Patriots Self Defense Review – Legit or Scam?

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The world has undergone a lot of positive changes over the years. Things that were once seen as difficult or impossible by many are now possible. Advancement in science and technology has given birth to gadgets and tools that make our life easier.

Granted, technology has had a positive impact on our lives, but it has not been able to completely solve the problem of insecurity. Nobody is 100% percent secured because there are new crimes coming up every day.

Of course, there are agencies and technologies that are designed to reduce or eradicate crime, but they don’t have enough manpower and resources to protect everybody.

The major threat people faced in the past were from bandits, wild animals and rouge groups. Today, humans are now the most dangerous threat we face. Animals don’t break into homes and commit other horrible crimes, humans do.

Gruesome crimes like murder, rape, kidnapping and many more are now making the news headlines every single day. Yes, the law enforcement agencies are doing a good job, but they just can’t protect everyone. Also, they cannot prevent crime. This makes it important for everyone to learn how to defend themselves.


Since you don’t know when you or someone you love will be attacked or mugged, it is important that you take steps to learn how to defend yourself and people who are important to you.

In this review, we are going to be looking at a product that will teach you everything you need to know about self-defense. Even more, it will provide you with the guidance and training you need to defend yourself. The name of this product is the patriots self defense.

This review is also going to shed light on everything you are going to learn and benefit when you purchase this product.

What the Patriots Self Defense is all about

This is a unique course that is designed to teach you the basic and complex self-defense moves and tactics you can easily use to defend your self from an attacker in any situation. It consists of several videos and an e-book that showcase fighting techniques you can easily learn to defend yourself from an attacker.

The things you are going to learn in the e-book are practical. Also, the videos are of high quality and they explain how you can perform complex moves effortlessly. Important points are carefully stated in a manner that you can understand.

This course is not like the many poorly made or scam self-defense courses that are loaded with moves that may be difficult or even impossible to perform.

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Get to know the author of this course- Bruce Perry

This one of a kind program was carefully developed by self-defense and martial art expert, Bruce Perry. Bruce is a martial art expert and has been in the self-defense industry for many years.

Over the years, Bruce has trained a lot of bodyguards and self-defense professionals. Bruce has been working as a personal bodyguard and security contractor for many years.

Bruce has a clear understanding of everything that is involved when a mugger or an assailant strikes.  He knows the best approach to tackle every situation because he has been in the field and has amassed experience over the years.

One thing that makes Bruce different from other Self-defence expert is that he knows what it’s like or how it feels to be assaulted. Since he has been there, he knows what will work and what will not.

Another thing that makes his course different from others out there is that the moves he teaches are effective and very easy to learn and master. So, you don’t need to be worried or skeptical.

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What is inside the Patriots Self Defense?

The first thing you likely do before buying any product is to check its content. We are now going to be looking at the content of the patriot package.

The package is delivered in two forms:

  • E-book
  • Video

There are more than forty high-quality videos in the package that provide detailed information and clear demonstrations of how to perform different fighting moves and techniques.

The books in the package are over 200 pages and they contain everything you need to know about self-defense. One important thing you will learn when you read the book is how to tame your mind when an assailant strikes.

A closer look at the Patriots self-defense course

The patriot defense package is divided into four distinct sections. We are going to take a look at each of these sections.

 Section 1

This is the most important part of the course. Hence you need to dig into it first. Here you will learn how to spot potential attackers before they strike.

Identifying a potential attacker on time will give you the window you need to monitor their every move. Even more, it will prevent you from a surprise attack.


There is a part in this section where you will learn what to do in the event of a surprise attack. This section of the package is delivered in an e-book format.

Since this is the juiciest part of the package, it is important that you give it your focus and complete attention.

Section 2

This section is made up of a series of series of videos that demonstrate different fighting moves. The basic and advanced moves in the package are demonstrated in a simple and clear manner. Each move and techniques are explained in a step by step format.

Another thing you will learn in this section is how to surprise your attackers and fight them even if they are more than one.

You are going to learn so much in this section.

If you happen to be attacked by someone that is bigger than you, you might think that it is impossible to win. In this section, you are also going to learn how to cause serious pain to an assailant that is bigger and stronger than you.

At the end of this section, you will come to see why many of the reviews about the patriot self-defense package are positive.

patriot self defense

Section 3

The body is a complex system, but it has vulnerable points. In this section, you are going to learn all the weak points on the body. Also, you will be shown the exact places on the body to apply pressure to cause serious pain.

This section is designed to show you where to hit your attacker and how to take control of any situation. To get the most of this section, it is important you read and study the first two sections.

Section 4

This section includes a body map showing all the weak points on the body. If you are able to memorize all the vulnerable point on the body, you will know exactly where to hit an attacker.

Aside from the four rich components of the package, there are also some bonus materials you will receive. You will learn how to strengthen your physiological skill from the bonus materials. There another special bonus material in this section that teaches women what to do when they are attacked.

There are so many scam reviews of different self-defense products on the market. Don’t fall for any of them. Rather, spend your money on a product that is packed with everything you need to defend your loved ones.

Final verdict


The patriot self-defense is an excellent package that offers valuable lessons, techniques and skill. The moves in the package are easy and can be performed by anybody. Also, you don’t need to be super fit or undergo a rigorous training program to master any of the moves in the package. The fact that there are so many positive reviews about this product shows that it is the real deal. Don’t wait, take action right now and purchase this product.

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  • The videos are of perfect quality and are explained in an excellent manner.
  • The package is affordable.
  • The moves in the package are easy to learn.
  • The program has a sixty days refund guarantee.
  • You can practice and perform the moves in the package at the comfort of your home.


  • No hard copy of the program is available.
  • Learning the various moves in the program requires commitment.

Summary: If you really want to protect your self and your family, it is important that you take action right now. The Patriots Self Defense contains everything you need to protect the ones you love. Even if you live in a well-protected apartment, assailant might still find a way to break in. That is why it is critical for you to by this product as soon as you can.

RatingRated 4.5 stars