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When people ask me what one of my biggest regrets is, I answer almost automatically.

Out of anything and everything Ive ever done, I wish I had never stopped studying martial arts. Okay, I was only 7 and tagged along with my dad to his Tae Kwon Do practice. My dad loved it, as Im sure you have and will, and it was so cool to see the confidence boost he got from getting his black belt, or the rush he felt from sparring.

I, on the other hand, was a different story. My friend, Amy, and I probably drained our instructor, Mr. Lee, of all of his patience. I remember Saturday practices where hed try to get us to break boards from roundhouse kicks or punches, and wed just talk about what we were going to have for dinner, our dolls or whatever 7 year old girls chatter incessantly about.


Needless to say, my martial arts career came to a halt when Amy and I were asked to spar and we both cried and quit on the spot.

Now that Im older and wiser, I have wanted to study martial arts again. But Im sure youve had some of the same reservations as me, like not wanting to make a fool of yourself in a class. Maybe you dont want to deal with the casualties of it, like my dad has to, of breaking your toes while sparring. Or youre off-put by the cost.

All of those reasons made me want to try this program. And if youre learning a skill, why not learn from one of the best?


If theres anyone qualified to teach even the newest of newbies mixed martial arts, its Jeff.

If youre new to the MMA world, Jeff has established a career as a champion pro fighter. Hes fought in the UFC, Apex and Freedom Fight, just to name a few. His dad was a three-time Canadian kickboxing champion, who opened their martial arts training center in the 1960s.

Jeff trained in kickboxing and karate until deciding to learn mixed martial arts in 1994. Hes been teaching since he was a teenager. Jeffs skill and enthusiasm as a teacher shines through in every aspect of this program.

Unfortunately for Jeff, the crossroads he experienced with his martial arts practice wasnt as easy as two bratty little girls crying about not wanting to hit each other. After experiencing his seventh(!) concussion in 2007, while preparing for his much-anticipated fight against Chris Lytle, he quit fighting professionally.

While taking some much-needed time to recover and spend time with his family, he was searching for the answer to that pervasive question of Whats next?. Having to refocus his priorities awakened his desire to learn. No longer having to adhere to a grueling training schedule allowed him to use his skills to help others become exceptional mixed martial artists.


Jeffs dedication as a coach is undeniable.

He was Spencer The King Fishers head coach. He lived in Spencers basement for 6 weeks, preparing him for the huge achievement of winning the England vs. Warburton fight. That was a milestone in Spenders career, giving him plenty of accolades from UFC president Dana White and UFC match maker Joe Silva. Jeff has taught martial arts to over 10,00 students of varying skill levels.

Jeff has distilled this training into a blueprint to help you become the best mixed martial artist you can be.

Im sure you know that there is no lack of information available to about MMA, which can be overwhelming for aspiring mixed martial artists. Its easy to go into analysis paralysis when trying to go it alone. You have to filter through so much to clear a path to the most beneficial way to cultivate your skills.

Thats why, after beginning MMA Quick Start, I cant emphasize enough the importance of having a skilled instructor, like Jeff, there to walk you through each step of the way. However, with that being said…


Not all MMA instructors are created equal (at least when it comes to developing your skills).

I know, there are probably at least a couple MMA centers within a stones throw of where you are. But please keep in mind that a lot of instructors are bored with teaching the basics (which are the foundation to a building a solid practice) to beginners and only want to show off their knowledge of the newest techniques.

Or theyll have a large class of students with varying experience, and youll be confused from having to learn advanced techniques too quickly. Sadly, a lot of instructors dont form an understanding of the basic techniques because they just wanted to open a training center and immediately start capitalizing on UFCs huge following and how popular MMAs become over the past few years.

Luckily, thats where Jeffs expertise comes in handy.

Practicing with Jeff will get you started on a solid first step in your journey as a mixed martial artist. The modules of the program are lovingly organized and youll enjoy his systematic approach to teaching.

As you progress, youll build on what you already know, which is why its so important to take the time to properly learn the basic techniques.


Youve gotta walk before you can run.

Even from my karate days, I can tell you that this is true for anyone studying martial arts (or learning any new skill). That seems to be a common issue with mixed martial artists: people want to learn how to do all the cool stuff, so they rush through learning the basics and dont realize the bad habits theyve picked up.

Not only will rushing through the basics lead to poor technique, but it could result in incorrectly bearing your weight in the stances, or even lead to injury. As such, I cant tell you enough how important it is to really focus and take the time to make sure you perfect the basic stances and techniques before moving on to more advanced material.

Remember how we talked about the MMA information overload earlier?

Well, you can relax into knowing that Jeffs taken the guesswork out of that for you. You dont have to deal with the headache (sometimes literally, like in Jeffs case) of wading through what doesnt work, because hes already done that for you.

Jeffs taken the best of whats hes learned over the past two decades and distilled it into this program. So stop the information overload and invest in your skills as a mixed martial artist today. You can think of this training as your roadmap to MMA success.

Yes, you can learn years worth of material in just 12 weeks, in the comfort of your own home!

While wearing your rattiest pair of pajamas or…well, what you wear (or dont wear) is ultimately up to you. I wont judge. My point is, youll be impressed at how much this training covers: footwork, how to punch and kick, knee striking, basic techniques and solo ground training that will prepare you to work with a partner in the future (however, future you might want to not train in your rattiest pair of pjs, but I digress). And you can work on all of this in your living room.

Get Instant Access!

Jeff has condensed MMA Quick Start into a one-stop shop to elevate your MMA skills as quickly as possible.

Not only is this the best of the best of what Jeff has learned over the years, but you dont have to go through the hassle of learning what NOT to do. As much of a rush as Im sure it can be in a competitive sparring match, no one loves getting punched in the face.

I know, youre probably thinking what I was. It took my dad about 8 years to become a black belt, so when I started this, I was like Aint nobody got time for that!. But youll be pleased to know that you will see the effectiveness of this program in just 2-3 hours of training every week, over the course of 12 weeks.

The fact that Jeff was able to design such a cumulative program that will not only awaken your skills but take them to heights not commonly seen by beginners is amazing. Jeff allows you to focus on the training itself, so you dont have to waste all this time studying how to train.

If youve been wanting to learn MMA, or transform yourself into an even more exceptional martial artist, do yourself a favor and start training with Jeff today!

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– If you are looking for a guide that will help you to unleash the martial art skills in you, this is the guide that you will have to use.

– Ease of usage is always a welcoming factor and this guide is very easy to use. This therefore means that everything is very understandable and usable.

– Comprehensive such that the guide excludes nothing when it comes to martial arts. Therefore, it is guide that you can very much trust.

– Cost effective- The guide is less costly and easily available.


– You need to have some time with the guide otherwise you might learn very slowly, it requires you to be devoted somehow.

Summary: MMA QuickStart is a guide that has been made to help you raise the martial art skills in you. The guide has been prepared by professional martial artist meaning that you can trust the guide to give exactly what you have been looking for.

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