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Have you wanted to learn the piano since a long time?

Ever find yourself humming along to the tunes of the piano while you watch it on TV?

Do you want to impress your friends and family by learning the piano and keyboard?

You my friend have come to the right place. Within the next few minutes this article will tell you how you can learn your favorite instrument sitting from the confines of your home.
You may be asking, Is that possible?

Can I really learn the piano sitting at home?

Can I really learn playing the piano like a pro?

Yes, yes and yes is the answer to all your questions. This can be done and you can be become an expert at playing the piano without enrolling yourself to all the expensive piano classes out there.


We all have at one point of our lives dreamt of playing an instrument. May it be the guitar, piano, or the drums. Some of us get to do it, some of us dont. The people who manage to do it sometimes do it at the cost of splurging out thousands of rupees on classes. The results of which arent what all you expected out of it. This is a relatively common thing.

People like learning the piano for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost would be the vibe of playing the piano. The piano keys makes for some beautiful sound. Any piano lover would agree with the assessment. The second reason would be the prestige associated with playing the piano. You may ask why.

You surely must have seen people from relatively higher income groups sending their kids for piano classes, simply because the piano stands atop all other musical instruments. It has a certain panache of its own and who is to disagree the impact the piano has made since the time of the classical music with artists like Chopin, Brahms and perhaps the most notable among these artists, Ludwig van Beethoven himself. Beethoven was a pianist before he was made famous for his composing skills. He is regarded as one of the best musician and composers to have ever graced the musical world. These artists have made the music immortal through their extraordinary pieces of music and all these artists were pianists. Such is the impact of the piano in the music culture.

What of you could learn the piano with a series of effective lessons specially created and customized as per the needs of the user. Wouldnt that be something?
It surely would be and this article talks about introducing a program designed for learning the piano in an effective manner.


About Robin Hall

Created by Robin Hall, a famed piano player and the creator of the program along with a bunch of friends, Robin has managed to create the perfect program for learning the piano. Irrelevant of your age, you can learn the piano to what you have always dreamt of.

The program being so successful has even been featured on sites like Amazon for sale. The popularity of the program can be seen with the number of personal testimonials of individuals who have undertaken the program to become pros and experts in playing the piano.The best part about the program is that you just need your own set up of a piano or a keyboard at home and you could well go on learning the piano by downloading the full course on your computer or i-pad and follow the program with dedication.


What does the Piano for All comprise of?

The Piano for All is a program dedicated and designed to the needs of a user who is learning the piano right from the basics. The traditional way of learning the piano begins with sight reading (learning other musical compositions using musical notations). Unfortunately this technique is extremely difficult even for accomplished sight readers who have no idea about playing a composition by the ear.

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This is where the Piano For All differs in its approach. The user starts learning the piano by using chords and real sounding rhythms to learn. You then are taught to play by ear and sight reading. This is exactly the opposite of the traditional method implemented for learning the piano and works wonders. Previous testimonies included.


Contents of the program

The piano for all is a step by step guide enabling its users to learn the piano from its onset i.e right from the time you hit the piano keys. Below mentioned is the list of the programs included in the Piano for all program to give the readers a better understanding of what the program includes:

  • Book 1: Party time Rhythm piano (93 pages)
  • Book 2: Blues and Rock and Roll (21 pages)
  • Book 3: Chord magic (32 pages)
  • Book 4: Advanced chords made easy (26 pages)
  • Book 5: Ballad style (66 pages)
  • Book 6: Jazz piano made easy (86 pages)
  • Book 7: Advanced Blues and Fake stride (60 pages)
  • Book 8: Taming the classics (71 pages)
  • Book 9: Speed Learning (120 pages)
  • Book 10: Bumper Resource book (33 pages)
  • Bonus Book: Master your creative ability (40 pages)

Apart from all this the program essentials consists as many as 200 video lessons, 500 audio lessons and the ten mentioned e-books above. The programs are created keeping in mind the learning span and understanding of the users. Each audio and video lessons are framed for a short duration of time so that the teachings can be grasped on by the users as per their level of understanding.


Cost of the program

The program comes in two variations and the users can choose between the two:

  1. The first program set comprises of a set of 9 e-books plus the extra bonus book with embedded audio and visual aids which costs only $39.
  2. The second set of the program comes with the same set of e-books and audio plus visual aids, the addition being the availability of the complete course on a single DVD Rom that will be delivered to you anywhere in the world. This second variation costs $49.

In addition to the two variations to the program, these also come with a 60 days money back guarantee should you after the purchases of the program do not feel the program to be to your liking. A hassle free money back guarantee is ensured to the users.


The program has enjoyed a substantial base of customers around the globe. With the sales pitch at more than a million copies, the program has really been a success to people wishing to learn the piano. The program caters to all groups of people irrespective of their ages and thats what works best for the users of the program. So, do you want to be the next best piano player and impress your friends and family with a composition of your own in the near future? Look no further and get your first copy of the program today.

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– This e-book is one of the best in that it has won the hearts of so many in the world of playing instruments. If you need to become one of the best players, this is the program you have to befriend.

– The Pianoforall e-book is user friendly in that as you learn to play the piano, you will also be enjoying what you are getting.

– The e-book is created by one of the major professionals in the field of piano playing.

– The program is written in a step by step format that you can easily identify with and understand.

– The e-book covers everything that you need to learn in order to become a professional in the field of piano playing.

– The PianoForAll e-book have some cool bonuses that you can benefit from, they are all 9 in number.


– The e-book is enjoyable but to get the whole joy, you need to purchase the guide and its bonuses.

Summary: PianoForAll is an E-book that will turn the amateur in you into a pro that you always dream to be. The E-book incorporates some of the methods that you need to start using in order for you to become a real pro. Therefore, embrace this e-book and you will notice a major change in your instrumental usage. What really makes this e-book special is the fact there are two options that you can choose from and that you will stand to gain from. The PianoForAll will do all the math for you, all you have to do is just make sure that you get this e-book right at your music library by clicking on the red button below.

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