Scam, Legit, or What? MP3 Meditation Club Review

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Are you tired of feeling down? Are you tired of having that constant feeling of worry or uneasiness? Are you constantly depressed? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? MP3 Meditation Club may very well be the answers to your prayers. I know you may be a bit apprehensive about the word meditation, but this system makes meditation a piece of cake. This brilliant software was created by Katrina uses brain wave technology to totally transform your way of thinking and promote you to a better place both physically and mentally.

Who is Katrina?

While being a yoga coach between 2000 and 2007, Katrina began working with binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other brainwave experiment tools. There she learnt how to create audio recordings of a very high quality that was designed to target specific areas of the brain. Having no choice but to test her research on herself, this ambitious genius realized that the therapy helped her to focus more; hence she was encouraged to share her incredible findings with the world.


How does this product work?

It is a well-tested, proven scientific fact that the brain controls the rest of the body. Therefore, whatever pressure the brain is experiencing will eventually filter down to the rest of your body. MP3 Meditation Club offers a serious of audio tape that once listen to it modifies your brainwave frequency by making it more rhythmic and in so doing evokes relaxation.

Katrina skillfully manipulates sound to trigger pleasant memories, dismiss unpleasant recollections, illuminate depressing thoughts and even heal your body. Put simply, this software will literally rewire your brain to focus on positive things by using sound therapeutically. For example, the ringing of a bell can be associated with your best vacation, hence at the sound of a bell, you would automatically perk up because your brain was programed to remember the fun times you had on that vacation just by the sound of a bell. It is as simple as that.


What is in it for me?

Almost everyone stands to benefit from MP3 Meditation Club. You might be thinking that you are not depressed or troubled or you dont have mental health issues. However, although you may think that you are at a good place mentally, you really cannot have an offer flow of these benefits, since they are never enough. Exposure to MP3 Meditation Club will help you to

  1. Improve cognitive ability.
  2. Improve level ofalertnessand focus.
  3. Induce deepmeditation.
  4. Regulate mood and create emotional stability.
  5. Stimulate relaxations and positive thinking/optimism.

How Much does this software cost?

This very promising software costs a small monthly fee of $14.99. with this monthly fee you are entitle a monthly MP3 download.


What about Warrantee?

There is no need to worry. If at the end of 60 days you realize that you are not getting your moneys worth, you can simply request a 100% refund of the money you pain. Talk about a good deal!

How do I get this product?

I assumed that that would have been your next obvious question. Signing up is easy. You simply go to the site, answer a few questions, pay your fees and start downloading your way to a new positively transformed individual. There is over 75 different Isochronic tone and Affirmations to be downloaded over time.

What are some of the audios available?

As mentioned before, there are over 75 different tones available for downloading. These include:

  1. Accept criticism
  2. Accept physical self
  3. Attention deficit
  4. Aura healing
  5. Be funny
  6. Beating addiction
  7. Become psychic
  8. Better relationship
  9. Business success
  10. Alpha meditation
  11. Austral projection
  12. Chronic fatigue


Has this program yielded any form of success in the past?

Yes definitely. There are scores on scores of persons who boldly testifies of this program literally changing their life. I took the liberty of including a few must read testimonials.

  • It helped me focus

This is a claim made by Beverly C. who said Your ESP download is amazing. It immediately helped me focus my thoughts inward and none of the possible outside interruptions distracted me in the least. I am very pleased with my purchase, planning to continue using it, and will definitely buy some more.

  • Awesome Dreams

Jospeh G said, Most of my life I have had trouble remembering my dreams. Last night I listened to your Lucid Dreaming isochronic recording and my dream recollections are vivid. I definitely enjoyed an improved state of consciousness and for the first time in a long time, I dreamt in awesome color!

  • Incredibly Soothing

Andrea L. said, The Shaman recording is incredibly soothing. I felt a real sense of peace and spiritual tranquility when I listened to it. There are several questions that I have been contemplating and as I experienced the program, answers began to come forth in the form of distinct images and voices. The binaural beats cause a pleasant awareness that I plan to continue exploring. Thank you so much.

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  • Quick Results

Sharron Varnes commented, I was a bit skeptical about experiencing astral projection as quickly as was promised, but sure enough I began to feel the non-physical symptoms within a couple of minutes, with incessant humming sounds accompanied by some light-headedness. There was a sense of calm and peace after that, which felt very therapeutic. Over the past few recordings, I have been able to explore the spiritual me and discovered quite a few things about myself.

These are just a few of the many persons who testified of the wonders that this program has done for them. You can be next. What are you waiting for?

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What about Pros and Cons?

Well, as with any product, there is both positives and negatives.


It is affordable. This is obviously a small price to pay for a positive change.

60 day money back guarantee. You have 60days to try the product and if unsatisfied you can return it.

It is easy to use. All you have to use is download the software and press the play button.

It is portable. Because the software is in audio form, it is quite easy to carry around.


Im not sure this is really a disadvantage but I guess its worth mentioning that this product cannot be used as a replacement for medical attention.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that this product is worth trying. It looks quite promising, as the proposed benefits are truly life transforming. I would most certainly recommend this software.

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– Uplifts your mood- The software through the information provided, once used will boost you spirit even when you feel that you are so down and out.

– Quick results- The software will provide you with quick results to help you ease up.

– Incredibly soothing- The software gives you a soothing feeling that you will keep enjoying over and over again.

– Long last pleasure- You can use the software from time to time without you getting bored or feeling used to it.


– The software can only be downloaded through the internet and after making the purchases.

Summary: If you are looking for a software that will uplift you, then this is it. This software has been made to help you boost your meditation level even when you are at your lowest. The software will introduce to you concepts that you can use to get happiness flowing towards you. Katrina, a specialist in the meditation field has organized all her knowledge in the meditation field to help you get all that you have been looking to get.

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