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Aaron Anastasi’s Play Worship Guitar is a perfect guide for you to learn how to master the art of contemporary Christian worship using music. Even if you have never touched a guitar, and the only thing that motivates you is a burning passion to participate inorchestrating a ceremony, you will still find the guide to be an amazing companion and helpful teacher that leads you through all the difficulties and obstacles of mastering an instrument.

Aaron Anastasi is a highly talented musician and worship leader from Southern California with more than two decades of experience, through experimentation with people who sought his guidance, he developed a highly practical method of teaching playing worship guitar; a method he shares in his successful guide:Play Worship Guitar.


Initiation into the Art

His learning system is a highly efficient method of acquiring the essential skills every guitar player needs. It is not a traditional teaching method with long, grinding sessions of practice with little to no reward but a way of learning with which you will be able to start actually playing worship songs in the very beginning.

Instead of focusing on abstract knowledge and trying to immerse yourself into the arcane subject of music theory, you will actually play songs within the second day of learning. Play Worship Guitaris a method that instantly puts you into the deep waters of the art of playing the instrument and it rewards you with immediate knowledge. Because of this, the disciple will find it easy to keep up his passion and momentum, and there will be little to no barriers to overcome through the learning process. It is a joyful and rewarding experience that accumulates in passionate worship in the end.

It is much easier than trying to learning how to play on your own. Without proper guidance, you will never know how to hold and when to play the correct chords you have to play, you won’t be able to keep up the flow of the rhythm, and how to master the seemingly impossible tricks of the most successful, talented worship guitarists.


Play Worship Guitar is made primarily for those who have never touched a guitar in their lives,have never managed to acquire the essential skills or have less than a year of guitar experience. You do not need preliminary training, you don’t need prior experience, you also don’t need knowledge about how to read music notes or about music theory, the guide will step you through everything you need, while leaving the rest to the academics.

The structure of how you learn playing worship songs is highlycustomizable. Whether you have only a couple minutes to allocate each day or you are able to learn for hours at a time, with Play Worship Guitar, you will have the freedom to choose when to learn, and it will not be detrimental to your learning progress.

You will learn everything a musician needs to succeed in the fields of art and composethrilling, passionate songs. You will learn the anatomy of the instrument to understand why each part of it is important and what role they play in creating sounds. Then, you will study the proper method of holding the guitar, the healthy posture you have to maintain while you play, and the various ways you can pick the guitar according to what the song requires.

You will study warmup exercises that will help you play for long sessions without feeling physical exhaust in the muscles you use and boost the pace of your play. You will be taught how to effectively memorize songs and recall which chords you need to play. You will master the perfect chord changing techniques, and instead of twisting and turning your fingers only to miss a chord, you will maintain perfect musical momentum.

And the list of the skills you will acquire is virtually infinite. From learning how to slide and use various techniques that turn a normalsong into a perfect piece of art thatcatalyzes every soul and wins the attention of the Lord to learning how to command the music to speak of your inner feelings, through the lessons of Play Worship Guitar, you will become a master guitar artist.


Heavenly Rewards

Let us look at whatPlay Worship Guitar includes. It includes, of course, the learning system that will guide you through mastering the instrument step by step in a linear fashion with lessons that build on one another like a system of building blocks.The video lessons are accessible 24/7 from any computer, iPhone or iPad.

You will gain limitless access to the support team ofAaron Anastasi who will help you anytime you get stuck in your learning process. The 5 part series calledSongwriting Bootcamp you also receivewill teach you how to compose your own divine worship songs.

Get Instant Access!

Every month you will gain new and new lessons that teach you how to play the most famousworship songs with downloadable charts.

If you are not satisfied with the product, if you make a purchase and then you change your mind, you may contact them anytime and ask for the100% money-back guarantee they offer.

In addition to the highly valuable main lessons that will teach you the basics of playing the guitar, you will receive six bonus rewards.

The first three bonus rewards are tools with which you can perfect your guitar playing sessions. You will receive an Online Chord and Scale Generator which helps you in tracking down every single chord or scale, a Guitar Tuner which aids in setting the perfect tune for each string and an Online Metronome with which you will never fall out of rhythm.

The other three bonuses are the aforementioned Bootcamp to forge the best song and the most powerful lyrics, a Play Worship Guitar Guide to Leading Worship to teach you how to actually lead a ceremony and a Daily Devotional for 365 days: profound insights that will expand your horizon every day.


You are free to try Play Worship Guitar for $1 in the first 21 months, and then you will be charged $17 each month. It is a fair price to learn how to create the most glorious and most divine Christian celebrations of God. You will study the arts of a new instrument from a professional with decades of experience and a history oftheological studies, and you will finally be able to stand on the stage, grab one of the most popular instruments and channel your everlasting love and passion into worshippingthe Lord Jesus Christ.

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– Comprehensive in nature: this musical guide is very detailed giving you exactly what you need to know.

– Very enjoyable: one characteristic of this guide is that as you learn the art of playing the guitar, you will really enjoy the process.

– Made by professional: one thing you can be sure of is that you will be training with the best since it has been made out of the best.

– Warming up exercises: this are meant to make you stronger as you play for longer period of time.


– The guide does not show anywhere you can ask question about certain points that may be you never understood.

Summary: This is a musical guide that will explain in keen details what you need in order to master the art of playing the guitar. The guide has been made by professional guitarist and therefore, this assures you of becoming a great guitar player. After an experience with this musical guide, you are sure that your life will turn out differently, from amateur to a professional guitarist. Therefore, get in the mood of worship by getting this guide absolutely at a very low cost today.

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