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Are you struggling with weight loss? Well, you are not alone…the latest report of the National Center for Health Statistics shows a staggering 41.9 percent of American women as obese. On the other hand, do you know that only 14.9 percent of Asian American women are overweight? Clearly, you will find they know something that you do not: how to keep your hormones in balance.

This Over 30 Hormone Solution review examines a product with a high success rate that strikes at the root of the female obesity problem. Is the product really effective or one of the many scams in the health-supplement market? Read this review carefully if you want to return to your younger, slimmer, and healthier self.

It is not you but the female metabolism

Is your body not responding to your desperate efforts to shed those extra 10…20…30…or more pounds? You might be failing to lose weight because you are focusing on the wrong plan to melt the fat. Stomach-wrenching abs exercise is not reducing your weight…running, dieting, supplements, therapy…

You have tried them all with little effects. But, the fat on the belly, thighs, hips keeps on coming back. Your colleagues think you are an old lady…not the 30’s woman with two small kids that you are?

Firstly, stop thinking that you are the only one craving food. The early 20’s triggers a body response specific only to females. It happens to most women because that is how nature designed the female body to support motherhood. Hormonal changes, often imbalances, cause your brain to stop receiving messages that your stomach is full. The solution helps in regulating these messages…your key to losing weight.

What is under the hood of the Over 30 Hormone Solution?

The Over 30 Hormone Solution is a powerful product that works on your problem of hormonal imbalance. If you are above 30, this supplement may be the best remedy for your overweight issues. However, this addition works only on the female body…

As you age…at first, your estrogen level goes down as you march toward menopause. Secondly, as your cortisol sees elevated levels, leptin production slows down. Moreover, insulin production becomes far from optimal. All these are the underlying causes of your food cravings and subsequent weight gain.

Check these 7 warning signs to see if your hormones are working smoothly…

You may need to pay attention to your hormonal balance if you are not losing weight. You may have one or more of the below symptoms:

  1. Stubborn body fat: You find it hard to burn the fat from your midsection: stomach, thighs, and hips.
  2. Irregular periods: Unbalanced hormones can cause irregular periods more than any other reason.
  3. Yeast infections and UTI: Too high levels may lead to yeast infections, and too low may cause UTI disorders.
  4. Vaginal dryness: You need to use lube frequently.
  5. Cold hands and feet: These are a soft signal that your hormones are not in balance.
  6. Bloating: Constipation and digestive system disorders are closely associated with hormone levels.
  7. Sleeping trouble: Finally, you may be unable to sleep without pills.

The solution works by regulating your main hormones

These are the hormones critical for your well-being:

  • Estrogen: the secret of your youth that keeps you glowing and wrinkle-free.
  • Leptin: Maintains your energy balance and slows down your hunger. Consequently, if you are gaining weight, it may signal a decrease in your necessary leptin levels.
  • Cortisol: The hormone of your happiness. It keeps you away from anxiety and depression.
  • Insulin: Keeps you slim by breaking fat. However, you may become prone to resist its production and thereby face health issues.

Remember, your hormones control your health. Hence, they need to be at the right levels for a slimmer and fitter you.

 How Debbie and Marissa Anderson discovered the solution?

Debbie Anderson was struggling with weight gain after she gave birth to her third child. She tried several exercises, diets, and weight-reduction programs. However, nothing seemed to be working. She was on the verge of depression, anxiety, and stress. Incidentally, her sister Marissa Anderson came back from a trip to Asia. She brought back an ancient formula from a far-off Asian island where women live long, and nobody puts on fat.

Exasperated, Debbie Anderson tried the method along with regular exercise and a proper diet plan. To her utter surprise, she started losing fat rapidly…especially along the stubborn midsection. Imagine her happiness when she lost over 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Debbie was jubilant when the doctor reported her diminished blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The sisters built this formula into pills based on ancient eastern knowledge and the help of a well-known nutritionist. Thus, you have the Over 30 Hormone Solution in front of you. However, you will find it hard to get the exclusive ancient herbs separately.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients in the solution are all-natural. Moreover, a few of the herbs have medicinal value dating back centuries. Check this main ingredient list:

  • Black Cohosh

It is a crucial ingredient that prevents early menopause in women. Moreover, it acts as a powerful boost in the production of female hormones.

