MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

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Do you have a condition that frequently causes joint or muscle pain, headache, or backache? Are you exhausted searching for a drug, topical cream, or physical therapy to relieve the pain? If chronic pain is troubling you, I have great news for you…an over-the-counter comprehensive pain killer that starts pain relief in as little as 60 seconds.

If you are looking for instant relief from chronic pain, read this MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream review carefully. Kiss goodbye to your daily aches and pains without resorting to surgery or prescription drugs. In fact, it may be so potent that you may soon see this treatment replacing traditional medicine and procedures for managing pain. So, think before booking your next appointment with your therapist. Firstly, I suggest you check my review of a scientific, non-invasive solution for your body pain.

MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream: A novel answer to curing pain?

If you are above 40, then you are not a stranger to body pain. It could be small niggles or serious conditions like arthritis. Remember your physician suggesting you take supplements for calcium and zinc? Because bones become brittle, and you lose calcium with age. But, here is a solution to your pains and sprains: the MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

A space-age pain treatment

It may surprise you that the solution originated in space. During its experiments to help grow plants at the International Space Station, NASA understood the technology’s medical implications. It is especially effective for joint pain and arthritis-related symptoms.

The science behind the technology

Red Light therapy shoots low-intensity light waves on your skin…just up to 8 millimeters deep. The resulting cellular energy stimulates your body’s natural processes. However, there is zero heat and no side effects despite its effectiveness. So it is no surprise that it has FDA approval for treating chronic joint pain and slow healing wounds. MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream is the fusion of red light therapy with a unique pain cream.

You may find these results from several studies on red light technology motivating:

  • Decrease in arthritis pain by 70 percent. Additionally, it reduces morning stiffness to 30 minutes within minutes of treatment.
  • Successfully treated side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation…with just 88 seconds of daily use.
  • Works on brain tumors, skin ulcers, and severe burns.
  • Wounds and bruises heal up to 2.5 times faster.

About Dr. TK Huynh

Dr. TK Huynh is the researcher behind this product. As a Doctor of Pharmacy from Boston, Massachusetts, he has in-depth knowledge about medicinal drugs. Moreover, he is only one of the four pharmacists in the world to hold a fellowship in Functional Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Huynh applied NASA’s path-breaking technology to his pain cream to create a unique product.

Ingredients of MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream

Wondering what the ingredients are? Whether they are all-natural? The cream preparation process goes through three steps.

Step One

In step one, the manufacturer mixes natural herbs and essential oils. Here are the nine key ingredients in the cream for you:

  • Boswellia

If you have osteoarthritis, you may have heard of it. Above all, it is an effective pain killer and prevents loss of cartilage to an extent.

  • Arnica

It reduces swelling and is an effective medicine for bruises. Also, it is useful in eliminating your muscle soreness and sprains.

  • Tea Tree

You will find it as the primary source of Terpinin-4-ol, the anti-inflammatory compound. Therefore as a massage oil, it has great use to soothe skin irritations and burns, sprains, bursitis, and even toothaches.

  • Peppermint

You smell it at once you open the bottle. It has cooling, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for muscle pain and headaches.

  • Aloe Vera

It alleviates pain and improves blood circulation as your skin quickly absorbs it. If you are into sports, you are already using it to treat bruises.

  • Calendula Oil

It has a long history of treating aches and pains. Besides, you will find it soothing if you have dry skin. Moreover, it quickly reduces inflammation…great for ulcers and healing wounds.

  • Chamomile

It is an ancient herb with anti-inflammation properties. It will help you to relax sore muscles and calms your nerves. So, it is a common component in sleep disorder and stress-related drugs.

  • Lavender

You will find this as the most popular oil in use during massage therapy. Its important properties: analgesic and anti-inflammation.

  • Lemon Balm

The Eugenol in Lemon Balm relieves your pain…especially headaches and toothaches. It works great on spasms and cramps.

Step Two

The next step sees the addition of neurotransmitters. These two powerful neurotransmitters reduce the perceived intensity of your pain:

  • GABA

It helps you stay calm and relaxed. Low levels of GABA cause you to experience more pain than it really is.

