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My Family Survival Course
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The family survival course is designed by Jason Richards who is a security expert and an ex-military official. There is plenty of useful information which can be followed to make yourself and your family members safe in any sort of crises. If you study the guide properly, you can manage to escape from an unwanted scenario without any harm. The author has impressed a huge number of readers due the quality of content by which they can prepare themselves to survive during economic crises as well. Moreover, the family survival course also guides about the methods on how people should be utilized at difficult economic conditions to avoid any crises in the future. The program can help you in unlimited ways and you can even learn methods to get out of your house in case you are trapped inside.

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With the easy to follow methods, you can implement them to survive during hurricanes, chemical attacks, nuclear threats or pandemics. There are various tips about how you can survive any sort of disaster by which methods to cope with food shortages are also explained. It is recommended that you must read all of the chapters of the course so that you could learn basic methods which can save your life in an emergency situation.

Parts of the family survival course

  1. The first part of the book tells about the existing situation of the United States by which the readers can get detailed explanations about the damages which can be caused by future disasters.
  2. The second section of my family survival course defines the importance of being prepared for a disaster if you are a homeowner in US.
  3. The last chapter of the book tells about various ways by which you can ensure the safety of your family members in the long run.

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The family survival course explains some of the key factors which are important for the safety of human beings in event of a natural disaster or economic crises. The factors which are focused in the course are explained in detail as follows

Water: Water is the basic necessity of a human being to survive and you must learn different methods to purify water in an emergency situation. There are several ways described by the author by which you can purify water which include filtration by stones or chemicals. Moreover, you can also learn different methods to chlorinate your drinking water which can be stored for future use. There are methods mentioned in the course by which you can learn to extract water from the ground if you are able to find a natural source of water.

Food: The author has focused on the importance of storing food in an emergency situation in the video which can be learnt from the book. The most important factors for survival include food, water, self-defense, energy and health. You can learn different approaches for food preparation which can be of great help in an emergency situation. The author has also focused on the nutritional goals which must be followed on daily basis to get better health. There are different steps by which you can prepare infant food to keep your children safe from malnutrition.

Health: Health is one of the most important factors which need to be considered to deal effectively in a disaster situation. The course mainly focuses on herbal medicine which can be prepared by using natural herbs which can boost the immune system inside your body.

Self defense: There are several methods which can be followed to protect your loved ones in an emergency situation. You can also get knowledge about the handling of household weapons by which you can get prepared for all types of dangers.

Energy: This chapter of my family survival course describes the importance of alternate energy resources which can be of great help in an emergency. You can learn the method to build solar panels by which you can power your house in event of electricity loss from the grid. Wind power is another useful method to generate electricity and there are several other ways explained in the course by which you can stay protected from any disaster.

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The family survival course also contains the precaution which must be taken when going for a trip. If you are planning camping with your family members, you need to take along winter clothes as well for a summer trip. It is recommended that you take along a light weight camp which is easy to handle and can make you sleep comfortably. There is useful information for both the beginner and advanced users by which they can learn latest methods to make themselves safe in unwanted situations.

Benefits of the survival course

The family survival course contains guidance on a wide range of topics and is considered as the most comprehensive guide available over the internet. There are long term benefits of learning the steps explained in the guide by which you can make your family members safe from disasters or economic crises. It is easy to understand and implement the approaches which are described by the author so that you can enhance your reading skills as well. Once you have learnt the methods properly, you can gain confidence for your future life which is necessary to protect your family members.

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The program might not be suitable for each reader because it is designed to prepare you for the potential crises which you might be facing in your life. For those who want a simple and easy solution for each problem, this course will not benefit them because it contains detailed information for each aspect. There are several components of the family survival course which contain useful information for the readers. The author provides a 60 days money back guarantee by which the readers can get a complete refund if they consider the course to be scam or fake. There is certainly no risk if you give this course a try which is the biggest promise given by the author.

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Jason Richards has explained various methods by which you can make your family members safe in a disaster situation. He has defined methods to protect food and water if you are stuck in an emergency situation. Not only in the emergency situations, the course contains the practices which can be followed in daily life as well and you can get prepared for any potential crises in the future. There is detailed guidance on a wide range of topics by which the readers enjoy learning new methods.

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– Different chapters of this program focus on the key life saving factors by which you can stay alive even if not given access to fresh food and water daily.

– Simple yet effective techniques which are easy to understand and you can practice them in your daily life without any assistance.

– Learn the importance of being prepared for a disaster situation so that you can make out alive if no help is available.

– The program actually works for which you will have to follow the practices as explained by the author.


The family survival course has the best tips and tricks to make out alive in an emergency situation but you need to take safety precautions while handling tools and other equipment.

Summary: My Family Survival Course is designed by Jason Richards which contains the most helpful methods and techniques by which you can save the life of your family members in event of a disastrous situation. By learning the secret tips to make maximum use of food, water and other essential equipment present in your house, you can stay alive in all sorts of emergency situations.

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