This module explores the capital elements of setting up a podcasting studio. You and the tutor would unravel the myth behind the high cost of podcasting equipment.

First, Orlando helps you choose a budget that fits your pocket. Recognising that each student is coming from different financial circumstances, you’ll learn how to properly work out a budget that doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket.

Next, you’ll explore how to choose the right equipment for your podcast and how to spot scam equipment.  Buying equipment such as microphones, mixers and interfaces, Mic stands and sound filters can be a treacherous process for the new entry. This module smoothens the road for you in the fastest time yet.

Finally, you would be shown how to combine get the best results from these devices.


Soft Equipment (module 3)

Though becoming a podcasting software geek takes time and consistent effort, this smoothen the curve. In this module, you would explore the different podcasting software, their functions, and their advantages.

Podcast production software is basically divided into two major types vis recording and editing software. You’ll see how to properly record to deliver a clean podcast. Also, you would walk through the editing process from start to finish.

This module would also expose you to proprietary techniques to employ while using different software. In the end, how you use the software differentiate scam podcasts from authentic ones.
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Recording, Editing, and Publishing (module 4)

This final module puts everything the student had previously learned in perspective.  It is the application of what had been previously taught in the previous modules combined.

First, the tutor shows you how to prepare for a podcast. This would involve considerations such as setting the equipment, preparing the studio and a host of factors this review cannot cover. From his 5 years of podcasting experience, the tutor ensures that you are adequately prepared to begin each recording.

Second, this module expands on the recording process. It explains the best ways to get your message across to the target audience and how to be convincing while doing so.

Finally, this module focuses on the post-recording stage. This stage is divided into editing and producing. Being a successful producer himself, the teacher shares his knowledge on how to properly edit and produce the podcast for publishing on iTunes and stitcher (two of the best podcast platforms in the world).


Why you should enroll in this course

Podcasting Pro offers the best value for your money. Considering the lift a podcast can give your business or personal brand, the course is the most affordable bargain you can find on the market.

For only $67 you get the benefit of exclusive knowledge dished out by one of the best in the industry.  You can get this money back if after 2 months you think it’s a scam (this is very unlikely).

Whats more, the course comes with two great eBooks that ensure that you have a robust learning experience. You get an E-book of the same content as the course to guide you as you take each module. You also get the advance podcasting editing e-book which is a complete guide for editing a podcast.

Finally, you also get a certificate in your name as evidence that you completed the full course.

Wait, there’s more

Orlando Rios as part of this course is throwing out a challenge to everyone who takes the Podcasting Pro Course. If you publish your podcast on your own after taking this course, you get $20 dollars as a reward for your effort.

What do the experts say?

If your one of the minority few who is still on the fence as regards taking this course then the assurances of experts would be the final nail in the coffin.

Pro podcast producers like Aubrey Marcus, Joe Defranco, and Jason Harvey have all given Orlando thumbs up. He has been described among his peers as “podcasting tour de France.” These experts, through several reviews, have also vouched for the modules of the entire course.


Our opinion

Whether you intend to boost your business, improve your client or customer interaction, sell your product effectively or you’re just looking for that extra edge in your business or personal brand. This course would help you achieve that aim in the shortest time yet.

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  • the course is taught by one of the most prolific podcast producers.
  • the course is affordable.
  • you get 20 dollars you produce your first podcast after taking the course.
  • you get two free e-books as soon as you apply.
  • the course is divided into modules for easy understanding


  • it takes time to learn all there is to know through this course
  • you can’t get a refund of your money after 6 days of application

Summary: Podcasting Pro Course – an A to Z course in podcasting from recording to publishing.

RatingRated 5 stars