  • Chasteberry

If the name sounds unknown, it is in use since ancient times for sexual health. It also treats your stress, migraine, constipation, and similar issues.

  • Red Clover

It enhances estrogen production. If you remember, estrogen controls the burning of body fat.

  • Licorice

It helps boost your immunity. Additionally, it takes care of menstrual and gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Dong Quai

It helps you to prolong your youth and energy. Additionally, the anti-aging herb is a remedy to menstrual cramps and eases menopausal symptoms.

Will the solution work for you?

If you are a female over 30 and find trouble losing weight, this may be the right choice for you. Whether you tried other solutions in the past or not will not affect the efficiency of this plan…it will work better if you are already exercising.

Over 30 works on the underlying problem

The root cause of your weight gain is an imbalance of hormones: estrogen, cortisol, leptin, and insulin. The Over 30 Hormone Solution helps you balance hormones. Moreover, if you are on an exercise regime, the plan will boost your hormone production without difficulty. Thus, it will enhance the results of your diet and exercise.

What if I am over 50?

The system claims to work with females over 30 specifically. If you are above 50 or even in the 60’s, the solution treats the hormonal changes in your body.

Who will benefit the most from it?

The solution works best for certain age groups. Especially, women with the following conditions will benefit the most:

  • If you are a woman above 30 and obese
  • You are unable to maintain your energy levels after pregnancy.
  • If you have premature symptoms of menopause

Here’s the deal: the pills will motivate you to keep your exercise regime intact if you have one.

Who will not benefit from it?

Although the pills are natural, certain conditions will make them unsuitable for you:

  • Needless to say, if you are a man, avoid it, or you may face damaging counter effects.
  • If you are taking any medication or have any allergies, you should consult your doctor before taking the pills.

Therefore, talk to your physician about your plan to use the solution.

What about safety and side-effects?

Yes, it is safe for you if you are a woman above 30. Over 15,000 women have used it to date. You will find it free of antibiotics and made with non-GMO ingredients. A high-quality, FDA inspected site manufactures the solution with the latest equipment. Moreover, Marissa Anderson’s Mom still uses it every day.

What is unique about it?

The solution’s uniqueness is the target age group: women above 30. You will find most of the other products are generic and do not cater to a specific age. These rarely bring out more than minor changes to your body. On the other hand, the Over 30 Hormone Solution seems to be a useful aid for women above 30.

What do I feel about it?

If you look at the online reviews, they look promising. You can find several testimonials about women who lost 10 to 30 pounds…many during menopause or post-pregnancy. One of my colleagues is ready to stand behind it…you may find her case…losing 35 pounds in 10 weeks from the 198 pounds before…motivating.

Several scam supplements are in the market, but the Over 30 Hormone Solution looks genuine and original. It does not boast of rapid changes in your body, and there are no excessive claims of instant weight reduction.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, I think this is a promising product to bring you back in shape. If you are above 50, you will find very few other supplements available that come close to this pill. The available ones are not all-natural, like the Over 30 Hormone Solution. Above all, you will get a 100 percent refund in the first 60 days if you are unsatisfied with the results. Lastly, it may be a long-time solution to your health at a relatively low cost.


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• You will find the pills made from 100 percent natural ingredients.
• FDA approved facilities manufacture the capsules.
• The potent formula focuses on eradicating the root cause of weight gain and related health issues.
• The scientific formula ensures that you will not have any side-effects.
• It is suitable for vegetarians.
• If you have already tried other programs, you will appreciate the reasonable cost of the solution.


• You need to order the pills online from the official website. It would help if you stocked up as the product is not available in stores.
• You have to consult your doctor if you are on medication or have allergies before taking the pills.
• The product is not suitable for men and is specifically for women above 30.

Summary: Most women above 30 make great efforts to lose weight. However, your efforts need to be in the right direction to solve the issue.
You need to attack the fat from the inside, not outside…control the hormones that control your hunger, health, and happiness.
Focus on regulating your critical hormones (Estrogen, Leptin, Cortisol, and Insulin) through a supplement made from ancient herbs and natural materials.
The Over 30 Hormone Solution review talks about a health supplement that regulates your hormone levels to solve overweight issues.

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