  • L-theanine

You may be familiar with the medicinal effects of green tea. Similarly, this amino acid helps you balance hormones, reduce stress, and promote sleep.

Step Three

 Lastly, the cream stays in a red light chamber for 30 minutes. Thus, it achieves the light’s pain-relieving properties. You will not find any pharmaceutical drug that has hazardous side-effects on the list. In essence, it is a blend of natural herbs and essential oils.

How does it work?

Apply it daily and whenever you experience pain. Make it a point to apply it at the pain points, back, and chest before sleeping. The red light therapy fused with the pain relief cream will:

  • Stimulate your DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Improve the lymphatic system
  • Increase blood circulation and bring more oxygen and nutrients to your cells.
  • Repair tissue damage
  • Increase your energy levels significantly.

Overall, the cream will quickly start your healing process. In fact, in most cases, it will absorb in your skin and begin acting in one place even before you finish applying it in another.

What do I get when I order the pack?

You will get a pack of bottles containing 1,2, or 4 units depending upon your order. However, I would suggest buying 1 or 2 if you are using the cream for the first time. Go for the 4-unit pack if you are a repeat customer. As a bonus, you will also get two great videos:

1. Easy 60 second stretches to ease joint pain.

You will discover simple stretches to increase your flexibility and help to get out of the pain quickly. It would be best if you do these in the morning and before sleeping.

2. 3 Simple ways to eliminate inflammation.

 This clip shows Dr. Huynh’s top three steps to eliminate inflammation. Additionally, it will help to melt 10 to 20 pounds of your body fat.

What types of pain does MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream cure?

The product seems to be particularly useful for nerve pain, muscle aches, headaches, back pain, bone and joint pain due to arthritis, chronic pain, and morning stiffness. To achieve full benefits, you should apply it at the source of pain, behind your back, and over your heart. If you have anxiety or difficulty sleeping due to pain, this cream will bring fast relief. You will be free from stress, relax, and sleep like a baby.

Is it really effective?

Now, I have this niggling backache for years. I decided to try whether this cream is worth the salt or just another internet scam. When I opened the bottle, it had a pleasant smell…a mixture of natural herbs and mint. My wife applied the cream on my aching back…literally, I began feeling the stiffness ease within a minute. Fast forward…it is an eternal joy to be free from all minor pains, sprains, and aches for the first time in years…

So, all those positive reviews about the cream from people bed-ridden due to arthritis, morning stiffness, and knee movement restrictions suddenly seem authentic. I can vouch that this cream works…without any side-effects.

Final words: Buy or Not?

If you are thinking of surgery to alleviate chronic pain, you should think twice. I suggest you first try the MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream. If you are unhappy with the results, which I am sure will be positive, you always have your original option. But what if it works for you? It will cost you much less than surgery. Additionally, you will not have the emotional and physical stress of a medical procedure.

Let me stress that the technology is already proven. After all, you will get a product based on 4000-plus scientific studies and 50-plus peer reviews from the medical fraternity. Everything is natural with no expensive therapies or side-effects. You will cease to be one among the 90 million people who use opioids for pain relief every year. Above all, the 60-day, 100% refund policy should remove any doubts from your mind.


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• You will get fast-acting pain relief in as little as 60 seconds.
• The cream is a botanical blend of natural herbs and essential oils.
• The soothing scent of natural herbs and oils creates a positive effect on you.
• It targets short-term as well as chronic pain.
• You can safely use it throughout the day and over the long term.
• It is available as an over-the-counter medication without a prescription.
• Pre-treated with red light therapy and imprinted with frequencies that start your healing instantly.


• If you have difficult health conditions where surgery is mandatory, this cream may not bring desired results.
• You may need to stock supplies if you are using them daily as the light therapy takes its own time.

Summary: Have you ever heard of bioenergetic imprinting red light therapy? If you are living in chronic pain, it may prove to be your magic potion.
With a botanical blend of herbs and essential oils, MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream can be the instant, non-invasive solution to your joint pain.
It will take less than 60 seconds to relieve you from your misery. The natural formula means you will not experience any side effects. Say goodbye to pain and welcome a new chapter full of energy in your life.

RatingRated 4.5 stars