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Take a deep breath. Yes, please do! You have tried all the methods to try to lose some weight, but nothing is working. Perhaps, you did jogging, squatting, weight lifting, went to the gym. You also took vegan meals, intermittent fasting, healthy meals, but to no avail.

Imagine yourself being able to wear your dream clothes, the slim, fitted dresses that will show your shape.

Imagine having a body that you will be proud of in public. Just imagine that the belly fat is no more there, and you can walk confidently and attend public gatherings, perhaps, the beach?

But here you are: low in confidence, rock bottom esteem, always moody, angry without any sense of enjoyment. I know how you feel because I have been there.

What if there is a way out of this mess? That you can get the body shape, you so much admire? What if there is still hope to lose weight? You need to continue reading the NutraVesta ProVen review if you want to find out.


Things About Weight Loss You Didn’t Know Were Lies

Now: you are curious, right? You want to find out the lies about weight loss.

What if losing belly fat has nothing to do with dieting? This sounds unbelievable, but it is the truth.

The fitness and wellness industry has severally lied to us all due to one or two reasons. Most of what we’ve been exposed to has ended up as a scam. Have you ever wondered? What if everything we know about weight loss is just for the industry to milk us of our hard-earned money?


The three most significant weight loss “lies” will shock you when you find out:

Three Biggest Weight-loss Lies

  1. Dieting helps to lose weight: Dieting doesn’t allow you to lose weight. Losing belly fat has nothing to do with dieting. One of the things you need to understand is that depriving yourself of your favorite foods or doing intermittent fast will not help you lose weight. Eating fewer foods results in starvation. One day, this will lead your body to react by storing more fat in preparation for the next time of starvation. Fat serves as energy when food is not available. You’ll have to later deal with the storage of fat that could lead to gaining more weight.
  2. Exercise helps to burn calories: Another lie about weight loss is that exercise will help you lose weight after burning some calories. This is false because excessive exercise causes stress. The hormone associated with stress known as cortisol will rest on the waist region following extreme stress and will not lead to any weight loss from your body.
  3. Obese and overweight people have a slow metabolism: The third lie you may have been told is that you have a slow metabolism, and that is why it is not easy to lose weight. Overweight people do not have a slower metabolism; they instead have a faster metabolism. This is because a portion of weight contains muscle tissue—the more your muscle tissue, the faster the metabolism.

Come to think of it: if all of the above beliefs are wrong, what then is correct?

You have previously accepted everything the fitness and wellness industry has told you; perhaps, it’s high time you saw the truth by doing your research. And guess what? You are on the right page.


Why Do You Gain Weight?

If everything about dieting, exercising, loss of calories, and slow metabolism is not correct, we need to find out the real reason you gain weight so fast.

You will understand that gaining weight is not a result of your favorite foods but of a substance that stores fat within the body.

Hunger makes you get fat. I know this sounds vague or absurd, but if you continue reading, you find out. Hunger gives the irresistible urge to eat.

What causes hunger? GHRELIN

Ghrelin is the hormone that tells you when to eat and when you are full. It is a hormone that stimulates your appetite to eat and also tells you whenever you have eaten enough.

Once ghrelin begins to work abnormally, it will continue to stimulate your appetite, and it will cause you to always be hungry without turning off the urge for hunger.

This is what causes you to eat more without feeling full. The truth about hunger is that the only cure for it is to eat. The more you eat, the more likely it is that you will add weight.

However, have you ever seen a friend of yours who eats more than you but doesn’t add weight? That sounds crazy! Some people eat anything they want and will still not gain weight.

This means that there is more to weight gain than hunger and eating; there must be a real cause, right?


What is the real cause of weight gain?

Yes, your guess is right! There is a real cause of weight gain. If not, all of your relatives and friends who all eat more than you would all have added more weight than you.

The real cause of weight gain is obesogens. 

Obesogen is a compound found in large quantities in pieces of plastics (microplastics).

Plastics are non-biodegradable materials. After we have used them, we dispose of them, but they do not degrade or decay. As a result, they tend to change into smaller plastics and are found across the globe, most especially in areas of high industrial wastes.

