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David Dellanave’s guide Off The Floor is one of the most effective ways to swiftly build extremely hard muscles all over your upper body using weight lifting techniques. This guide was perfected through the trial and error of the author who has tried every possible way and every suggested method of acquiring muscle only to see all of them fail.

He – then being a skinny youngster – had gone through every single famous method he heard about. He tried heavy weight lifting on high intensity, he tried deloading only to see his performance stay the same, he tried the highly praised system ofWestside Barbell and every other method of training to no avail, only to see his immune system weaken and his motivation deteriorate.

Through this endless trial and error David Dellanave stumbled upon a highly effective technique that has helped him to gain more than 300 pounds of pure muscle and enabled him to beat world records in deadlifting. A natural and easy to follow method that he shares in his Off The Floor guide which helps every user to achieve the same results.


A Key to Power

The key toDavid Dellanave’s Off The Floor guide’s success is a cutting edge scientifichypothesis he learned about in an exclusive, private seminar. Through this course he was given a method with which anyone is able to calculate the type and amount of training their body needs to achieve at any given time to achieve maximum growth and progress.

This method was based on the principle of Biofeedback. It is a processwhere you gather information and dataabout the biological object such as your own body through various technologies and instruments so that you will be aware of the biological processes that are going on in order to ultimately manipulate them. The Biofeedback Training – which is at the core of the Off The Floor guide – gathers data about the body and deduces the best possible training course out of it.

It may be used to know when to train and what specific trainings to execute, the amount of weights you have to use, the reps and sets you have to follow andalso to help the faster healing of your injuries.

The results of such highly optimized training is by definition the best progress you can make. As the example of the author clearly shows, who has managed to become a highly respected professional with world-records and achievements respected all around the fitness industry, this method of training propels you into the body you always wanted to have.

The Off The Floor guide will teach you how to use various kinds of deadlifts to broaden your shoulders and strengthen all the muscles of your back. It talks not only about the well-known training methods but also about more arcane and less-known deadlift techniques that will increase your maximum performance by almost 30 pounds.

The guide talks in great detail about weightlifting theory. It obliterates the commonly accepted myths of common training and shows how it is actually a risky and unhealthy method of exercise. It reveals unexpected facts aboutweightlifting wrist straps, and about different variations of lifting to relieve the agonizing pain in your back.

It talks about a wide variety of deadlift techniques, such asone that looks rather unusual yet helps you in unlocking a much greater strength, the secret method ofworld championDimitry Klokov, and the key that enables you to lift more regularly and gain more muscle.

Off The Floor

Deadlifting Materials

The Off The Floor contains an abundance of materials that will guide you to become a human titan. The various guides and the bonus materials will teach you everything you need to know about Biofeedback Training and deadlifting in general even if you are new to the subject. It is an extremely comprehensive guide that includes everything you will ever need in the topic from the variation of techniques you need to know to the gear that is recommended to use.

Get Instant Access!

First of all, the main product includes the introduction to Biofeedback Training. This is a comprehensive guide on how to implement the training schedule based on years of scientific research using the most advanced, cutting-edge technology on the market.

Secondly, you will receive a Deadlift Training Guide and a Deadlift Exercise Library that are guides based on the years of experience of the author. These guides tell you basic lessons and specific techniques and variations regarding the art of deadlifting to unlock your maximum potential.

Off The Floor 2

Next, the Off The Floor Programsthat are the guides that helpyou in implementing the ideas of the book into practice. This includes both the manual underlying the scientific theory of deadlifting and additional programs.These programs are 8-week programs in beginner and intermediate level and a 12-week program in advanced level.

The package also includes the Accessory Exercise Library, a list of additional recommended lifts that will enhance your deadlifting results, and finally a Special Topics Section, that are answers to various questions regarding the weightlifting and fitness industry and practice.

As a bonus content, you will also receive an hour worth of Video Library of the various deadlift techniques, a Supplement Guide to pick the only supplements that are actually working out of the limitless useless product, and a bonus guide on Grip Challenges that help you in developing perfect forearms.

The package also contains a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you do not see any results by the end of two months of following the guide, your money will be returned with no questions asked.

weight lifting


This is a training method that is completelyahead of the curve. It is highly effective with hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers due to its proven scientific basis of Biofeedback Training that makes achieving outstanding success in deadlifting and building muscles possible.

For $99 you may gain access to this cutting-edge theory. If you are just getting into building your muscles, this is a perfect guide. This is an extremely comprehensive collection of e-books that will teach you everything you need to know about your upper body, telling you how to build up each and every muscle, showing you when to exactly which sets and reps. It guides you like any trainer would guide a rookie through the learning phases. It is also a highly recommended investment for those who are already well-versed in the art of deadlifting and found themselves at their own limits, unable to proceed. Using the principles of Biofeedback, they too will be able to break through their own barriers and emerge as a more powerful titan.

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– Training method which includes a comprehensive guide along by which you can develop strong muscles over your upper body without any painful exercises.

– Understand the weight lifting theory so that you can learn the best and effective workout techniques.

– Brief introduction to biofeedback training so that you can learn the great tips without any professional assistance.

– Access to video library through which you can get to learn the best dead lifting techniques on your own.

– Money back guarantee. In case you are not able to get benefit from the program within 60 days, your investment will be returned immediately.


The program does not guarantees results in any case for which the followers will have to practice the methods as explained.

Summary: Off The Floor is the perfect training guide designed for fitness enthusiasts by which they can enhance their muscles and develop a strong body structure.So if you are determined to achieve your dream body figure, this program will surely make you a human titan within weeks.

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