Peak Power Hypnosis Review – Does It Really Work?

Peak Power Hypnosis
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It is often said that every achievement whether great or small first begin with a thought. However, many are still unable to use the power that their thoughts possess to propel them to greatness. Many lack the drive and creativity that is necessary that is required to meet their full potential.


What if you found out there was a product that could help you to train your mind positively? Are you willing to try almost anything that promise to help you to bring your mind to the state and shape that is required for high level achievement? Peak Power Hypnosis is an available program that promises to help you train your mind to perform at its peak.

Created by a team of expert writers from John, Wallace D. Wattles, Paul Mckenna, Dr. Richard Bandler, and Tony Robbins this program is geared to help boost your:

  • Health by helping you to evaporate stress, lose weight, sleep soundly and give you the energy that is much needed to get things done.
  • Confidence by banishing any form of fear that you may have. You will no longer fear public speaking or approaching new people.
  • Creativity by sparking your creativity and giving you inspirations needed to do whatever is needed to set you off on your journey to greatness.
  • Motivation by giving you the push and the focus that you need to wake you every morning with the drive to be ultra-productive.
  • Empowered habits by helping you to get rid of habits that will keep you from impressing the right people and instead you with habits that will promote you.


How does this product work?

This program was designed to train your mind in small sessions. Each session include:

  1. Video Instruction
  2. Trypnosis session
  3. Habit Wiring Exercises

Step 1: Preparing your conscious mind for change.

This session was built on the premise that the conscious mind is a powerful tool that once used correctly you can achieve and become anything that you desire. At this step you will use The Conscious Mind Primer which is a powerful 30 minute hypnotic journey geared to minister directly to your conscious mind and to prepare it for the ground breaking transformation that is ahead.

This session is created to prepare your conscious mind to permit your unconscious to be reprogrammed. It helps the unconscious to get ready for:

  • Empowered Habits
  • Rest + Sleep
  • Supreme Self Confidence
  • Infinite Creativity
  • Efficient Action

Step Two: Reprograming your unconscious mind with each of the 5 core habits for automatic life success

There are several aspects of mind programming that you will go through at this stage. These include:

  1. Trypnosis. Here you will be introduced to Trypnosis which isa pyramid structured audio technology that utilizes 3 of the most recommended techniques for mind transformation and hypnosis that is available.
  2. Subliminal Acoustic Hypnosis. This is a unique method of hypnosis recording written and performed by world class hypnotherapist John Vincent.

Trypnaural Isochronic Tones Technology. Here you will be introduced to modern brainwave entrainment technology that will help you move from beta waking states, through to deep delta. This method is 3 x more effective than out-dated binaural beats.


World class meditation music. Here you will be exposed to World class meditation music by Niraj Naik (amAya) by using his unique blend of therapeutic Trypnaural sounds. This special music is known for enhancing the power of hypnosis, by helping you to glide smoothly into a deep trance for the most blissful experience imaginable.

Mind Restore. Here you will fall into a deep sleep in minutes and have your mind hard-wired for automatic life success from the moment you wake up. You will be exposed to 40 minutes of high quality audio.

After completing these steps you will be well on your way to peak mental performance.

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Is there any bonus available?

Some of the bonuses include:

3 Bonus Peak Power Naps

Peak Power Hacks

Supreme Self Confidence

Special Bonus – Confidence Magic

Infinite Creativity


How much does his program cost?

If you order now, you will receive the main program plus the bonus package for a reasonable price of $97.

Is there any guarantee offered?

This program is backed by a 60 day 100% money back guarantee; no questions asked. If you are unsatisfied within 60 days you can request a full refund.

What are the Pros and Cons?

There are a few highlighted pros and cons of Peak Power Hypnosis.


  • Totally Portable. This program can be carried around almost anywhere you want to go. It can be downloaded on a smart phone, iPod, thumbdrive or any other portable device.
  • Easy to use. Because this program has steps it makes it very easy to use. There are very clear instructions that can be easily followed.
  • Reliable. Because this program was written by a team of experts in hypnosis, the program can be more counted upon to achieve its purpose as compared with other hypnosis programs created by persons that are not so credible.
  • Added bonus. Apart from main program, there are quite a few mp3 audios and other resources that you will receive for the same price.
  • Risk Free. There is minimal risk involved since there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee available.
  • Life changing promises. This program promises ti improve a wide variety of aspects in your life which include health, creativity, motivation and so on.


Peak Power Hypnosis is a bit pricey when compare with other similar products.

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Have this product been successful in the past?

There are quite a few persons who have benefited from this program and have testified. Below are a few.

K Shah, from London said, “Hey I tried the hypnosis and it knocked me out probably after 20 or so mins. So it definitely worked ;). Feel nicely rested thank you. I feel like I’m questioning myself today more than normal.”

J Echel, from the US said, Ummmm. WOW! Deep was an understatement. Sincerely, these were the deepest vibrations I have ever felt with brainwave entrainment. Thanks once again … Also I am taking seriously the no day smoking thing, so there goes that.

Dr. Michael Millett, from said, I have over 15 years of experience as a hypnotherapistand Trypnaural is my first choice for getting incredibly deep and therapeutic trance states with my clients.

A Kozlovskaja, from London said, It’s amazing actually, very helpful. I feel more bothered to do the stuff thats good for me.

The Bottom Line

Peak Power Hypnosis is a product that promises life changing transformation to its users. It seems more credible compared to other similar products because of the credentials of the designers. I would definitely recommend this product.


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– Develop strong mental abilities by which you can overcome stress and enhance creativity.

– Makes you ultra productive for which you will have to follow the empowered habits as explained.

– Based on real life experiences so that you can get best results by implementing the techniques in your daily life.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not satisfied by the performance of this program, your investment will be returned at once.

– Can be downloaded on any digital device so that you can study the program on the go.


The program requires utmost attention and focus so that you can overcome your thinking abilities.

Summary: Peak Power Hypnosis program is written by a team of writers which includes different methods to enhance mental and physical capabilities. Now you can gain more confidence and motivation to overcome different phases of life by following the methods of Hypnosis as explained in the program.

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