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For the past few months, I am noticing that there is a problem with my erection especially when I am lovemaking with my wife. The main reason for this is I am continuously aging which is inevitable.

Because I have read a lot before that age does affect the erection of a man.

My body does not react the way it reacts when I was younger. Because I am already 60 years old and I am very sexually active. Right now, I am with my fourth wife which is a way younger than me.

Because of my dilemma, I felt really degraded every time we are having sexual activities because I can feel that I am not satisfying her.
This was my dilemma because I am afraid that it might put a toll on our relationship.


Trying to Solve the Problem

So I asked my friends for some advice, however, they can’t provide any definite solution because most of them are also having the same problem as mine. Mainly because they are also of the same age group as mine.

So we came up to a plan to research some natural ways on how we can defeat erectile dysfunction in a natural way. Because we know that taking prescription medicines regularly.

So I researched the internet immediately, for some ways that I can use to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction. I have found a lot of websites on the internet that are claiming that they can solve my problem.

Those websites that are claiming that they can solve erectile problems are mostly scam that is why I did not fell for them easily.

Just Came Across a One of Kind Product

Until I came across this product which is called “Mind Over ED” which is really legit looking that claims that by using their method erectile dysfunction can be cured with natural methods.

I was really enticed to try the product because of its promises and proofs that they are showing on their sales page. But I am a little bit skeptical because as we all know there are a lot of scams on the internet.

However, this is the product which has all the descriptions that I am looking for. But before I buy the product I did a little background check to make it sure that I am not falling into any scams.

I searched the forums for reviews of “Mind Over ED”. Luckily, I found some reviews that talk about the experience of the users on the product. All the reviews that I found are all positive that is why without hesitation I decided to buy the product.


I used my Paypal to buy the eBook. After paying I immediately got the download links and the download speed is very high that is why I got the eBook really quick.

Reading the eBook and Trying the Method

So I started reading the eBook, as far as I can remember I finished studying the eBook in a few hours. The details of the methods are very well explained and I easily grasped the knowledge that the eBook is trying to tell me.

I also shared the knowledge with my friends who are also having the same problem as mine. They are also amazed by the information that they learned from the eBook.

After grasping the knowledge from the eBook I tried the methods that I learned from the eBook. I did not experience any difficulty in implementing the methods.

The Results

After implementing the methods for several days I noticed that I am getting stronger and my I am having a rock hard erection, especially when having sex.

Frequently before when I am having sex with my partner I usually do not last long but now after I have been implementing the methods that this eBook taught me I can last even an hour with ejaculation and without losing my erection.


My partner was really surprised with my performance and asked me what medications I am taking.

She became more surprised when I tell her that it is all natural and I did not elaborate it anymore and kept the methods a secret.

Discussing with my Friends

So after experiencing great results from the method, I conducted again another meeting with my friends to see if they also experienced what I experienced.

They are all happy with the results that they got just like me and did not expect that a product on the internet will be true to its goals.

The Creator of the Product

The creator of the product is no other than Dr. Joel Block a known expert in the field of sexuality. It was a determining factor for me on why I decided to buy the product.

After reading the wide variety of experience of Dr. Joel Block I knew that it is really worth it to try his methods. Luckily, I did because of him my dilemma regarding erectile dysfunction was now gone.

I did not expect that with the use of the methods that came from the internet will all work. Luckily, I gave it a try!


Let us Talk About the Freebies

There are three wonderful freebies that came with the product which are also related to sexuality. Here is the quick overview of the freebies:

• Five Fast Fixes to Overcome Performance Anxiety
– As we all know when we are having sex we can’t help but to think if we are really satisfying our respective partners and because of that our performance are being compromised.

• Five Steps to Shaking Off the Sexual Blahs
– This guide gives the 5 scientifically tested method of staying away from sexual quicksand. It has all the explanation and the step-by-step methods that you need.
Get Instant Access!

• Ten Steps to Becoming Sexually Active After Divorce
– Last but not least is this “Ten Steps to Becoming Sexually Active After Divorce”. This is a great eBook especially if you are accustomed to changing partners frequently like myself I have been into 4 different serious relationships with my present and previous wives. I have been divorced for three times and I guess that if I came across this product earlier I guess my life would have been different.

These are the eBooks that come along with the main product. All I can say that these freebies itself are already almost 100 dollars which makes the deal really in favor of you.

My Final Recommendation

You have come this far reading my honest to goodness review regarding “Mind over ED”. I hope that you get an idea of what you will be getting if you buy the product.

All I can say is that if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction take an action immediately. Because it is very crucial in maintaining a good sex life and relationship with your partner.

couple issues

Everything is risk-free from the money back guarantee and the psychology-based healing which does not require you to intake any medicines or herbs.

With just the use of your mind, you are doing a favor for yourself because you will reap a lot of benefits from it. From defeating erectile dysfunction and at the same time having a sharp mind and focus.

My appreciation goes out to Dr. Joel Block because of him my life became better than ever. At the age of 60, I feel like I am on my 20s and 30s only because of the energy that the program gave me.

My suggestion is you take an action now by buying the product and see for yourself how it helped me achieve my sexual goals. Read the process carefully and apply it properly to achieve optimal results.

Good luck on your journey towards battling your erectile dysfunction towards a better sex life and I wish you success in all your future endeavors. If I can do it I know that you can also do it with hard work and perseverance anything is possible.


Click Here to Buy Mind Over ED


  • Has a lot of freebies.
  • This is a great eBook that has full of information regarding the topic.
  • Secure payments
  • Quick download
  • Made by a famous doctor and a known expert in the field of sexuality.


  • Much better if it has an instructional video.
  • The methods are a little bit complicated that is why you must read the product carefully for optimized results.

Summary: This is a great eBook that helped me defeat erectile dysfunction and brought back the joy of having sex without limitations. It actually saved my life from total destruction because sex is a crucial part of relationships that is why it is important to satisfy your partner.

RatingRated 4.5 stars