Because plastics contain obesogens, obesogens are deposited into our bodies daily without our permission.

Obesogen will then react with our body cells to get us obese. Obesogen causes obesity, hunger, and increased ghrelin.

The active intake of obesogen into the body through microplastics and combustion is the reason why you will not lose weight quickly.

According to researches, the rate of obesity has increased in recent years because human-made materials have taken over the globe.


What is the solution?

This is the part you have been waiting for, right?

I thought as much: the solution to obesogen that leads you to gain so much weight.

The only solution to this situation is to detoxify obesogen from the body.

How then is this done?

This is why you need to get the NutraVesta ProVen product to help you detoxify all the excessive obesogen inside your body.

Now that we are here, I will like to explain NutraVesta ProVen in this review.


What is NutraVesta ProVen?

NutraVesta ProVen is the most powerful detoxifier in the world. This is a capsule supplement made from different herbs and spices that have healing properties.

It was first discovered to be used as a local tea by the people of Tibet in China, who have been confirmed by reports to have one of the lowest diabetes and obesity rates. This was made possible thanks to this local tea.

Adrian Thomas is the brain behind the NutraVesta ProVen product. He had to go the extra mile to get the main ingredients and the formula to this product. Through him, you will also get the chance to lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose.

NutraVesta ProVen combats the effects of BPA, microplastics, obesogens by detoxifying the body of harmful substances. It also delays aging and stops uncontrollable cravings for food.


What you stand to gain from the NutraVesta ProVen product:

I know you’ve undergone different types of weight loss programs without finding the right solution to it. This is why you should endeavor to always read reviews of products before using them.

Some of the programs you may have undergone may include those you may have been told to exercise, change your meal plans, and perhaps, your lifestyle.

The first three things you stand to gain from NutraVesta ProVen include losing fats without:

  • Changing your lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Changing your meal plan

Features of the product NutraVesta ProVen

One of the benefits of reading reviews is to help you see the product features that will be beneficial for you. The features of this product are relatively straightforward. It was formerly a local tea but has been manufactured into capsules. Check some of the fixtures below:

  1. Made from 20 natural extracts helps the body lose weight with healing power without any side effects.
  2. The extracts have been made into capsules instead of the traditional local tea that had a displeasing taste.
  3. Non-GMOs, all the plants used are natural.
  4. Bonuses include a discount in price for every three or six you order for.
  5. It is manufactured in the United States by an FDA-registered facility.
  6. Scientific facts and proofs back it.
  7. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your money will be returned if you are not happy with the results within 60 days.
Benefits of the Product NutraVesta ProVen

First, you need to be thankful to Adrian Thomas for taking the bold step to produce this product in large quantities so that many people like you can benefit.

You will get a lot of benefits when you take this product. The most important thing is that it will help you lose weight, as much as you want.

Apart from that, there are several other things you will benefit from this product. One of them is that it will delay the aging of your body.

Let’s check out the benefits in full:

  1. You will lose belly fat and weight naturally without exercise or having to cut out your favorite meals.
  2. The product will help you control your cravings for food.
  3. The product detoxifies obesogen from your body.
  4. Increased energy, better mood, sex drive and performance, and abs will build back your confidence level thanks to the product.
  5. Keep fat off for good, not just for a short time.
  6. There are no side effects attached to the products.
  7. Your blood sugar will return to normal.
  8. You are likely to lose about an average of 35 pounds over three months.
  9. The result begins to show immediately.

One of the best decisions you can make in a lifetime is to make a decision that will make you happy forever. If you still want to lose excess weight and regain your shape, this might be your chance.


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It can be used by either men or women, young or old, or people with big belly fat or smaller ones.
It has no side effects.
Shipping is free.


The result varies. There is no standard for the amount of weight you will lose within a certain period.
You could lose weight faster. You may need to take one capsule a day instead of two capsules.

Summary: Imagine being able to lose that belly fat. Just imagine that you are no longer overweight. That you can go anywhere you want feeling confident enough to relate with people without feeling awkward that someone will notice your weight?

The NutraVesta ProVen product is available for you to get everything you have ever wanted. It is just right in front of you. Order for the product and see how happy you will become when you begin to lose your weight.

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