My Survival Farm Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Do you know growing organic vegetables and fruits is very easy now? Have you thought about growing your gardening system in your home? Because we are going to introduce a garden which requires no water, no weeding, and no fertilizing. You can produce 8 times products with a simple home arrangement.

My Survival Farm review highlights an amazing method for growing an endless supply of different food. You can have homegrown berries, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and beans. The simple e-book can make you permaculture for growing organic food while remaining close to nature.

What is in the Guide?

The guide can make you a permaculture expert. This means with little effort, you will be able to replicate the natural process and cultivate food in your lawn or backyard. The guide explains how plants can grow without weeding, watering on their own. It involves no spraying of pesticides, insecticides, or any fungicide.

My Survival Farm review on cultivation will help in maintaining your survival garden by teaching you all agricultural and gardening techniques. In the end, nature will look after it because mother nature will keep your survival garden safe from the attack of animals, bees, and other wild flies.

The brain behind Permaculture – Dan F. Sullivan

The concept of permaculture has been introduced by Dan F. Sullivan. He came across two women who were experts in permaculture procedure. Elizabeth and Jeanie had been working in this domain for a long and showed willingness to work with Dan F. Sullivan.

My Survival Farm is a complete guide on food cultivation. It is a simple guide that explains all practices in the form of pictorials, diagrams, and easy-to-read steps. Even your child will be able to practice the applications from the guide.

Equip yourself well with permaculture

The e-book is so designed that it explains in a stepwise manner all the essential things which you need to know before starting. So let’s see what can you learn:

  • Guide to plan, cultivate and design the higher yield survival garden
  • How to go for the nutritious soil
  • Possibility of planting as many as 125 plants in your backyard
  • Process of cultivating plants in a manner that each gets required sunlight as well as nutrients
  • Process for making food hedges while keeping these safe from hazardous pesticides
  • Loving weeds and how to make organic fertilizers
  • Growing bees and making the bee-friendly environment

How to get the Guide?

You need to get the book from an authorized online site. Don’t fall for other scam sites. You won’t be able to buy the hard copy, thus purchase the online version. Thus, once purchased, you can make as many copies as you desire and share them with your loved ones as well.

You can even return the My Survival Farm’s PDF version as well in case you don’t like the content. Make sure you return it within 60 days of your purchase. In case of any issue, you can check review sites and also with the experts by emailing on the authorized account.

Why My Survival Farm is a good option to buy?

The guide is perfect for those people who prefer to organize food and to cultivate the same within their place. Such people also love to take great care of their plants and keep these as their kids. Similarly, there are some positive things linked with my survival farm guide, which are as below:

It offers many benefits

You can save money that you otherwise would spend on purchasing chemical fertilizers from the market. Get organic and natural fertilizer from animal waste or even garden waste.

Unlike traditional methods, you need not break the soil and can manage to cultivate new plants easily. The soil can also be beneficial apart from growing food or medicinal plants.

It works best in small space

You need not have a big place to have your farm. This probably is the best feature of the My Survival Farm because it guides you to have your farm in your small home as well. It only requires a good design of a garden to start with and then manage.

You can ask any query from the author

Unlike other online sites and programs which are rarely responsive, Dan F. Sullivan and his team are dedicated to entertaining all queries from their clients and customers. Thus, if there is something you are not clear about. Just email them, and they will get back to you.

Get your money back if you don’t like the guide

You can claim your money back in 2 months if you don’t benefit from the guide. This offer is also attractive because 60 days are enough to learn the process of permaculture. So there is no compulsion, return the guide and get your money back just like that.

Why My Survival Farm is not the preferred choice?

There are, of course, some factors that don’t make the guide practical and recommended choice for many people. It varies from person to person and as per experience as well. Thus what is not so good about the guide? Below is the list:

Be Patient; It will work slowly

First, you have to be patient because crops do not grow overnight. The guide will help in growing yield up to 8% more as compared with the traditional method of cultivation. You might still have to use the chemicals to boost the growth of the plants.

Money Matters

The guide may well address your requirements in terms of application but might not suit you in terms of your pocket. It is expensive, and you might prefer some alternate options available in the market, like review people’s experiences and learn from them.

The online version is not always preferred

You can get the guide from online authorized sites. It is not free; however, once download, you can get multiple copies. Also, not everyone likes an electronic form. Some people want to hold a book in their hands when reading.

The Preferred Target Market for the Guide

My Survival Farm is preferably for those individuals who want to learn the modern design and process of gardening and cultivation, i.e., permaculture. This new technique will equip people with modern methods of growing food.

With permaculture, the expected food shortage in the coming 10-20 years can well be managed. With cheap, easy, and simple methods, people can make their food products and by replicating the natural process. It does not stress the natural environment, and rather the ecosystem sustains the farm on its own.

The distribution of the guide

The guide is distributed into three main sections based upon the functions/applications it offers. The first section is about the general overview of the guide and what it covers within the page. The second section covers the main pros and cons of the guide.

The third and final section is a summary of whatever you have read, so it’s like a synopsis of the guide. In the end, you will be able to make a final decision to start or claiming a refund. If you are a garden lover, then you might want to practice it once.


My Survival Farm is worth checking guide, which is simple, easy, and helpful for people. With the world on the verge of facing a food shortage, permaculture is the talk of the town. The guide equips people with easy methods of food cultivation within their small homes. This way, people will be able to sustain their families and will be able to help others.

My Survival Farm is a complete guide that is easily available online. You need to spend some bucks to purchase, and it also offers 60 days’ money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like it.


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– The guide offers simple, easy methods on permaculture, which are for everyone.
– Guide offers many benefits, in the form of stepwise methods
– You can have your garden within the small vicinity of your house with the help of the guide
-You can return the guide and claim a refund


-It is available online and cannot be purchased in the form of a hardcopy
– Guide is considered expensive to buy

Summary: It was never easy to have food cultivated at home without watering, weeding, and cultivation. Now you can have your garden without any fear of getting food scarcity. My Survival Farm is a process guide that can equip you with the required information for having a homemade food production system. You need not have a garden or a big space to enjoy homegrown food. Just follow the guide and enjoy the home farm.

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